1.85% The First Hunter / Chapter 3: Episode 3 - At a Large Supermarket, Part II

Chapter 3: Episode 3 - At a Large Supermarket, Part II

Chapter 1. At a Large Supermarket, Part II

Translator: Khan

Editor: RED

"Kaaahh!" It was a real monster.

The 190-centimeter height, a muscular body with a narrow waist, and a neck that was thicker than the waist of an adult woman were entirely compatible with the word 'monster'.

The most monstrous part of all was its face. Its blackened fangs, longer than the fingers of an adult man, and protruding through the thick lips of a very ugly face, were shining with human blood and gore.

"Urgh!" Of course, the monster was not something that a normal adult male, now in his forties, who had only exercised playing golf online, would normally face and be willing to fight back. It was worth running from!

Nevertheless, the reason why the middle-aged man, Park Jae-woon, blocked the monster with the hideous grayish-brown skin, was simple.

"Honey, honey!"

"Aahhh, Dad! Dad!"

He was standing in front of two women. His wife and daughter were now shedding tears full of despair and fear behind him. So, he wouldn't run in front of them.

'Damn it, damn it, damn it...!' The moment he ran away, he would lose something more precious than his life.

"Well, don't worry! I'll stop it! I'll stop it!"

That was why he made a resolution to stand against this monster by using the tennis racket purchased today, as always, for the diet that he had decided to start on the first of the year.

Everyone could understand why he could not back down.

"Kaaahh!" Of course, the resolution had no meaning to the monster in front of him and his family. His resolution did not give any inspiration to the monster.

At this moment, in the monster's eyes, they were just a bit of food to satisfy its hunger.

"Krrr!" As soon as the imagination of the monster reached the point where it would fill its mouth with fresh meat, the monster no longer cared. Then, the monster took a step towards him.

Poof! Poof! He wielded a tennis racket that he had never swung in his life at the monster.

"Aahhhh!" His cry as he swung the tennis racket, was more like a scream than a cry.

His frantic attempts did not do the slightest damage to the body of the monster. But it didn't mean anything. Thanks to his attempts to attract the attention of the monster, Bang Hyun-wook was able to approach the monster without being seen.

Bam! He hit the monster's head with a bat. His attack was powerful.

"Argh!" He shouted out at the vibration that fed back into his hands.

His hit was strong enough that ordinary people would have fallen over, their skulls broken.

"Kaaah!" However, the monster was not an ordinary person. Its thick neck did not shake, and its hard skull was not cracked.

The strike just got it angry. So it turned around, opened its mouth wide to the attack, and screamed.

"Kaaah!" Not just screaming, but the strongest threat it could pose!


Fear, it was fear! The fear pinched his whole body at once.

'What, what...?' The feeling of an invisible chain tied all over him. He felt like an invisible hand had grabbed his heart. The eerie feeling stopped him from moving, and the monster did not hurry as it saw him freeze.

It studied at him with its red eyes, and it saw the characteristics of the animal that had attacked it. It was the look of a predator looking at its prey.

'The heck!' He was scared and angry at the same time. 'You fucking monster!'

It was scary. But on the contrary, the fact that he would be eaten alive while being treated like a prey made him angry beyond his fear. The anger stimulated the power in his body.

The wriggling that started in his body rose like a fountain at once. It passed through his chest, starting from his stomach, and shook off what was holding his heart and immediately rose up his throat and burst out of his mouth.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Just like that, a scream came out of his mouth, a cry that sounded similar to what the monster had just done a moment ago.

He could feel a weird power in his body, and a strange warmth, similar to that of coming out of the sauna. His eyes also changed. They were now tingling, with an odd haze around them.

"Kaaah?" It was at that moment that the monster stopped moving.

The expression of its eyes changed. They were not the eyes of a predator looking at its prey, but the eyes of a beast looking at a beast. As a beast was in front of the beast, the monster was wary now in front of Bang, and it focused all its attention on him.

