24.07% The First Hunter / Chapter 39: Episode 39 - He Got the Eyes, Part I

Chapter 39: Episode 39 - He Got the Eyes, Part I

Chapter 14. He Got the Eyes, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: RED


When Kim Tae-hoon said he would go on hunting for the devil snake, the survivors had two reactions.

Some wanted to participate in the hunting for the devil snake themselves, and others prayed eagerly for the success of the hunt.

There was not a single person who wanted the devil snake hunting to fail.

At the same time, none of them imagined Kim Tae-hoon's failure to hunt the devil snake.

It was not due to a lack of imagination. Just imagining the failure made their whole body tremble and their faces turn blue.

Just imagining it made them feel hopeless. That was why they couldn't even imagine it.

But right now, Kim Tae-hoon was eaten.


As was said, the devil snake attacked Kim Tae-hoon with a mouth open wide enough to swallow a car.

Moreover, no one could move properly at that moment. The majesty of the devil snake was as firm as the head of Medusa.

Eventually, the huge mouth swallowed their only hope, and the devil snake did not stop there.

In order to swallow Kim Tae-hoon more easily, it straightened its huge body like a tower, in order to push the man who was hovering around his throat into its stomach at once.

Everyone watched the scene. To turn away from it was not allowed. Their paralyzed bodies could not even turn their heads or close their eyes.

It was torture. Everyone watched the process as their hope fell into a dark despair.

The torture ended as a Sword shot fiercely into the devil snake, despite the loss of its master.

The Sword quickly punched into the neck of the devil snake, and its body began to lean like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

But unlike the Leaning Tower of Pisa, its body continued to fall.

In the end, its body smashed to the earth.


The ground bounced as if an earthquake had occurred, and those who could not to escape, who stared at the scene in blank amazement, fell to the ground.

That was all. The fallen were lying on the floor like mannequins, and the ones who did not fall... were not.

There was still despair, and no one could escape from it by their own power.

There was only one person who could answer this despair.

Kim Tae-hoon appeared, saying the fallen devil snake had fallen.


Kim Tae-hoon's head was tilted back with his thermos in his mouth, and his throat was tingling.

Ahn Sun-mi handed him a small glass of wine after he drank the contents of a thermos bottle.

Kim Tae-hoon, who had received a bottle full of a Water of Therapy, drank it all at once.

"How are you?"

Finally, after putting a lot of pills made of Mud Troll flesh by Ahn Sun-mi in his mouth, Kim Tae-hoon swallowed, and replied, his mouth tasting like dirt, "I'd like a cup of coffee."

"Oh, really?" After her curt reply, Ahn Sun-mi drew a really long sigh.

It was a sigh of relief. When Kim Tae-hoon said that, it meant that his condition wasn't really the worst he could think of.

"Please take care of it yourself." Ahn Sun-mi rose from her seat after the blunt remark.

Kim Tae-hoon didn't give her any attention. Instead, he closed his eyes on the spot and started to think again.

'It was the worst.' All the way from one to ten.

'It was all the worst.' Worst, there was no other word to describe and organize the hunting.

'From preparation to action.' He thought he was fully prepared, but when he actually started hunting, he fell into crisis as soon as the prologue ended.

Eventually, he was eaten by the devil snake. He heard the sound of his whole-body crumbling.

It was a life-or-death experience that had nothing to do with being a trauma, a memory that had to be ignored and forgotten.

'I almost died before I even saw the dragon.'

However, Kim Tae-hoon tried to remember the moment more clearly, rather than turning away from it. He concentrated on not forgetting the feeling at that time.

'That is the real prize.' At the moment his whole body was being crushed, Kim Tae-hoon definitely did it.

'The Sword reacted to my Telekinesis!' At that moment, his longing reached the Sword.

The Sword of the Imperator stabbed the sound of the heart.

It was the first time.

'The only thing I could see was darkness.'

So far, Kim Tae-hoon has relied on vision when using his Telekinesis. No, the vision was an absolute requirement for the use of Telekinesis.

Kim Tae-hoon had no talent to move the unseen. He didn't even think it was possible.

Of course, the moment Kim Tae-hoon entered the devil snake's throat, the Sword disappeared from his sight and sense.

No, honestly, at that moment, Kim Tae-hoon even forgot the idea of manipulating the Sword with his Telekinesis.

He just wanted the Sword of the Imperator to reach the sound of the heartbeat of the devil snake he heard.

It was to feel that time more clearly that he was recalling the moment now.


Of course, the feeling did not come to mind easily.

It was a miracle created by the persistent obsession of life… no, made by his determination to live.

It couldn't be a miracle if he could easily experience it.

'I can't help it.' Of course, it wouldn't be easy to experience this feeling again.

'I can only be content with the possibility.' But this made it clear: the possibility of Telekinesis was endless.

In addition, at this moment, Kim Tae-hoon had another power that was immediately available.

