46.34% Journey to becoming a legend (Dropped) / Chapter 18: The Elves and the Duo

Chapter 18: The Elves and the Duo

Trinity held a bow in hand and pointed it towards the naked man in the open field 300 meters away. Her heart was beating fast as this was her first ever mission outside the village so she could not help her hands from shaking.

[I should've listened to Leo of waiting before accepting my mission first, but who would've thought that we will be able to see such a thing on this scouting job. Sigh, I rally unlucky huh I should've just took medicine gathering.]

Her long ears twitched her face was filled with perspiration as bullets of sweat started to appear on her forehead her nervousness could not be mask even when she tried, then she heard a low whisper enter her ears "Trinity be calm, do not panic and keep your concentration at its peak. Take deep breaths see if it helps."

Trinity took the advice of their leader and took deep breaths in order for her to keep her calm, she took deep breaths and although it wasn't able to make her nervousness away but the trembling of her hands stopped making the bow in her hands stop shaking.

The leader who gave her the advice noticed this and a smile appeared on the leaders face. The leader then retracted his gave from Trinity and turned his head to look at the young man down the plains who seemed to be screaming at something that was floating in the air but he was not able to completely see what it was really because the body of the young man was blocking it.

After observing for a while he gave an order to the people around him "Get your bows ready, at my command released the arrows."

20 men that was concealed in the trees all followed the leaders order, they all quietly pulled the string of the bows not making any sound Trinity by the side also pulled the strings of her bow but unlike the other that was concealed in the trees her way of pulling the bow string looked unrefined as a low sound came from the strings of the bow.

The sound produced by her bow string was not that loud and young man also seemed not to noticed it but because of the others that did it was so much more exquisite than her she became somewhat embarrassed by her unrefined actions as she thought [I have to practice more.]

The leader did not seemed to mind as he kept all his focused observing the young man he gave everybody a reminder "Do not mess up that young man emerge from that dragon he can't be normal so don't take your eyes of him especially you Trinity"

"hmmm" Trinity nodded her head she gave looked at the young man and continued to observe his every action, the young man had his back turned on them so she was not able to see his face but she was curious.

After another 5 minutes Trinity saw the young man stopped all his movements and relaxed his body. The leader that was in front of her all saw this so he raised the bow pointed it to the young man and gave the command "Release the arrows."

Swoosh, Swoosh

Arrows was released and started to rain down upon the young man, Trinity also released the arrows that was in her hand but as she released the arrow the energy inside her body slightly leaked out of her body but she almost immediately blocked this energy the moment that she noticed it.

But this slight fluctuation of energy that she emitted was picked up by the young man. The young man moved in a strange pattern even turning into a shadow every now and then. But even though the young man notice the energy fluctuation from Trinity and tried avoiding the arrows he still moved a step too late.

The arrow of Trinity flew in the air it was moving in a straight line, then it found its way going towards the middle of the young mans' eyebrows, but when it was about to pierce the young man a curse came from the mouth of the young man and the arrow was deflected not by the young man but by the flying little lizard like being by his side.

The leader noticed the young man surviving the first volley of arrows but when he was about to order the others to prepare the second volley of arrows to be fired a shout came from the young man who was in the open "I surrender!"

The leader became surprised from the sudden change of events so he didn't know what to do, [What to do, I can't possibly order for another volley of attack that would just be disgraceful.]

The others that was hiding in the trees looked at the leader, the leader knew what the others mean the moment they looked at him. The leader started thinking on what he should do during this kind of situation.

After pondering for a moment he signaled the others to move towards him and go down there in order for them to confirm the situation, but he still left 5 others including Trinity in the trees for them to secure the rear if something happened. This action showed how cautious and good the leader was, securing the rear he and the others would have a way out if things went wrong.

The leader and 15 others walked got down from the trees and moved closer to the naked young man but all of them still held the bow and pointed towards the young man so if he did anything funny he could be dealt with immediately.

