18.51% The First Hunter / Chapter 30: Episode 30 - The Lawless City, Part II

Chapter 30: Episode 30 - The Lawless City, Part II

Chapter 11. The Lawless City, Part II

Translator: Khan

Editor: RED


January 10, 2017.

At 4 PM, when the sun began to set in, the city of Bucheon used to still be crowded with people and vehicles.

Since yesterday, the snow had been falling all the time, and any traces of the living on the white open snowfield was only here and there, and faint.

There was no sense of life anywhere.

A city of the dead.

"Boss… it's too quiet," Jang Sung-hoon said, unable to stay quiet. "I hope not everyone in Bucheon is dead."

Kim Tae-hoon put his gloved index finger on his mouth instead of replying to Jang Sung-hoon's repeated concerns.

Jang Sung-hoon shut up.

Looking at the world that was calm again, Kim Tae-hoon tutted quietly.

'What the hell happened here during this time?'

At the same time, Kim Tae-hoon recalled the events of the recent days.

After setting up the library as a base, Kim Tae-hoon had to spend busy days in the radical reform of the Mac Clan.

He had to present carrots and whips to the Awakeners who would be his hunting dogs, and he had to work to fortify the library that had become the base area.

He could not afford to go out to Bucheon City and do something.

It was the snow since yesterday that made him move.

Monsters were more like animals. Animals don't move easily on snowy days.

In other words, the snowy day was a good day to contact the survivors and avoid the threat of the monsters. When the snow came, Kim Tae-hoon prepared to come down to the city. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Their purpose was to contact the survivors, look at the situation, and get the necessary supplies.

Jang Sung-hoon accompanied him, saying he knew of the secret mansion of a damn rich man who played with art.

'It's so quiet, as Jang Sung-hoon says.'

He had enough concern about what would happen before he came to the city.

'This was not expected.'

But the situation was outside his expectations.

"If everything had been done by common sense, there must be a group of survivors here."

Kim Tae-hoon thought that the downtown might be organized to some extent.

The scary thing about human beings was that they quickly adapted to the world through trial and error.

Even in a world full of monsters, even if the social infrastructure collapsed, he thought that someone would adapt.

Moreover, there was no huge disturbance that surprised Kim Tae-hoon.

For example, if a dragon had once again passed through the air, there would have been a great deal of confusion, but it did not happen. There was no sign of a monster that was so enormous that it could be heard even in the distance.

Moreover, Kim Tae-hoon and Jang Sung-hoon were gradually narrowing the distance to the New Jungdong Station.

The New Jungdong Station of Bucheon was a large commercial area, with department stores, large marts, and the Bucheon Wonmi Police Station, which was fairly large.

By common sense, there were few more suitable environments in Bucheon than New Jungdong Station area for survivors seeking to survive.

Kim Tae-hoon's footsteps stopped. At the same time, his hands went up. Jang Sung-hoon's footsteps also stopped at the signal.


In the cold wind blowing past them, Kim Tae-hoon's gaze turned to the snow piles that decorated the roads they wanted to travel.

There was nothing special to look at. It was snowy, piled up with fertilizer bags.

However, Kim Tae-hoon was sure that it was not a fertilizer bag under the snow.

He looked at the snow pile, his eyes sharp. He painted a picture, a picture of a big hand shaking a snow pile.

The things under the snow were revealed.

It was a dead body that had been frozen blue. It was not just a body... but a decapitated body.

"Ugh!" As soon as he checked the body, Jang Sung-hoon barely swallowed the vomit coming up in disgust. "There must be a monster, damn it…"

At that moment, the image of a Mud Troll came up in the mind of Jang Sung-hoon.

A monster, which could not be killed with bullets, that pulled off the heads of people and ate them.

Jang Sung-hoon shivered in the trauma that he will carry for the rest of his life, and the snow piling up on the Werewolf leather he wore fell to the snow softly.

On the other hand, Kim Tae-hoon's expression was different. He did not recall the Mud Troll, who had only taken out the human head.

"It's not a monster," Kim Tae-hoon said clearly. "That was killed by a man."

That body was not one which a monster made.


Ignoring the surprised Jang Sung-hoon, Kim Tae-hoon looked around with great caution.

'Murder can happen.'

It is ridiculous to hope that murders would not happen in this situation. Murder would happen as much as possible.

'But cutting off the head is another story.'

But cutting the head off a corpse was another story because accidental murder to live did not make a neckless body...