Kim Tae-hoon rose from his seat and saw the dead body of a huge snake occupying the vacant lot.

It was time to take the right of the winner.


The devil snake, which had fallen in the vacant lot, still had a bloody presence.

No one dared approach the vacant lot.

The same was true of the Mac Clan's soldiers, armed and guarding the devil snake and controlling access to it.

There was no expression on their faces, standing with their backs to the carcass. The only difference between mannequins was the fact that they were breathing white mist.

A man approached the land filled with fear.

Those who were afraid of the devil snake far away but could not take their eyes off it saw Kim Tae-hoon.

No one immediately noticed that he was Kim Tae-hoon.

Kim Tae-hoon's name had already spread, but there were not many people who had seen Kim Tae-hoon directly.

Even if they knew Kim Tae-hoon's face, there were few people who had good enough eyesight to confirm his face from that far away.

However, it was not necessary for someone to explain that the man was Kim Tae-hoon.

There was only one man who could make the monster, which gave fear, nightmares, and despair to the survivors of Bucheon City, a carcass, and take the right of the winner from the dead body.

'Is that him?' 'It is him!'

As Kim Tae-hoon drew closer to the dead body of the devil snake, everyone realized his identity.

When Kim Tae-hoon approached the vicinity of the devil snake in the end, someone saw him and screamed.


A shout.

It was a triumphant shout, and at the same time, it was the first shout.


The war that had begun with the sudden appearance of the monster on December 31 took away the shouts of survivors.

Everyone had lived in a breathless state to survive. There was no proper victory. They just survived and pretended to be dead to live.

There was no room to shout, or to be eligible for victory.

Now, now was the first time.

For the first time, the survivors who had been deprived and only run away had won their first real victory, and in return, they were entitled to shout as much as they wanted to at this moment.


The shouting spread out. The enthusiasm of the shouting began to melt the frozen world.

Furthermore, the shouting urged the heart. Everyone's hearts began to beat wildly in the rush of the shouts.

At the center of the shouts, Kim Tae-hoon looked at his own Sword deeply embedded in the neck of the fallen devil snake.

The Sword was sticking out its handle as if waiting for its master to come. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Kim caught the hilt and pulled it out, like the legend of a king who drawing a sword from a rock.


Without any trouble, the Sword again cut through the body of the devil snake and revealed its silver blade.

The silver blade now scattered silver light around, reflecting the sunlight passing through the sky.


Those who saw the scattered silver blade began to shout with all their might.

During the shouts, Kim Tae-hoon immediately set out to work.

He cut the skin like digging a burrow, slicing away the flesh, and revealed the black heart of the devil snake sleeping beyond it. He raised his smartphone over the yellow jewel embedded in the heart.


[The Crystal of the Black Snake]

- Strength and Health greatly increase when ingested.

- The skill level of Energy greatly increases when ingested.

- The skill level of Mana greatly increases when ingested.

- The skill level of Defense greatly increases when ingested.

- The Power of the Black Snake [The Eyes of Black Snake] can be acquired when ingested.]


Kim Tae-hoon tore the yellow jewel off and put it in his mouth.

There was no hesitation. He ate it in a gulp and swallowed it in a gulp.

Kim Tae-hoon's body also took the crystal of the Black Snake at once, and it made the Power of the Black Snake his own.


First of all, the Energy inside his guts began to change. The loach went mad and grew hugely. It became a snake.

The huge snake with such great Energy gave power to his body. It seemed that the power he could not control would burst out of him.

At that moment, the power of Energy focused on Kim Tae-hoon's eyes. The whites disappeared from his eyes and only black ones remained.

At the same time, the Energy that filled Kim Tae-hoon's guts began to dissipate rapidly.

'Is this the Eyes of Black Snake?'

In exchange for consuming such Energy, the world he looked at had changed. He could see more clearly, and he could count the feathers of a flying bird.

And the invisible was now visible.

Kim Tae-hoon looked at the back of his right hand.


[Basic Abilities]

- Strength: 135

- Health: 122

[Special Abilities]

- Energy: D Rank

- Mana: D Rank

- Telekinesis: A Rank

- Defense: D Rank

- Mana Resistance: D Rank


Kim Tae-hoon got the Eyes.


Jang Sung-hoon did not participate in the hunt. He was not qualified to take part in the hunt against the scary monster.

He received a report after everything was over: Kim Tae-hoon was eaten by the devil snake, and miraculously stabbed its heart, survived, and ate its crystal.

When he heard the report, Jang Sung-hoon felt dizzy.

'He almost died.'

The only thing that was done as planned was luring the devil snake. Everything after that was beyond his expectations.

Even if Kim Tae-hoon died, it was no wonder. Ordinarily, he should have died.

But in the end, he won!

So now it was time to collect the spoils of the war!

Jang Sung-hoon got up from his seat.

'They said the old man who worked at the leather shoe factory was Park Kap-soo.'

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