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Chapter 5: Finally Getting Somewhere?

The Song Of The Day - Omoi - Snow Drive

"A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship." ― Markus Zusak

"So,how do I give you my permission again?" I asked annoyed because I didn't want to receive any more pain...

"Dont Worry, It Wont Hurt You That Much." The Silver Ball Crept up to my body."

"alright, what now?"

"Put Your Hand On Your Device Screen, It Might Hurt A Bit But, You Have Endured Worse Things So This Shouldn't Be A Problem For You." Silver Ball said that with a proud smile.

I don't know what´s going on in his mind but It can´t be anything good.

"See It Didn't Hurt."

"Yeah that's weird, I didn't feel a thing but my thumb is bleeding anyway."

"Your Body Got Used To The Massive Pressure Of Transfering From Another Dimension.

Alright Boy I´ve Got 2 News One Good And One Bad. Which Do You Want To Hear First?"

"Stop joking and get to the point." I am getting a headache just listening to this ball.

"Ok The Bad News Is That Since I Am The Part Of The Abyss I Am Partly Byros As Well .

And Here Is Our Problem, I Can´t Help You With Choosing Planets And Scenarios It Is All Random.

Whether You Get To Nightmare Place Or A Bliss One, It´s All Random.

However You Can Get To A Lyriad Planet Which Means Home Planet.

It Will Be A Random World But Not a Blissful Or A Nightmare One.

It Will Always Respawn Only Once And Never Change.

Also When You Are Out Of That World, Time Would Be Stopped Till You Return To It.

"That´s pretty handy "

"You Can Always Get Back To That Planet Whenever You Want To. But There Is A Price For Cancelling Your Transfer Midway. I Just Need To Find Out What Kind Of Price It Is"

"Now The Good News Is that In Your Memories There Weren´t Many Nightmares But, There Were Some Really Strong Ones And Even If It Was A Blissful World, It Was Still A Dangerous One."

"Seems like i am out of luck huh..."

"Dont Sweat It, I Managed To Transfer Myself Into Your Phone . All Your Things From Gallery Got Deleted Though I Am Really Sorry I Couldn't Do Anything About It..."

"Hey now that's a lie right there!!!"

only gallery come on, there is no way that only my gallery got deleted, it had to be him or her or whatever its gender is... And he definitely did it on purpose!

"Also I Managed To Save Some Pictures But Only From The Camera I Am Soo Sorry..."

It´s definitely HER alright, there is no way that a man would be this aggressive about porn pictures.

" Ahh its alright" I sighed as I mourned my lifetime collection of goodies.

"Well I Was Kidding Almost ¾ Of Your Phone Got Wiped Out Only Few Things Remained And I Made It So That We Could Survive In Foreign Worlds With Those Apps"

"What part of that was a joke???"

"Anyway There Are 5 Apps So Far And All Of Them Are Extremely Useful."

"alright so what do they d-"

"You Will Learn Once We Land Onto Our Home Planet"

"Great, its not going to be painful again now is it?

"I Am Afraid That This Time It Will Be Peaceful Due To Almost Null Restrictions In Transporting.

"Alright, HERE WE GO!"

"Stop Shouting Like Some Kind Of Madman You Beast."

"Come on those weren´t my women, but prostitutes.

I never even engaged in those activities ."

"Th-Then Why Did You Even Store Those Pictures For."

Damn it I can´t say that It was for masturbation she will definitely explode.. Think... Think..

"ehm it was for self pleasure, as a pure hearted human I always thought for the best of the humanity and I was storing it for my brothers in school." I Said it saintly as the monk aura surged from my body to the surroundings.

"Oh I See, Well I Am Sorry Then." B*tch ball said weakly and she almost started crying.


"Wait, is this it?"

"Yes this is the planet"


"Well Thankfully Your Body Got Repaired By The Void , If Not... We Would Get In Trouble Quickly."

"what do you mean?"

"This Planet Doesn't Really Look All That Friendly."

"How can you even say that? There is snow, so it has to be friendly I love snow!"

"Idiot Look At The Minimap That I Installed In One Of The Apps..."

