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Chapter 2: What A Normal Day It WAS

The Song Of The Day - In Another World With Smartphone Opening

"If there are infinite worlds, how do I find the one that is uniquely, specifically mine?"

― Blake Crouch, Dark Matter

"Not in our world. What do you mean?"

"well, aside from your own world there are billions of others" Katarina said that as she watched me jump in anticipation.

"There are hundreds of thousands of galaxies available right now, in which there are at least a few million planets." the pedo continued the conversation

" Little one, i would be glad if you stopped calling me that way, i am in no way a pedo i only watch them grow up.

"yeeeeep that's definitely weird.."

" ok so i am supposed to pick one... How am i going to do that exactly? Do you have some random generator that will generate me a number of planet or what?" "Are the planets marked by numbers in some way?"

" let's start with your home planet and we will get there" the sweet voice of Katarina echoed in my mind.

" The name Earth is at least 1,000 years old. All of the planets, except for Earth, were named after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, and they are all fake gods and they just dont exist. However, the name Earth is a Germanic word, which simply means "the ground."

We call it Rubium Cove simply because we mine Rubium here. Rubium is a necessity for us. Without it we would age and simply die. Well at least the 2 of us would" she said that as she looked at ped- i mean Shin.

" he is immortal, there is no way for him to die of old age however, he could still get killed by foreign elements such as virus, assassination, heart attack and many other things. "

" why are you even talking about assassinations? Who would attack this weak old me? " said pedo in weak voice

" i dont know, maybe the families of children you stalked?"

" oh there is no way that they would notice my prese-"

Katarina and Realm quickly backed away

" ah what a hopeless pedo... Well let's continue our conversation please i stilll didn't get my answer. "

Katarina composed herself and started talking again.

" Earth is composed of four main layers, starting with an inner core at the planet's center, enveloped by the outer core, mantle and crust.

The inner core is a solid sphere made of iron and nickel metals about 759 miles in radius. There the temperature is as high as 9,800 degrees .Rubium is found in the innermost part of the inner core. Surrounding the inner core is the outer core, there are some rare minerals in there but nothing we would use. This layer is about 1,400 miles thick, made of iron and nickel fluids.

In between the outer core and crust is the mantle, the thickest layer. This hot, viscous mixture of molten rock is extremely dangerous, it's thick and has the consistency of caramel. At the bottom of the ocean, are mostly treasures.

Not many creatures can get there but, there are still some of them that survive the severe conditions.

The Earth's serial number is 449757#

Which is pretty high rank considering your earth doesnt have any magic practicioners or cultivators"

" So, did you consider our 3 options"

"well... The first option is the most logical one and i think that every sane person would pick it but, 5 years is too much.. my family would be worried too much and i dont think i could handle the thought"

"the second one is unacceptable, there is no way i would want to perish."

"well technically you wouldn't perish only your body will.. And your soul will be transported to Heavenly palace"

"i wouldn't have my body anyway so what would be the point?"

"And the third one is an interesting one please tell me more about it."

"you would get transported to a planet of your choice with your whole body.

There are a few problems. First one is that there are no good planets around earth and its imppossible to live in them. You could get transported to another planet where other gods could probably heal you in a few months. But there are no planets in your solar system that you can live at only Earth. In most cases there is at least one god at each planet. However there are some galaxies without gods. We call them Byros. Those are galaxies that are made up from minds of the people that are transported there. Once you enter the galaxy your memories will open and your most wanted wishes and nightmares would be transformed into reality. Its really magical. "

" Are you serious?"

" Yes dead serious... We have never been there but, our friend got lost there and unfortunately died... We couldnt even figure out what killed him. The information we have on Byros are limited and honestly there is no way we would ever go there anyway. From the information he collected we deduced that Byros is extremely dangerous. However we can send you there and we will give you some powers that will hopefully save your life. So, what is your choice?"

The last question left me pondering for a while.

"please give me some time to consider all my possibilities"

Pedo said, "of course"

"why am i so unlucky, what do i do..."

What about my mother and father, if i decide to pass on they would be sad that i died.

If i wait 5 years and came back there is no way i can say that i returned from gods garden and i am home now they would think i am crazy. And the last alternative is great but i would have no way to return to my parents after i ented Byros.. Other than my parens nothing else binds me to Earth...

Alright i decided i will do it this way,i just hope that they would allow it.

"can i ask you something"?

"Of course ask anything sweety" Katarina said with childish smile

"I choose the Byrus"

Katarine's smile faded as she looked at me sadly "Are you really sure? We can only give you a tiny bit of our power and if you died again we would feel really guilty..."

"Yes i am sure" i finally answered with a smile

"so what kind of power do you want?"

Power to freeze time

"Oh.. That will be quite hard to do... Alright i will give it to you but only for few seconds because i dont want you to mess with time too much who knows what kind of problems might occur when you try to play with time ..."

"Anything else?"

"I want my smartphone, headphones, power to connect to use internet on earth and a message function so that i can write my parents when i am in that world."

Katarina looked quite sad after i said that last line, i wonder why.

"The last thing you requested is impossible for me i am sorry."

"What do you mean? You could connect to the internet so why can't i write messages.

Its not that you cant write messages.. The problem is that the time flows differently there..."

"Differently? What do you mean by that?!!"

I am starting to get anxious something bad will come out of her mouth the moment she looked at me sadly.

" Your parents won't be alive by the time you get to Byros..."

I was shocked, then angered, then sad... I was never sad my whole life.. But this... it hit me hard

"I-i need few minutes please."

"of course the choice is yours to make..."

After some time...

"Alright i am ready bring it on."

" Are you sure?"

"Yes lets go." i answered as i tapped at my mobile.

" Hm what was that, what did you just do?" pedo asked curiously

" i sent my parents a message so that they wont get anxious that i had disappeared."

"Good idea lad i hope we can meet some day again" hm that Realm guy isn't as bad as i thought.

"Bye little one have a safe travel" pedo still pedo and i don't like the way he calls me, it gives me the creeps.

"Goodbye sweety this young and beautiful miss will never forget you" i don't think she is young anymore considering she is probably older than Earth but she sure is pretty

"Well then, here i go, goodbye and thank you for helping me."

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