The leader walked in front and spoke to the young man "What are you doing here? "

The young man looked towards him and stared for a long time, the leader became wary from the way the young man was looking making him angry so he shouted at him "What are you staring at? Answer the questions or you will be full of holes if you don't."

The young man became startled from he said "A-apologies, it's just that I have not seen anyone like you guys but are you guys in any chance elves?"

"Yes we are, now answer the question." The leader said

The young mans' eyes lit up the moment the leader confirmed what he said, the young like he didn't heard what the man in front of him had just said the young man started to bombard them with questions "Really? Then is it true the forest spirit loves you? Is your hearing stronger than others?"

The leader and his subordinates started feeling awkward from all the questions, but the young man didn't stop talking and continued to talk and ask questions regarding things about elves.

The people in the group became speechless as they all thought of the same thing [Who the hell is getting interrogated here?]

As the leader listened he started becoming angered "Shut up!" the leader pointed the tip of the arrow that was nock in the string of the bow. And the moment the tip of the arrow was pointed to the young mans' face, and would you know he became quiet.

The leader became strangely relieve when he saw the young man had calmed down, he did not know why he felt relieve by him quieting down so he question him or if it was because the interogation that he just went through was now over [This guy just don't stop huh?]

The leader once again reverted to his calm self earlier and went back to asking the young man "What are doing here?"

The young man didn't answer right away he looked like he was thinking real hard just to answer the question "I do not know."

The leader was stunned from what the young had said but after thinking about it he thought that it was quite reasonable [Well he did came out of that dragon, there is a chance that he might not know what is happening right now.]

"Well what is your connection to that?" the leader pointed to the carcass of what used to be the body of the dragon that was emitting hot steam and slowly being dissolved into nothingness, this was the biggest question of the elf leader.

A dragon is one of the most powerful being in all of the world and nobody can deny that, the only being that can match a dragon is a phoenix. Because of this reason the elf leader was cautious while he was approaching the young man because of two reasons.

The first reason was, the young man in front of him just might be that dragon. It were well known for the people leaving in the continent that if a demonic beast reached a certain level of cultivation they gain the ability for them to transform into the form of a human, and dragon was not different, as a matter of fact a dragon or a phoenix gets this ability the moment they are born and they can do it the moment they learn it.

So the scene of a naked young man with white hair emerging from the head of a dragon might just be that dragon and if they angered the dragon, it just might bring a disaster for their village so they are careful when they approach it.

The second reason was that the young man just have some connections with a dragon, and the humans that have connections with a dragon was much more troublesome than the dragon themselves.

That is because a human with a connection with a dragon are all have backers from those super powerhouses and if they are to be mess with they would all have back ups making them hard to deal with.

The young man in front of them have a high probability of the latter, but one of the identity of the two are troublesome. But the answer of the young man made him and the people behind him stupefied and the answer was "The useless guy?"

The elf leader then retorted him "No I am not asking what he is I am asking what are your connection with him."

"Yeah, I know I am just making sure he is quite useless though." The young man became quiet, then he remembered something and added "Oh yeah, he's my brother so it seems."

Before the leader could even answer from what the young man had said another voice sounded out "How dare you say that about your older brother, you should be thanking me you know if not for me we would've died when you took that nap in the river."

"Oh screw you. At the very least I am the older one."

"What? How old do you think I am." the little dragon that just appeared then started to bite the naked young man.

While the young man was being bitten by the little dragon, the 'little junior' that was hanging in between the legs of the white haired young man.

These scene made the elves feel even more awkward seeing the 'little junior' of the young man just dangling in the air like that made them feel ashamed.

The elves didn't know what to say, they also forgot to threaten the two for them to stop and could only wait for them. The bickering lasted for a while almost an hour before the two stop and the two seemed to have reached a conclusion with each other.

"The one with the big brothers tittle would be me, and the oldest would be Big Sis Riste all right?" the little dragon said to the young man.

"Okay but this is only temporary Big Sis Riste still get to decide the final decision all right?" said the young man.

The both of them then looked at the elves once more and spoke "Where were we? Oh right he is my big brother."

The elves didn't know what to say.

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