9.25% The First Hunter / Chapter 15: Episode 15 - Hunter, Part II

Chapter 15: Episode 15 - Hunter, Part II

Chapter 5. Hunter, Part II

Translator: Khan

Editor: RED


Tutututu! The gunfire came down like a heavy rain under the blue sky, as the night had just begun to retreat.

Tututu! The gunfire was so powerful that it affected those who were far away.

"Wow, that's not a joke. It's different from the movies. Damn it, it's totally different from the movies!"

As the distance to the gunfire narrowed, Bang Hyun-wook spoke more and more.

"Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo …" Ahn Sun-mi continuously took in deep breaths and exhaled.

That was the power of real gunfire.

It was not what someone saw in the movies. The first time hearing it, legs would stiffen up and minds would freeze. Even if Ahn Sun-mi and Bang Hyun-wook lived in the land of Korea, they never heard real gunfire.

It was evidence of their courage and the basis of obedience that they closed the distance to the gunfire at Kim Tae-hoon's order.

Of course, Kim Tae-hoon was not surprised by the gunfire.

'The gunfire doesn't stop.' Rather, he found meaning in the continuous shooting, that seemed to have no meaning, and drew a mental image based on it.

'And it's definitely moving, too.' The problem was that the picture that was drawn was not a good picture. 'I'm not going to see anything good this time.'

'Guns are very powerful weapons. The power of handguns as well as rifles simply ignores the expectations of the public. Once someone is shot, they can tell how ridiculous it is to see an actor struggling even after being shot several times in a movie. Of course, it was not something good to learn.'

It was clear that the guns were powerful for monsters such as Orc and Goblin, which Kim Tae-hoon and his party had encountered earlier. There was no reason to have such indiscriminate fire against one monster.

"The fact that they've survived so far means that at least they have stood up against the monsters they've encountered."

The soldiers in the military base were now aware of things. If they were not aware, this battle would be the first time, but that did not make any sense. But now the gunshots were ringing out again and again.

There would be two main cases. The number of monsters the soldiers were now dealing with was at least 100 units, or there was a scary monster that couldn't be dealt with using one or two gunshots.

There was nothing good about either circumstance. Of course, the worst scenario was if the two were one. There was a powerful monster like a Black Orc, and it was the leader of a horde.

'Maybe a gun doesn't work on it.' Maybe it was a type of monster that guns did not work on.

It did not make sense, but conventional common sense did not apply to the world already. The presence of the dragon gave an important lesson to Kim Tae-hoon.


They heard a scream. The first screaming sound came over the green soundproof wall that Kim Tae-hoon and his party were looking at. Kim Tae-hoon stopped in front of the wall. Bang Hyun-wook and Ahn Sun-mi also stopped walking. Kim Tae-hoon turned his head to confirm the attitudes of the two. Of course, their faces were not good.

'Hoo, Bang Hyun-wook, let's calm down. You survived there, relax. You're with big brother and just stay calm. Energy, yes you have Energy. This bat will crush the shitty monster's skull.'

'Don't think anything, Ahn Sun-mi, all you have to do is follow orders. Don't think about things that are messy. You have to survive. You come here to survive.'

As soon as they crossed the wall, they would see the monster's screams and gunfire with their own eyes, and the scene could not be compared with horror or gore movies. The faces of those in front of them should be wary.

Kim told the two of them, "We need a car."


At Kim Tae-hoon's sudden remark, Bang Hyun-wook and Ahn Sun-mi both posted a question mark on their face.


"Oh, like a bus?" Ahn Sun-mi recalled Kim Tae-hoon using the bus to kill the Black Orc.

"A bus is not bad, but I wish I had a truck, like a dump truck."


"If it were fifteen tons…"

At that moment, Kim Tae-hoon's eyes were filled with what he wanted.

"··· good."

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'The landscape of a military base is always desolate. No matter how many trees are planted or if there is a lot of green grass, the desolation does not disappear. It is like a warning. A warning of the fact that a military base is not a beautiful, rich tableau, but a stage designed to kill something.'

Tutu! Tutu! Tutututu! And now the warning had become a reality. A group of twenty-four soldiers, in a semicircular formation, were pulling the triggers of the rifles on their shoulders sequentially, as if the gears were interlocking.

"Kieeeeeee!" 150 centimeter screaming Goblins with brown skin were attacking them. The number of brown Goblins that was attacking was significant. Just the visible ones were easily over fifty.


"Save, save Sergeant Park, save…"

There were a lot of people being eaten alive on the ground by Goblins. The number of brown Goblins eating them was close to a hundred. It was an enormous number. But it wasn't the number that bothered the soldiers now.

"Damn it! Die! Die!" Tutututu!

However, the brown Goblins did not stop running in front of the gunshots, which were starting to hurt the shoulders of the gunmen.

Pukpuk, pukpuk! Whenever they were shot full of holes, the red eyes of brown Goblins burned even redder.

It was like a candle flaring before it went out.

The brown Goblins, which had been driven beyond their lives and were filled with madness, were faster than before, and their jumping power was greater. They were now even more frightening to the soldiers.

"Aaaaaaargh!" Against all logic, a brown Goblin, flying forward like a frog, struck a soldier. The moment he fell, it was over.

"Kieeeee! kieeeee!"

The Goblin who had attacked the soldier had lost its life, but the Goblin's colleagues rushed over as if they had been waiting, and with their sharp teeth bit through both uniform and flesh.


