75% Heavenly immortal disciple? / Chapter 21: Curse of The Writer? Ascension? (part 2)

Chapter 21: Curse of The Writer? Ascension? (part 2)

Hao Jin hurried to the pink wallpaper room that he and Lin Meng used to sleep together in. He put his hands behind his back and tried to send Qi from his arms to his Dantian.

The strange thing was, his Qi wasn't responding to him, he could bearly sense that his body had become magnitudes better than it was a moment ago.

Hao Jin was feeling pain in his Dantian.

His meridians were becoming more larger.

He could sense a vague feeling from his Qi: Ascension Calamity!

Ascension Calamity was what had happened to an old Heavenly Immortal King Trillions of years ago. It was said he was at the peak of every Heavenly Immortal King, he had unified the whole of the seven goblets, killed the nine heavenly devils and built the first empire in the Superior Immortal World and all this was done single-handedly.

The first ever empyrean was actually at the peak of Heavenly Immortal King or was even beyond that level. When he going to ascend, It was said that the heavens roared, claiming him to be unworthy of entering the Heavens. He had gotten Ascension calamity which made him unable to command his Qi, but it gave him Semi-Ascension. He had gotten a body that could withstand all, but it was said that he could never use Qi again.

No-one has ever gotten to the stage of power that the Empyrean had gotten to.

Hao Jin had never seen or felt about Ascension Calamity, but all he knew was that the sentence was burned into him.

The Calamity Qi had started spreading.

His body felt cold and a sense of relief and panic whenever it crossed.

Right when it was about to cross to Hao Jin's Dantian, a black and gruesome light came and a dark orb that was laying there was awake.

The Devour God's Root!

The mysterious and OP Root that he was born with. He had tried many times to research this Root, but the only clue he was able to get was 'Ascension is the answer to the God Roots'.

The Devour God's Root was awake and it looked as if it was angry with Hao Jin being for not taking care of such a trivial thing like Calamity Qi.

Despite the fact that Hao Jin couldn't feel see the face and the expressions the Devour God's root was pulling due to it being an inanimate object, Hao Jin could clearly feel connected to it, it was like if there were two souls in a body with completely different thoughts.

For Hao Jin, he knew that the Devour God's Root would only awaken around once a year, the only thing it did then was criticize Hao Jin for not cultivating twenty-four/ seven. Hao Jin had never liked being told what to do, but he could only follow the instructions, as the Devour God's Root would make his body feel pain, more pain than he had ever experienced in his life.

The Devour God's Root just stayed there, Hao Jin could tell that it was staring at the Calamity Qi.

[Lend me your body, Cursed Child]

Hao Jin could hear what the Root was saying. This was the first time Hao Jin had heard The Devour God's Root talk. It was far different than normal Spirit Roots, Hao Jin had always been different so he just treated it as him being special. He was not prejudiced, but actions speak louder than words. Those old fogeys in the Immortal Planes were at least a thousand times older than him, but they had not even been able to produce the result that Hao Jin would be able to produce from a year of Hao Jin cultivating. Hao Jin had been told by Lin Meng to not look down on others, so he never did.

But did this Root have to say 'Cursed Child'? Is this thing insulting me?

As if sensing Hao Jin's mood, the root responded:

[Your title is Cursed Child, banished from the Jupiter's Church for having me. Although you are quite a lot stronger than your predecessor, you are simply as strong as a normal person in the place you were born. Although they are all fogeys older than you, they are still stronger than you, talent doesn't beat strength. A Mere Heavenly Immortal Monarch isn't enough to combat against the gods. You thinking you are the strongest here is simply a mistake, you shouldn't have come back here. Jupiter may come back for you, this time finishing you for good]

Hao Jin had absolutely no idea what the Devour God's Root had tried to say, so he just chose not to listen to It. The Devour God's Root, feeling that Hao Jin was not actually listening, sneered:

[Do not overestimate yourself, Cursed Child. If you release the level of cultivation above Immortal King, they will come for you. Enough! Just lend me your body for a few hours, so that I can get rid of this Calamity Qi]

Listening to DG'R (Devour God's Root), Hao Jin realised that the easiest way to solve the problem was to simply lend his body to The DG'R.

Hao Jin let go of his body.

He felt a massive Mental pressure overtake his body. This hadn't been the first time Hao Jin had let The DG'R take over his body, usually when Hao Jin resisted for around five minutes or more of the unbearable pain The DG'R would offer to take his place to cultivate for a whole day, which after that, The DG'R would simply once again go to sleep.

DG'R made his body feel as if it was in control of the Calamity Qi. Hao Jin felt his vision grow dark it was as if he was floating in the middle of nowhere. A thunderous voice was heard, it made his body stiff and heavy, it was as if he was an infant cultivator meeting his teacher.

"The Cursed Child of Jupiter,

Destiny gives you a chance,

With your immeasurable cultivation,

Your fate lies beyond this Universe,

Come Recieve the 'Curse of The Writer',

Your Spiritual sense is no more!

Sleep at least seven hours a day!

Only sensing Killing intent!

Receive your 'Godly Body'

Show Jupiter it was his mistake in letting you go!"

Hao Jin then woke up from this weird dream. He had a feeling that he could access all of his power without destroying the Earth. He was also feeling quite a lot lazier. The DG'R left a Qi Note for Hao Jin when he woke up. Hao Jin had remembered what had just happened in the 'dream'. Was he said to have the Curse of The Writer? Remember what was said Hao Jin could only make out a few inferences from the sentences said by the deep voice.

The Qi note by The DG'R was about how what the 'Writer' had said was the truth. He had also apparently now above the Heavenly Immortals, he had now become an 'ascended being'.

Hao Jin felt as if he was missing something. He thought about it for a few minutes then remembered:

"The Enmity Challenge to wreck that punk that eyed my Sister!"

Hao Jin then looked at the mirror, he was about to wear a black robe to enter, he realised that something was wrong. He had put his realm at around the second layer of Qi Refining, but he had the face of what he looked like when he put his face at the Golden Realm.


Hao Jin spouted in his mind. He quickly walked over to check the current time.

It was 7: 59 pm...

Honker Honker

Nerfs are as listed:

-No more Spiritual Sense

-Can only detect killing intent

-Now has to sleep for at least Seven hours every day

-Now has an actual background

It is more OP than MC

(I'll try not to introduce it till the late parts of the series)

-Cannot use above realm Immortal King on the Earth

-Has Just reached 'Ascension'

(an unknown realm, for you guys at least, got this thing planned!)

-Has become even more handsome...

Comments (12)

  • Honker


    The stuff that I bluffed about. It was when I said a Peak Golden core could sense about 5% of the entire globe or something. That is hackz, it needed to be banned

  • Honker


    We may never know who is the mysterious, sexy-voiced 'Writer'

  • iseedeadpeople


    Jaw dropped,... Bloody hell, the author want to take a part in his own novel,..? lol lol

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