It was at that moment that Kim Tae-hoon moved. He came in behind the monster who was wary at the threat in front of it. His presence was so faint.

'Huh?' Even Park, who was able to watch Kim approaching the monster, did not notice his appearance and existence until Kim wrapped its neck three times with the fishing line, using both hands behind the monster's back. In addition, Kim's skill at wrapping the monster's neck using fishing line was also very smooth.

It was by no means a lucky trick. It was a level of skill that could only be demonstrated by those who had practiced hundreds or thousands of times, and who had experienced at least a hundred real fights.

The fishing line went taut when Kim, who was wearing baseball gloves, heaved back. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Ugh ugh ugh!" The monster began to scratch its neck reflexively, trying to cut away the binding on its neck. But the fishing line that was digging in was not easily scratched or cut off with its short nails.

Above all, Kim did not even give a little chance to the monster. He pulled the line, and with his right foot hit the back of its right knee, and the back of the hamstring.

The tree-like monster was forced to kneel down after the attack on the hamstring, and as soon as the monster put its knee on the floor, He pulled it back.

"Kuck!" The ceiling came into the eyes of the monster, which made a gagging sound.

"Do it!" Kim shouted, and the tingling with the haze around the eyes of Bang disappeared like snow.

"Yes!" Bang carried out Kim's order. He took something out of the bag on his back. It was engine oil! He opened the lid quickly and immediately put the snout of the engine oil into the monster's mouth.

At that moment, Kim loosened the fishing line that he was yanking back.

The monster, which was struggling to suck in more air to live, inhaled at that moment. "Kuck!" A mouthful of engine oil!

"Kuck! Kuck! Kuck!" The engine oil was immediately sucked into its stomach and lungs.

"Kuck!" At that moment it felt a burst of disgust, burning heart, and instinctive sense of crisis. Of course, its instincts screamed at it to pull it out!

Kim's instincts also said, 'I'll never let you go.'

He pulled the line tight again so that the monster could not spit anything out. He was naturally faithful to his instincts, and the line was tight again, and it began to tremble as if its power to rebel had disappeared.

That's how time passed. One second piled up and became ten seconds, and when the time reached a minute, the light vanished from the monster's eyes, and there was no sign of any further movement.

"I think it's dead now." Bang's hand, which was guarding the monster with a baseball bat, began to relax.

But even in his words, the tightness of the fishing line that was holding its neck was not eased.

"Big brother? Big brother? I think it's dead now…" Bang narrowed the distance with Kim as if he thought that Kim did not hear his words. Of course, the distance to the monster also narrowed. Bang sat with his butt on the floor, and the distance from the sagging monster was narrowed enough to touch one another when they reached out their arms.

"Kaaah!" It reached out with its hand and grabbed his neck as it screamed out its last word.

"Uhhhhh!" From his mouth, the sound similar to what the monster spit out a while ago came out.

Fortunately, that was it. The power of its grip on Bang's neck quickly drained away, and at some point, it was no longer able to threaten anything. Thirty seconds later, the tautness of the line that had been wrapped around its neck eased.

Kim, who was now free, said to Bang as he removed the monster, "I judge whether it's dead or alive, not you."

"Yes, yes!" Bang reflexively replied, rubbing his neck where it had grabbed him.

However, Kim's eyes were not directed toward Bang. He looked down at Park, who was shaking while sitting on the floor.

"You're the cleaner now. From now on, your role is a cleaner, dealing with what falls on the floor. If there's anything on the floor, it's your job to kill it until it dies." Kim finished speaking and rose from his crouching.

Then he found an escalator heading to the second floor of the large supermarket...

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  • Venerable_spam


    this translation is terrible, the original was good to read, this is killing the characters personality.

  • Shadowles_Immortal


    Translation wtf I read original and this trans is terrible hopefully it improves. Great novel.

  • PickupSon


    Is the novel bad or just translation?

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