"Corporal Kang, Damn it! Kang Il-hyun!"

The sight of someone being eaten alive was a terrible for the victim and for the viewers. What was worse was that they couldn't point the gun at the brown Goblins that were swarming their colleague.

There was no companionship in a gun. The gunshot might end up in his colleague, instead of a Goblin. Even if it was to relieve their pain, it could never be done easily. No, it's was more difficult. Pulling the trigger to free a dying colleague from pain was a tough task compared to pulling the trigger toward an enemy, a monster.

Only those who had a cool judgment and a true sense of friendship toward the fallen could pull it. Tututu! "Kuck!"

Among the twenty-four survivors, now twenty-three, the only one who knew how to do it was the commander, Second Lieutenant Kim Soo-ji, who led the group.

"Everyone, stay with me! Don't panic! The number of enemies is decreasing! If we act calmly, we can clean up!"

Second Lieutenant Kim Soo-ji...

The cool appearance of a beautiful woman, but bushy eyebrows, strong eyes, and a nimble nose, which was rarely seen on a woman, gave the impression that she was not just a beauty, but a fierce beast!

She also had a strong physique. She was a tall woman, at least six feet tall, so easily found among the soldiers who had gathered, and her military uniform was better fitted than anyone else.

Tutu! Above all, her gunshots were the only ones with temperance. Even as she retreated from the front line, the muzzle of her gun was almost unshaken even when she pulled the trigger. She was killing her targets with as few shots as possible.

"Retreat to the church!" There was no shaking in her voice. Her order was the only light that illuminated this unrealistic nightmare.

The soldiers grit their teeth tightly. Tututu! Then they pulled the triggers again. They pulled the triggers without stopping back towards the dozens of Goblins which were attacking unceasingly.

"To the church!"

"Yes, let's go to the church, let's just go to the church."

The purpose became clear. It was to reach the church about two hundred meters away. It seemed impossible to do that. The confidence that they could do it naturally began to sprout in their minds.

"Kaaaaaang!" But this cry made the soldiers' minds darken, and their sprouting hopes shrivel.


"The bastard monster ..."

In their darkest moment, the soldiers were forced to think; the monsters suddenly attacked the military base ahead of the New Year, when it was a normal time for people to be discharged.

Among them, there was a huge monster that took hold of a person's body in the midst of a hail of gunfire and then ripped off his head. It leisurely ate the heads after catching people, even while being shot. No matter how much the body was filled with holes by the bullets, the monster recovered like a white sandy beach where the waves had passed.

"Kaaaaaaah!" The monster that all the soldiers thought of became reality and appeared in front of them. It was a huge monster. The giant, four meters tall, was huge and unspeakable. It looked like a giant that was extremely obese. Its face was like a dough that had been crushed, the way its nose and cheeks were bulging out. Finally, its skin looked like mud. Its skin looked like it should be sloughing off it.

"Heck …"

"Huck …"

The turbid cry of such a monster became an invisible shackle and tied the soldiers' feet. The soldiers, tied to their feet, looked at the monster with a bewildered expression. The ceaseless gunfire that had been raining incessantly stopped for the first time.

"Kieeeee!" The area of the ceased gunfire was occupied by brown Goblins.

"Kieeeee!" The brown Goblins began to move again.

"Retreat!" In it, only Kim Soo-ji could shout.

"Tututu! Tututu!" With that cry, she pointed the gun at the head of a brown Goblin, not the giant monster that appeared, and pulled the trigger.

"Retreat at full speed!" Her order followed the sound of the shot with a voice that was already hoarse.

"We will rebuild the line at the church. Retreat!"

At that moment, her rifle, which had been shooting out ceaselessly so far, sounded as if it had died. Tick, tick!

Her expression hardened. 'Ah!'

It was the worst moment, the only light that shone in the darkness was disappearing. The focus was lost again in the eyes of the soldiers.

Kim Soo-ji, who had been calm so far, was trembling at this moment.

Honk! It was the honking of a huge dump truck coming toward them fast that woke them up. Honk!

"What, what?"

"It, it's a truck!"

The sound of the honking horn repeatedly woke up the soldiers who were frozen. Honk!

The dump truck that appeared did not stop. Without a moment's hesitation, the truck threw itself at the giant monster. When two giants collided, the enormous sound that reminded them of the thunder filled their ears. Honk!

The eyes of the mad brown Goblins changed in front of the unspeakable impact.

Ki? Kie! For the first time, the brown Goblin's eyes were filled with fear, as if they had come out of a trance.

"Stop shooting! We're here to help!" A man's voice was heard in the stillness of the dump truck.

Kim Soo-ji turned her head and looked at the speaker. She saw the road the dump truck created, a man walking down a bloody road of crushed and burst brown Goblins, and a younger man following behind him.

Kim Soo-ji asked him, "Who are you?"

"Kim Tae-hoon," he answered briefly.

Bang Hyun-wook, who was excited by the battle after Kim Tae-hoon, added, "Hunters! We are hunters hunting monsters!"

"Hunters?" Kim Soo-ji asked with a suspicious expression, at the words of Bang Hyun-wook.

Kim Tae-hoon frowned briefly and answered, "Yes, we are hunters."

That was all they had time to say.

"Kaaaaah!" The scream of the Mud Troll monster hit by a dump truck and its amazing recovery ability did not allow them any more time for gossip.

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