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Lovable Music Warrior

Author: DominikGodHelpMe

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Chapter 1: What a Normal Day It Is

Song Of The Day - Gyze Honesty

Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don't expect it from cheap people." Warren Buffett

It's year 3115. Technology is advanced and humans have entered the Virtual Reality Era.

Most people were rich by standard, there was a small amount of poor people and even if there were some they wouldn't be treated that badly.

Dominik was a normal 16 years old boy that loved music.

His everyday life was boring. Nothing exciting ever happened in his life.

He was filthy rich or rather his parents were.

He had a few friends but the boy didn't trust anyone because he was rich and he always thought that they were trying to get on his good side just to build up some connections to get even richer than they were and he didn't like that.

So, he did not have a real friend nor girlfriend. In school he was quite popular actually, his grades were good, his figure was pretty decent considering he loved to excercise while listening to music and his face was above average.

His parents had many connections and they had tried to get Dominik and some girls together for marriage. Dominik refused every single one request not because they were ugly but because he wasn't ready for a relationship, moreover he didn't want to be a hubby of some princess. He wanted to have some wild girl that would enjoy activities that he enjoyed, not a princess that would be like a doll expecting a prince when he clearly isn't one.

Just as he was contemplating about his life in his room his mom came and called him for dinner.

"hm we have a boar it's been a while since we had one"

"yes i made it for you because you love them so much dear"

My parents were full of life as usual.

" Son come sit and tell me about your marks, its been a while since we were together like this"

My dad usually goes away on his business trips and comes back after few months.

Can't say i am not sad but what can i do.

At least mom stays home most of the time but she just keeps nagging me to get a girlfriend or accept the princess hands but i always refuse with " don't you have anything else to talk about with your son ? Like my marks and such?"

"aaah screw the marks son you always get A's anyway so why even bother talking about marks, i want to be grandma and fast" this is our usual conversation.

Well, i talked with my family, ate my dinner and returned to my beautiful room full of Music cd's and anime goodies.

Ah my pillow and my figurines your daddy is back.

I returned to my room full of vigor closed and locked the door, and got to business.

Many people are probably screaming at me right now dude you can just get married and do it with them why bother using your hand... Well here is the thing... Those girls are of higher aristocracy and i won't ever believe they would allow me to do some dirty things to them. I can actually see how bad it would be... And i won't even talk about it. Well, after an hour my job is done and i go to sleep after showering. Anime girls are still the best and i love my pillows. I have one pillow of Megumin from Konosuba and the other one is Hestia from Danmachi both are perfection of gelbooru arts.

In a galaxy far, far away

"Oh no no no it ran away damn it what am i going to do now"

"i am so screwed"

His mision was to safeguard an extremely dangerous beast but it somehow escaped its cell and ran away.

"damn at least we put a collar on it so i can track it down."

" i just hope it escaped to some strong planet that can hunt it down."

Just as he said that the screen with red dot popped up into his face.

"OH SHIT, wh-why did it have to be Rubium Cove... I-I need to do something or a lot of people are going to die because of my mistake" and moreover i don't want to get yelled at by that red haired barbarian again...

Next day after school

Domink was going home from school while listening to music. His music choices were really great.

He could listen to almost anything as long as it wasn't some ear ra**. Even classical music was acceptable when he was in the mood to listen to it. Just as he was singing his favorite song from GYZE "Honesty " he heard a woman's scream. Yes a woman's scream. He heard it through the freaking headphones at almost max volume. Dominik wouldn't have cared if it was robbery of some sort because it happens all the time where he lives at and people still try to rob other people even though they are pretty rich themselves but this time it was something different,something, that Dominik hated the most, an attempted murder. The women was screaming so much there was no way this wasn't a murder. People still kill each other like animals. Killing in this age has no point at all. In the past people killed for money, people killed for revenge but in this age people kill for fun only. I would never hit a women much less kill her people like these deserve to die. After hearing the screams of a women Dominik rushed into the dark corner of which the scream came from but when he got there the only words he could use to describe the situation were " What the fuck?!!!"