"Ah it shows that there are 3 dangerous entities around... thats weird i cant see anything other than snow."

"It's Because They Are Not In Front Of Us But Below Us. There Should Be Some kind of cave near us .

I Dont Recommend Going In There.

Monsters There Should Be stronger Than You Dominik.

"alright i trust you .. however we need to do something... oh is that a town i see on the minimap?

"Yes it is, However I Dont Think It's Wise To Go To The Unknown Town With These Clothes.

"what do you mean i love them. They are quality premium clothes.

" Damn It, Everything You Love Is Wrong In This World."

" I think my clothes are from the best quality materials as they cost a lot. So I don't give a damn if

someone is looking at me weirdly.

"Yes But I Think That We Would Stand Out Too m

Much If We Were To Go There Now. Silver ball said worriedly.

"ok first off tell me about all the apps we have and then we can try going into the town and if

something happened, we would be prepared for it."

"Wow So You Do Actually Own a Brain, I Wasn't Really Sure For A Second There. " i sensed a hint of surprise .. that means she wasn´t joking...

"I Have Already Written Down All The Definitions For Apps"

First App - Minimap - Shows nearby towns,villages,enemies,neutral and also friendly units.

you can also see yourself and pinpoint the place on the map and it will show you the way.

there is also a compass that you can use. And bonus feature is marking down the location of your home so that you will never get lost even if you are thousands of kilometers away.

Second App - since ive seen your memories i can understand that you need something called internet.

the gods that you met already gave it to you, but i have upgraded its speed a bit so you won´t have any problems.

Hah little does she know that i can recover all of those images and video because i copied all of them to my Onedrive. And now that i have internet i can get them all back!

I was smiling as much as i could and she seemed to noticed it but she just gave me a shrug.

Third App - Whole Stats - all of your powers and weaknesses in digits.

Fourth App - Body And Soul Condition

Including Heartbeat,Weight,Height,Hunger, Number of Footsteps per day,month,total.

Bonus features - Soul Status , Sanity Check also it shows how Tired you are at the moment.

Fifth App - Your Music List but its completely modified

First up - Listening to your music can boost your power for few minutes, every single one of your songs add a passive effect that can stack infinitely,meaning that you can listen to your music over and over again and you will get stronger slowly but surely.

The only catch is that you will need to unlock most of these songs because they are mostly grayed out. Also the you can use boost only once per song.

So far there are only 5 songs that you had unlocked. And i have no way of knowing how to unlock more of them.

"alright I need some time to process this amount of information. Ah anyway what is this last app in here and why is it grayed out as well?

" That, Even I Don't Know.. The time Will Show.

Other than your apps there are 4 more things active in your phone right now.

Camera, Gallery, Missions and Settings.

The only thing I can't get to other than the grayed out 6th app is this mission list.

Also I forgot to mention that these apps are not really apps. They are only buttons and once you click on them a hologram will pop up in front of you."

" Wow. How is that even possible" I was truly astonished. I have never seen something like that before.

"Remember When I Told You To Put Your Hand On The Device? That's When You Connected Yourself Into The Phone."

"wow I think i am starting to like you girl"

"Wh-What Did You Mean By That? L-Like Aah. H-how Did You Even Know That I Was A Female?

"Man's intuition! And Power of Youth!"

"Ahhh Alright, Try To Master Your New Powers And Try Not To Die. I Am Going To Sleep For 2 Days.

I Need To Regain My Energy. Bye For Now.


Man What an Abnormal Day It Was. Guess I will just go to sleep now. I will check out my new powers tomorrow.

Ah perfect place for sleeping my radar doesn't show any enemies so this cave has to be abandoned.

DominikGodHelpMe DominikGodHelpMe

Finally our journey begins.

Chapters from now on should be better in quality since till now characters were practically only talking.

And I already know what will our first world be.

Also I think that you are lazy. Comment more.

Or is it that i am so good that you don't need to point out any mistakes


  • Overlordsov


    thanks for the chapter,is this a waifu,I am seeing in the horizon???Keep it up

  • YinYangWinter


    Waifu flag?

  • DominikGodHelpMe



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