100% Lovable Music Warrior / Chapter 7: Boring Stats? Part 2

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Chapter 7: Boring Stats? Part 2

The Song Of The Day -Need to Be Strong

Quote Of The Day - The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under! - Anne Frank

Seriously... ChunChunmaru... Is this a coincidence or?

I believe it shouldn´t be. There is no way..

And i don´t believe it is possible.

But here it is.

There is only one girl that can name something so cutely.

Megumin. I will treasure this sword more than Kazuma did.

And i will definitelly get to that world!!! I just don´t know when..

But anyway, this sword is hella strong.

My damage is only 5 but with this sword i deal like 65 per hit plus critical chance .

This thing is really strong, i just need to find something to kill with it.

I will do that later but now. Serious business.

I lightly tapped on a certain app.


I hope that she is still sleeping. I won´t have a chance like this in a while.

My Premium is gone huh. Well that is to be expected since unknown number of years have passed.

But it still shows that i am 16. The prime of my youth.

There is no way i can back down now.

Now let me enjoy.





Alright, now i better download my pictures and videos from my one drive.

Cool now let's go for the last working app, my music list.

Gyze-Honesty -- 1 time usable - Your lies are bulletproof, every one will believe everything you say for 30 minutes. Passive effecf - You will recieve a warning every time someone's lying.

Mini Passive- Every full listening of the song you gain 0.2 Language points - of a random foreign language of the current world. It can also possibly be a monster language.

In Another World With Smartphone Opening-- 1 time usable- You will recieve a random Weapon, armor, power, skill, magic of at least a Rare Class.

Passive effect - You gain 10 points of Equipment Pt and Item Pt every hour.

Mini Passive - Every full listening of the song you gain damage on the weapon, Stronger resistance on armor, Bigger speed or Stronger magic power by 0.5 points.

You can choose where to allocate your points.

The Quick Brown Fox- The Big Black- 1 time usable. Your attacks and reflexes are 70% quicker for a duration of 20 minutes.

Passive effect - Your magic is stronger by 20%

Mini Passive- Every full listening of the song you gain 0.2 points of magic

You can choose where to allocate them.

S3RL - H3NTAI - 1 time usable. Your big boy Johnny gets 250% stronger.

Your duration while doing "mofumofu" is extended to a monstrous 8 hours.

Mini Passive- Every full listening of the song your Big boy Johnny gets longer by 0,005 cm.

Passive effect- Longer Johnny

Johnny's State - After Eruption Mode

Johnny's Length - 18,543 cm

18cm? It doesn't seem that big to me.

It was always like this.

Omoi- Snow Drive- 1 time usable- Summons a typhoon of ice dealing aoe dmg

Dmg per hit 50.

Passive effect- Your Ice and snow magic is 500% stronger in snow biomes.

Mini Passive - Every full listening of the song you gain 1 point of ice or snow magic but you can only get it, when you listen to it in the snow biome.

Allocation on random.

Red Battle Megumin Vs Yunyun - locked.

Hm that's all i have...

My music list is there i just can't listen to it because it's not clickable.

Kinda sad because i want to listen to some of my better ones but i just can't..

Well nothing i can do about that.

But these passive effects. Are amazing. Even the mini passive are great.

That means that i can raise my stats just by listening to the music i like.

However i think i will take too long.. The points in there are just not enough.

Only Omoi gives me enough points for magic which i don't even have...

Damn it this is so frustrating.

But, i can try this 1 time usable for a random thing.

It might just give me what i want.

Lets go


kono te de tsukame kono te de tsunage kono mirai o uketsuide ikunda

ima o hikikae ni shite Carry on Carry on ii ka?

iku zo Fly HiGH!


"Beep" "Random thing recieved."

"Beep" " 0.5 points recieved."

"Beep" "Shameless author recieved"

Wait what?

What do you mean by shameless author?

Now then what did get.

Skill Firebolt - rare class

Fire Type Magic

Dealing fire dmg to the target setting them on fire for 5 seconds.

if the firebolt kills the target, you will get reset on your spell and you can cast it again.

I allocate the points into the Fire Magic.

This is some serious shit right here.

Next thing i need to do is to figure how this works...





After 20 min.



Do i actually have to wait till she wakes up?

I tried shouting the name,reciting,writing,clicking on the button in my phone.


I can´t give up now. I have one more thing to tr-


I turned my head to see a monkey no a gorilla as big as a fucking truck.

„holy crap i need to run"

i need to hide somewhere or else i am dead... i can´t fight this thing because she is still sleeping

The monster was getting closer and closer.

I hid behind the rock.

It was getting closer and closer.

How can he see me ... its completely dark in here...

Oh no. He can´t see me but smell me.

Suddenly it swings its giant hands towards me.


The rock breaks into pieces .

I was almost hit by it.

Damn it there is no running away now.

I look into his dark red eyes.

He can feel my fear just by looking at me.

Once again he swings his giant arms and tries to hit me with them

I dodge, dodge and dodge. I am in a corner huh.

Ape was laughing.

I can feel my sweat dripping from my forehead.

Ape jumps at me.

My hand moves by itself, probably out of reflex.

In my mind i imagine the worst kind of flame possible.

My hand shines.

Not in red, yellow or blue color. But in Black.

„Burn you bastard"

Black Bolt of Flame escapes my arm right into his face.


2 seconds later nothing but ashes remained.

„Beep" Gained 200 Exp

„Beep" Level Up

„Beep" Current Level 2 Xp 50/2000

„Beep" Under The Pressure of death your body activated part of your bloodline.

„Beep" Gained New Special ability Spell Creation

"Beep" 5 Usable Points

„Beep" Gained new MAGIC –

Amaterasu Bolt – Legacy Class

Impossible to put out the fire once you use it

Damage - 400 fire units..

Other things Like Water and Fire are used as a fuel to the fire increasing its range and burning power .

Stop With The Fucking BEEEPING!

DominikGodHelpMe DominikGodHelpMe

I am sorry that i didn´t write anything in a long time but someone from my family died and i couldn´t write anything at all. I was busy and i wasn´t in the mood.

I will probably start doing new chapters again.

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