The scream was close by. Kim Tae-hoon rose from his crouch.

"Jang Sung-hoon."


"From now on, our enemy is human."

At the words, Jang Sung-hoon made a determined expression, rather than a surprised one.

In recent days, Kim Tae-hoon had taught Mac Clan's men that the most important thing is the determination to kill not a monster, but a man that threatened their own life.


"Please save me. Just save me."

The snowy field.

A woman was naked and seeking forgiveness on the harsh snowfield, which seemed to shake the body just by looking.

"Please, please."

Her appearance, rubbing her hands again and again, was so pathetic that even the viewer could get shivers.

There were three men around her.

They were wearing thick vests, holding curtain rods and a spear made from a kitchen knife, and wearing construction helmets.

Despite their crude appearance, they were clearly armed. It meant that they were not ordinary people.

The three of them gave a spear-sword instead of mercy to the woman who sought mercy in the snow.

"Please, please save me. There are no others except for me."

A man talked at the repeated sad tone of the woman. "Shall we have some fun before we kill her? Eh?"

It was a phrase that made the woman's face turn black.

The other two wet their lips with their tongues instead of answering the man's filthy words.

"Why don't we just take off our pants since she's taken it all off? Don't you think?" the man repeated to his two colleagues.

A nasty suggestion.

However, the remaining two seemed to have no intention of easily agreeing with the filthiness.

"Shit, let's have some fun!"

"Please, please save me. I'll do anything. Anything…"

Soon after, she spat out her words as if she had resigned herself to her fate.

"Look! She says she'll do anything. Anyway, she is the food for the monster. What's the wrong of doing this? Don't you think?"

The man spoke somewhat angrily now. The other two looked at one another.


An arrow flew into the eyeball of one of the two men who looked at one another.

All of a sudden, without sound and without a hint of warning, the arrowhead of an Arrow flew through his eye and brain, and it came out through the back of his head.



Everyone, and even the woman who begged for her life, rubbing her hands hard, looked surprised at the sight. Their thinking stopped at that moment.

Something white began to come toward one of the remaining two men.

Like a leopard leaping for its prey, a man's black fist, appearing with a speed that could not be considered human, shattered the skull of a man with a vacant look on his face.

He broke into pieces with his helmet. Fragments of broken skulls were scattered all over.

The only man left now was the man who vomited out his zest for rape at a woman seeking mercy.

However, the man still had a vacant look on his face.

'Uh? Uh?'

The fist of the man who had suddenly appeared sped toward the man with such a foolish expression, and broke his helmet and face at the same time.

The man who had been hit by the fist screamed and spit out his teeth. But he did not scream for long.

"Kuck, kuck!"

As he was about to scream, the fist that had crushed his nose was holding the man's neck tightly.

The strangled man tried to wrench at the grip, but it was not a human arm.

In the meantime, the arrow that had already eaten one person's life began to move on its own.


The Arrow, which made a snake-like sound, soon came near the eyes of the man who was caught by his throat, and it lit up hazily.

The man shivered and pissed his pants with a choked gurgle.

Kim Tae-hoon spoke calmly. "If you play a trick, you will die. If you hesitate to answer, you will die. If you have a loud voice, you will die. Nod your head, if you understand."

Even in a choking situation, the man nodded.

Kim Tae-hoon released the power holding the man's neck.


There was a choked gasp.

"Huh-uck, huh-uck…"

Around that time, Jang Sung-hoon came up to the naked woman and covered her with the hide of the Werewolf he was wearing.

The leather jacket of Werewolf was rugged and smelled bad, but it was incredibly warm.

"Hush. Be quiet."

However, Jang Sung-hoon gave a cruel warning to the woman instead of being kind.

This place was now the area of the enemy, in a sense. A disturbance would never be advantageous to Kim Tae-hoon and Jang Sung-hoon.

The woman said, "I know what he knows. I'll tell you everything if you let me live. I was with him."

A sudden remark.

At the words of the woman, the man who was gasping shouted in horror, "That bitch betrays…"


As soon as Kim Tae-hoon heard the word, his Arrow, which was in front of the man's eyes, drove in like a striking serpent.

The man fell to the ground. Kim Tae-hoon pulled the Arrow from the man's eye, and he said, aiming at the woman covered by the leather of the Werewolf with the Arrow in his hand, "If you play a trick, you will die. If you hesitate to answer, you will die. Even if you have a loud voice, you will die. Nod your head, if you understand."

The woman nodded...

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