He saw a women fully dressed in black and yellow with blue ribbon on top of her head and white hair which was still pretty ok considering many people didnt know how to dress to keep up with the trend but "WHAT WERE THOSE LONG NAILS COVERED IN BLOOD?!! "

The lady looked at him as he uttered those words

" well hello there i-i think i should get going now have a nice day! "

Dominik rushed out as fast as he could but the person with long nails was faster and the last thing he saw before his vision turned black was her hand piercing his stomach and the destroyed headphones which he had in his hands when he tried running away.

He woke up in a beautiful garden full of animals and flowers , the garden had about two-mile radius, separated by ornamental flower beds. Every one of these parterres consisted of a one-of-a-kind beautiful flower, filling the entire garden with flowery scent. While he was shocked to see he got transported to some unknown place, more shocking for him was the fact that he wasn't injured.

" i clearly remember that i got pierced by something and it looked like a hand."

"Yes you are right and we are sorry " loud voice echoed in his head" "Wait was this in my head?!!"

"yes it was we ca-"

" Piccolo is that you?"

"..." "..." "..." " anyways take this seriously damn it"

" i am sorry... So, who are you people anyway?"

Right in front of him stood 3 people two man and a women. The first man was bald with kimono getup and a kind smile and he looked like a pedo nothing personal dude, the other man was blue headed with great muscle capacity and he looked like he could kill at any minute "hey you know i can read your mind you bastard!!" "oh shit i am sorry but let me continue.."

"Wait what did you just say? so you can really read minds i wasn't hallucinating?!!"

"no sadly for you, you weren't"

"so can you finally tell me who are you people and where am i? "

"we are gods and you died thanks to someone!" the one who said that was the women, she had a cute voice, her hair was crimson red, the strongest red i've ever seen and she was a beauty, but the way she looked at the blue headed (god?) was like he killed her whole family . The dude looked pretty scared. "i am sor-sorry i-i it was my fault, i was taking care of demons but somehow one ran away and i couldnt find him anywhere on Rubium Cove"

"demons like that are usually called screamers." they lure their prey to them by screaming usually in women's voice and you had a bad luck, but don't worry, we have contained the screamer and there won't be any more troubles in the future"

well, at least noone else will get hurt... As he sighed on his fate he looked at his broken headphones they were made by Raz**r they cost him about 400 dollars while they were expensive they were of a good quality.

"SO what now? Can you at least tell me what am i supposed to do?"

"Oh well i am Katarína the high goddess of this planet called earth by people, well, we call it Rubium Cove."

" I am Shin, the main god of this planet and the one beside me is called Realm "

" We are the 3 gods ruling this planet"

"well, except for one that is ruini- "

" hey!! I heard that, it was my fault i am sorry but what could i do when that demon could use invisibility as well as flying, i couldn't even trace him"

"well you shouldn't have let him escape in the first place"

The other two gods were laughing at the statement i made, but you shouldn't be laughing at this time, right?..

Katarina and Shin immediately stopped laughing and turned serious.

"Dominik we are considering an alternative since you practically saved tons of lives. if the demon stayed in that alley we would have been unable to stop him and he would have just called for help every time and killed tons of innocents but you managed to bring him to us where we could actually contain him. So as we speak you have 3 choices.

1. To get back to your world but your body was almost destroyed and it would take us at least 5

years to repair your body because we dont have healers on this planet but you could go back after 5 years.

2. Pass on - i dont think that you will consider this option but i am merely stating the fact that you can pass on and get to the heavenly palace.

3. Reincarnate but not in our world because of the law of the world and since we can read your memories i think you would want to keep them.

"Not in our world. What do you mean?"

DominikGodHelpMe DominikGodHelpMe

The most important thing - i want to see what you guys think about it i appreciate every comment bad or good i am mostly expecting bad ones since it's my first work and english isn't my main language,

i learned it from my friend. So if you actually see some strange "things" here and there be sure to point it out also in every new chapter i will add at least 1 random song from my list of favorite songs and i will use it somehow in the chapter.


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