9.87% The First Hunter / Chapter 16: Episode 16 - Creation of a Clan, Part I

Chapter 16: Episode 16 - Creation of a Clan, Part I

Chapter 6. Creation of a Clan, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: RED


"We are hunters."

The moment Kim Tae-hoon replied, the painful cry of the Mud Troll instantly shook the battlefield.

Not only the soldiers but Kim Tae-hoon and Bang Hyun-wook who followed him turned their heads and looked at the body of the Mud Troll trampled by the dump truck.

Obviously, it was a corpse.

The dump truck turned the Mud Troll into a burst balloon, and not just that, but had crushed it with six giant wheels the height of a man.

There was no other explanation than that it was just a crushed dead body.

Now, however, the body that had to be a corpse was moving slowly, reforming its crushed head and snout, and spitting out a weak but clear cry through its over-long nose.

It was a nightmare.

"Aaaargh! Aaaargh!"

"We're going to die, and it will eat our heads!"

The survivors now were those who had experienced nightmares in front of them several times, not just once or twice.

Second lieutenant Kim Soo-ji, was the same.

'What do we do now?'

Everything was a nightmare from the beginning.

At the end of the year, there was no manual for a military force to respond to the sudden monster raids in the military base located in the metropolitan area, not the border.

The damage was severe from the very beginning of the attack.

The brown Goblins began to hunt unarmed soldiers in a group.

The worst was that the Mud Troll appeared in the drinking party of the executive officers ahead of the New Year.

Most of the commanding officers who had to give orders were slain by the Mud Troll.

If she had been a less flexible soldier, she would have entered the Mud Troll's stomach early in the drinking party.

Anyway, after that, Kim Soo-ji had to pay the price of being a survivor.

She fought to survive with the remaining soldiers. To survive, she had to experience nightmares again and again.

This Mud Troll, in particular, gave her despair beyond the nightmare.

'Weapons don't work against the Mud Troll.'

She had used all kinds of weapons against it, but the Mud Troll had never even made a pained sound in front of the powerful firearms.

The only one thing that could stop such a Mud Troll was a sense of satiety!

Of course, at this moment, Kim Soo-ji could not think of a way to deal with the Mud Troll. The inside of her head turned blank.

"State your official rank and name!" Kim Tae-hoon scolded her.


"Your name."

"I, I am Kim Soo-ji."


"Second lieutenant ... Second lieutenant Kim Soo-ji, I'm leading the remaining survivors of the 1121st unit."

The glitter in Kim Soo-ji's eyes changed. She had a gut feeling.

'He is a soldier!'

The man in front of her, Kim Tae-hoon, was a soldier or a similar kind of military who had been through severe encounters several times.

Furthermore, she felt something.

'He's a soldier, I'm sure!'

It felt like she had seen a man named Kim Tae-hoon somewhere...

Anyway, Kim Tae-hoon's voice was like a lifeline to her, who was a soldier to the bone.

"I need information about that muddy monster now."

Soldiers don't have to worry about orders.

"It has the power to rip a man's body apart with its bare hands, its about four meters in height, and it has the ability to recover quickly, even if it is wounded by a bullet."

"What about the firearm you used against it?"

"Claymores didn't work, and an 81-millimeter trench gun worked a little bit, but it not much."


While Kim Tae-hoon and Kim Soo-ji talked, the screaming Mud Troll began to regenerate its upper body after its head. The sound of its screams grew louder and clearer.

Of course, the fear that it emitted grew bigger and clearer!

The general soldiers trembled, and now they were so scared that they couldn't even scream.

"Wow, that's not a fucking joke." On the contrary, Bang Hyun-wook spit out his feelings in front of the screaming Mud Troll.

Kim Tae-hoon shouted at Bang Hyun-wook. "Bang Hyun-wook!"

"Yes, big brother!"

"Clean around."


At that order, Bang Hyun-wook grabbed his bat without hesitation. His bat began to take in the Energy that flowed through his body.


Bang Hyun-wook knew now. To survive, he needed the power to deal with the monsters he faced more clearly.

So he tried to survive and to find ways to use his power more efficiently and more powerfully.

In the process, Bang Hyun-wook was able to realize some of the ways to wield his Energy.

'I know now how to use the power in my gut!'

It was not only Energy that strengthened his body, but with a little difficulty, it could also wrap around an object in hand.

The power of that was enormous.


His swing crushed a brown Goblin's head like a rotten pumpkin. Bang Hyun-wook shouted between the scattered flesh, blood, and brain fluid, "Bucheon High School, No. 5 batter, Bang Hyun-wook is here! Come on, you bastards!"

The aura of Bang Hyun-wook changed as he spoke. If Bang Hyun-wook's reason learned to deal with his Energy, his instincts learned to take advantage of the fight.

To deal with monsters, he had to be a monster!

"Second lieutenant Kim Soo-ji, stop shooting and get ready for the alert." Kim Tae-hoon ordered Kim Soo-ji, leaving Bang to do his thing.

'Stop shooting? Alert?' It was a difficult order to understand. 'At this desperate moment, the Mud Troll is recovering and still has twenty brown Goblins left, how can we stop shooting and get ready for an alert?'

"Stop shooting! Set the line and turn to alert!" Kim Soo-ji's orders were immediately followed like a soldier, excluding any doubts.

Of course, there were not many soldiers who quickly fulfilled her orders. Still unable to overcome their fear of the Mud Troll, the soldiers in a state of fear were told not to shoot.

"Put the gun down."

"Put it down."

Only the most important part, the warnings that had been received hundreds of times, had instinctively been implemented.

The soldiers lowered their muzzles to the floor.

'But none of the survivors are mad.'

Kim Tae-hoon was forced to give up on the soldiers' help. There was nothing more dangerous than a mad soldier.

