22.83% The First Hunter / Chapter 37: Episode 37 - Territory Dispute, Part III

Chapter 37: Episode 37 - Territory Dispute, Part III

Chapter 13. Territory Dispute, Part III

Translator: Khan

Editor: RED


Under a pedestrian overpass...

Originally, a place where cars should be running was now a bloody battleground.

Three Orcs and nine humans were going at it.

"God damn it, what kind of power…"

"Spear! Give me another spear!"

A simple and brutal war was taking place against monsters, using crude spears made of sharp cut-offs of iron pipe ends, and a crude shield made of car doors.

It was a desperate battleground.

"Spray! Spray!"

Those who were fighting the Orcs were doing everything they could desperately.

The man with the car-door shield was tanking an Orc like a football lineman, and the men in motorcycle helmets were blackening or yellowing Orc's eyes and mouths with the spray paint in their hands.

"Aaaaaaah!" The man with the steel pipe spear drove a spear into Orc's body with all his might.

In such a mortal battle, the victory was rapidly passing to the humans.

"Kuh! Kuhuh!"

The blood-stained Orcs screamed, looking like hedgehogs with the spears stuck in them, were in great pain and struggling for life.

"They are almost done!" The faces of the human group gradually began to smile, and the conviction of victory began to spread.


Until an Orc which is bigger than ordinary Orc appeared on the pedestrian overpass.

"On the overpass, on the overpass!" The appearance of the big Orc, which had to be the captain of the Orcs they were fighting, changed the atmosphere at once.

The Orc now inflated its chest as much as possible and bellowed when it was done.


Its ferocity swept over them.

"Uh…" Immediately, some of their legs limp.


At the same time, the blood-stained Orcs flared like candles just before they were extinguished.

The situation had changed.

"Get ahold of yourself!"

"Just hold on! They're all dying!"

The humans yelled out, but the captain Orc on the pedestrian overpass moved to the railing as if to laugh at their efforts. He was going to throw his huge body into the battlefield immediately.

"Hey!" At that moment, on the left side of the captain Orc, something approached at a tremendous pace and gave a short cry.

"Kuh?" When the captain Orc turned its head, what he saw was the head of a huge hammer used in the steel factory.

Krak! The hammer smashed the head of the captain Orc, crushed its face, and even broke its skull.

The head of the captain Orc spewed out something red, like a burst watermelon.

Bang Hyun-wook, the man who finished it in one hit, immediately shouted down below, "I'll eat this one!"

At the words, those below burned with fighting spirit instead of anger.


"Get them! All we have to do is kill these Orcs that are left!"

The fighting spirit began to fade in the eyes of the Orcs that had lost their captain.

The battle was one-sided thereafter. The three Orcs died, and those who survived the battle spat out long breaths.

For some of them it was not enough, and after taking a cigarette from their pockets, they began to smoke carefully.

Bang Hyun-wook, watching the scene from up on the overpass, turned his head slightly. He saw Jang Sung-hoon looking around the building with a map.



"The buildings around here are not cleaned up yet, are they not dangerous?"

At the words, Bang Hyun-wook looked around the area. No white flags were visible anywhere in the buildings around them.

"That's why I brought you here."

"No, not that… If you have any problems, I can just run away with you, but what about those below…"

At his words, Jang Sung-hoon folded the map and immediately looked at those who were working on monster stone collection under the overpass.

"To live, they have to risk it."

"What if they die?"

"It's better than just dying doing nothing. At least they're not trying to die, are they?" Jang Sung-hoon sighed briefly, looking at them doing their best to survive.

'The parties are growing.'

Parties. They were groups for monster hunting in the area of ​​Mac Clan now.

'I could have wished that.'

After Kim Tae-hoon demanded a price of forty percent, some of the survivors began to hunt more aggressively than when Lee Jin-sung was the leader of Messiah.

There were many reasons.

'Since we have given them a lot of things, at least they have to show what they're trying to do.'

Kim Tae-hoon had shown them tricks needed to hunt monsters through the Mac Clan.

He did not hide the reason for spraying, how to make poison balloons with perfume, oil, pesticides, and exploit the weaknesses of monsters.

In addition, the Mac Clan is removing monsters with orange eyes that were stronger than red-eyed monsters, and monsters that moved in large groups from time to time.

There were only traces of the Mac Clan passing by; a fugitive monster who could not build a pack near a building with a white flag; a fugitive who ran away from other powerful monsters; and a vagrant monster. For the hunting dogs, safe hunting was possible.

Of course, the biggest reason was the street tax of forty percent.

'Is what they are wearing the Orc leather armor? Nice work. I heard a rumor that an old man who was a shoemaker would make a leather set for a monster stone… I'll have to meet him once.'

The rest was for the hunting dogs after paying their forty percent tax. With their monster stones as well as their monster corpses, whatever they did was up to them.

But they couldn't just use them stupidly. If they had intended to do that, they wouldn't have hunted monsters in the first place.

There was something they wanted to get through hunting, so they were hunting.

In other words, hunting monsters was not just consumption, but hunting to fuel productive activities.

'We built an ecosystem, so they're trying to survive.'

Of course, all sorts of ways were being tested out, trying to use monster bodies more efficiently.

The old man who made leather shoes, and the technician who repaired the leather shoes, now making armor with monster hides; the worker from a construction site who made a spear with construction materials; and someone who worked at the car factory, converted a car into a tank to break the monsters.