At the same time, Kim Tae-hoon was confident that he could handle the brown Goblins even if he did not have the soldiers' help.

Kim Tae-hoon's gaze left the soldiers and headed for the battlefield.

'The muddy monster is still recovering. It will take about forty seconds to recover.'

He checked the Mud Troll's condition.

The number of Goblins with brown skin surviving was twenty-one, but more than half of them were seriously injured. It was bigger and more aggressive than the green Goblins he dealt with at the large mart, but the combat risk was actually lower than it was then.

He measured the number, condition, and location of the brown Goblins.


He also confirmed the ability of Bang Hyun-wook, who was doling out ruthless violence toward a brown Goblin.

'Ahn Sun-mi… is coming.' He noted the presence of an SUV approaching him.

At the end of his assessments, Kim Tae-hoon pulled a revolver from his waistband.

At the same time, Kim Tae-hoon looked at the brown Goblin nearby running at him. The brown Goblin stiffened as their eyes met.

Kim Tae-hoon used his chain of telekinesis and wrapped it around the neck of the brown Goblin.


As soon as the brown Goblin grabbed its neck with both hands as it strangled, Kim Tae-hoon pointed the gun at it.


A bullet mark was made in the brown Goblin's brow.

Precise fire! It was a shot that had to be accurate.

Kim Tae-hoon could now put bullets into the head of a crazy, raving beast. It was boring, in a sense, to shoot a target whose movement was limited by his own telekinesis, and it was the reason for his confidence.

Kim Tae-hoon's shots were so efficient that the brown Goblins seemed rather pitiful.

One shot, one kill!

Kim Tae-hoon had consumed only one bullet against each brown Goblin, which had been bleeding from dozens of bullets so far, and which had been burning away the murderous spirit rather than letting it build.

Six bullets used, six bodies fell down with blood spilling from their heads.

Kim Tae-hoon immediately filled the ammunition after he dropped the spent shells from the cylinder of the revolver.

In the meantime, Bang Hyun-wook, seemingly competing with Kim Tae-hoon, had smashed the heads of two brown Goblins with a single swing.

"Oh, a two-run home run!"

He was like a lawnmower, cutting down the grass mercilessly.

Kim Tae-hoon, who had filled all the cylinders during Bang Hyun-wook's performance, started shooting again quickly.

This time it was a little faster. He pulled the trigger without a break.

The revolver's cylinder was emptied in a flash as if it were a fast draw game testing accuracy in the shortest amount of time.

Of course, the five shots that had passed in a flash were not wasted. They penetrated exactly five brown Goblins' foreheads.

So Kim Tae-hoon put down eleven Goblins.

"I got seven!" Bang Hyun-wook yelled after killing the seventh Goblin. Three of them were left. "I'll take two!"

Two of the Goblins rushed toward Bang Hyun-wook, screaming, and the remaining one rushed toward Kim Tae-hoon.

Kim Tae-hoon did not use a shot for the Goblin. Even though there was still one bullet left, he holstered the revolver.

Then he grabbed his empty right hand and injected his telekinesis into it.

Kim Tae-hoon's fist turned black.

He put his fist, which was covered with the black armor and which would be not hurt easily, into the forehead and above the nose of the brown Goblin.


One fist broke the brown Goblin's nose, its eyeballs were crushed, and even its face crumpled. It was the result of a 33 Strength stat and the Black Skin acquired from the Black Orc.

"Big brother, I'm done!" The battle had taken thirty seconds, and the brown Goblins were cleaned up.

The soldiers, including Kim Soo-ji, saw this scene and regained their courage.

'What is this?'

'What is this? Are we dreaming?'

It was not because of fear, but because it was so ridiculous.

'Well, that easy?'

It seemed like a dream to be able to so easily kill monsters that have been so deadly to them.

Obviously, it was not a nightmare, nor a dream.

Blood began to return to the faces of the soldiers.

But what really mattered was still right there!

The Mud Troll, calling out loudly and angrily.

After the restoration of its upper body, the monster started to regenerate its lower body and look around with orange eyes, smacking its lips again.

It was ready to show off its picky, disgusting habit of eating only the head.

Kim Tae-hoon said to Ahn Sun-mi, who was driving the SUV, "Ahn Sun-mi, open the trunk!"

"I opened it!"

He tore open the back doors and pulled out a plastic container. He turned its blue lid, and the strong smell of gasoline came out.

Kim Tae-hoon threw the gas jug toward the Mud Troll some distance away.

It was crazy, it did not make common sense. It was not easy to lift the weight of a five-gallon container. But throw it?

It couldn't be done. The sight of it flying was hard to believe. However, the plastic jug that Kim Tae-hoon threw flew away lightly, spilling gasoline.

"Did it stop?"

What was more surprising was that the plastic container flying in a perfect parabola stopped directly on top of the head of the Mud Troll, and it began to vomit gasoline like a waterfall.

The Mud Troll made a confused sounding, not knowing why the gasoline was running over its whole body.

At that moment, Kim Tae-hoon drew his revolver again and pulled the trigger.

The last bullet the pistol fired went through the plastic container. Flames erupted, instantly covering the Mud Troll's head, washing down its body like clothes.

At that moment, the Mud Troll began to cry for the first time, not to cause fear, but in pain. At the same time, its body began to harden like clay.

The soldiers, including second lieutenant Kim Soo-ji, looked at the scene silently and soullessly.

And Kim Tae-hoon …


...took a shot of the scene on his smartphone and checked the picture.


[Mud Troll's Flesh]

- Mud Troll's flesh has excellent wound healing ability. Rubbing on a wound will treat the wound, and eating it will temporarily increase the ability to recover.

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It was the first time that the human race understood the value of a Mud Troll!

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