'It's more like a place where people live now.'

It was also the way mankind has survived so far.

The development of technology created to achieve something better had made humans the top predator.

The same was true of the age of monsters. In order for humans to survive in this age, they had to use this way to survive.

'If Boss kills the devil snake, the number of parties will explode at that moment, and a group that has a lot of power in it, and that has a smart person, will try to establish a Clan like us.'

Of course, if Kim Tae-hoon could not kill the devil snake, everything they had prepared so far would collapse like a mirage.

"Do you have anything you're looking for when you keep looking at the map?"

"We have to check the monsters' territory, because there's a high probability that there's a strong monster in the apartment or housing complexes."

"That's great. Honestly, I'm just thinking about whether big brother can kill that snake."

If Kim Tae-hoon failed to hunt the devil snake and was killed, there would be only despair in Bucheon.

There would be scenes of desperate humans hunting each other in front of monsters.

Literally, the humans who survived in Bucheon would self-destruct.

But at this moment, Jang Sung-hoon did not think he would fail in the hunt, which is why he came here.

"We cannot get an answer even if we think about it. What we're going to worry about is after the boss kills the monster."

'I'm sure it's here. There must be a secret warehouse of Baek Sung-taek, where he kept the artwork he has stolen.

'I can't see through the map, so there's no way to know. Isn't there a map relic, like a map nucleus?'



Kim Tae-hoon took a photo of his right hand with a smartphone after eating a monster stone.

=[Basic Abilities]

- Strength: 100

- Health: 89]== Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

At last, his Strength level exceeded 100 points. It was amazing.

'It's as fast as when I took all the monster stones.'

But what was even more surprising was that Kim Tae-hoon had not been monster hunting recently. Nevertheless, the speed at which his stats rose was as fast as when hunting monsters on the front line.

'Jang Sung-hoon was right!'

It was all thanks to Jang Sung-hoon. His system made survivors hunters.

Hunters hunted monsters, and Kim Tae-hoon's share increased as did the number of monsters they hunted.

Of course, it wasn't all for free.

Kim Tae-hoon raised his head.

The Sword of the Imperator, the eerie Sword, was hovering like a satellite near him.

The movement was very smooth. It was like the Sword was moving on its own.

It was the result of hard training.

'I am now at a satisfactory level.'

The potential and effectiveness of Telekinesis were infinite. Infinite did not mean that a user with that kind of Telekinesis could use everything, just like F1 racing cars mean nothing to the public.

Just because a child is given a surgical scalpel and scissors that a noted doctor has used, does not make the child a noted doctor.

The same went for Kim Tae-hoon. The value of his Telekinesis was infinite, but his ability to deal with it was not.

Of course, through training, real fighting and practice, the endless possibilities would gradually become his potential.

However, Kim Tae-hoon could not afford to learn something new as the time was limited to him. Instead, he tried to do well what he could.

Faster, stronger, more precise!

He practiced moving and controlling the Sword more quickly and more precisely with his Telekinesis.


At the thought of Kim Tae-hoon, the Sword of the Imperator shot out like an arrow. It flew toward the tire located behind him and passed through the top of it.


A piece of the tire that had been cut off in passing fell to the ground.

Near the piece of tire that had fallen off were more pieces of broken tires.

The ones on the bottom were thicker than fingers, and the later ones gradually getting thinner.

On the top of the pile of tire pieces was a thin slice of paper.

Kim Tae-hoon blew out a long breath like a steamboat about to start off...


The devil snake had not been in a good mood lately.

Only cold corpses were served as meals, and eating cold in the cold weather was a hardship and humiliation.

The devil snake didn't want to go somewhere colder, so it endured.

Ss! Ss!

But the devil snake no longer wanted to bear the hardship. Today it intended to fill its stomach with living beings, and it would not even look at the pile of dead bodies.

Of course, just in case, it headed to its dinner table, as usual.

And as always, there was food again. But there was only one corpse this time.


The devil snake was angry at it. It was going to satisfy itself with only one sacrifice!

Moreover, the body smelled disgusting.


The devil snake could quickly see that the body was not a sacrifice, but a poisoned bait. It was even angrier, and it did not intend to endure its anger.

It was going to show its dignity once again, and that this was its territory. It began to climb the stairs without hesitation.

The cold air that descended the stairs did not stop the angry devil snake. It appeared at once in the subway entrance.

The snake that greeted the sunshine after a long time revealed its great splendor under the sunshine.


At that time, a huge bus rushed at the devil snake with all its speed, as if to welcome it.


The bus hit the devil snake, and the vehicle crumpled like it was made of tofu.

On the other hand, the body of the devil snake was only shaken, not falling, and kept its place without falling.

The yellow eyes of the devil snake lit up with an awful murderous spirit. It swiped its tail toward the bus that had smashed into it.

Kwang! The bus broke in two like tofu broken in half by chopsticks.

As if it was not enough, the pavement of the road was also crushed by the tail of the devil snake, leaving a broad scar on the ground.

The blow left the world quiet. A terrible silence filled the surroundings of the devil snake.


Howling broke the silence. It shook the devil snake's body, and its eyes narrowed to slits, evidence of a terrible rage.

It was ridiculous that a smelly Werewolf in its own realm was Howling. The devil snake had no intention of accepting it.


The devil snake began to race toward the Howling.

The place it arrived was an empty lot for building construction.

A human standing alone in the vacant lot greeted it.

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