17.85% Legend of the Chicken Hero / Chapter 44: The Beginning Of A New World

Chapter 44: The Beginning Of A New World

Murkwood Town...

"Hey! The system is not working! S***! I still need to finish my homework but I cannot log off! WTF!"

A random player in the streets said as he helplessly tried everything he can to use the system.

"F*** OFF NEWBIE! Don't touch my stuff!" Another player shouted.

Basically, all of the players, not only the ones in Murkwood Town was having the same problem. They cannot access the system anymore. What's worse is that all of the items in their inventory is dropped around them except for equipped or held items.


While chaos was happening all around, Jay just woke up from a wonderful dream in his sleep.

"Damn... So noisy." Just as Jay was going to stand, he received 2 notifications from the system.

[Dungeons and Towers of Fate updated. Updates are:

- Stamina Update (Players and NPCs now have stamina)

- Self Skill Learning (Automated Skill Learning is now removed. Players must now read and comprehend skill books on their own)

- Dungeons and Towers Update (Dungeons now have Impossible Difficulty added. Towers are now part of quests. Dungeon/Tower Crashing unlocked - When all the difficulty levels of a dungeon or tower is cleared, the dungeon or tower will be destroyed and removed from the game.)

- Class Update (Players cannot advance class to next tier or change class without items and specific NPC class tutors.)

- Free Hit Update (Friendly fire is now allowed. Players can now kill each other if they want.)

- Inventory Update (System storage will be removed and all items you have stored on it will be dropped near you.)

- Survival of The Fittest Update (Monsters and NPCs now think like players. They can do anything a player can do. Even grinding for EXP.)

- Demons and Gods Update (Satanic and Godly items, spells, equipment, monsters and NPCs are placed in the game.)

- Real World Update (Status page will not be available for viewing anymore. Health, Magicka, Stamina, Level, etc. that the player has will be removed. You will now become an ordinary person and live in this world unless you train yourself. System will be removed.) ]

[The Fate System is going offline in 3, 2, 1...]

"WAIT WHAT!? HOW?!" Jay shouted and muttered to himself...

"If I remember correctly, I was reincarnated back 10 years earlier in the game. So the updates should have only arrived year after year. But what the hell is up with the Real World Update? Wait, hold on... If I remember correctly, just before the night I got reincarnated, the game's developers revealed that they will have one final update before they move on to another project... So I guess this must be it. Oh boy... As for the rest of the updates, f*** it!"

Just as Jay was having a headache on thinking about what is happening, the information about the previous skills he learned got absorbed in his brain.

Jay then looked around the room to see if there are other changes. He saw that his Chicken Armor Set was placed under the table while Nuggets was asleep. He also found the 2 Silver Coins he has on his pocket.

"Guess I cannot leave the game anymore then. I should just eat first and maybe I can think of a plan on what I should do starting from now."

Jay then carried Nuggets and went down the first floor of the Drunken Rooster Inn for his breakfast.


"Here you go kid. Your usual order. One piece of bread with Honey Lime Juice. As for Mr. Chicken here..." Salador said as he handed over Jay and Nuggets' breakfast.


Just as Jay was going to eat, four players entered the inn and sat at a corner table. While they were conversing, Jay was eavesdropping on them to figure out what they think about the recent changes in the game.

"Damn it! I farmed all those EXP for what?! In the end, everything I worked for has been reset, I dropped a lot of my stuff at the tower, and the system is not even working! What the f*** is this!"

"Buns... Just chill man..."

When Jay heard one of them was named Buns, he almost choked on his bread. After that, he looked over at these four players. He then confirmed it was his other self together with Abyssal Angel, Hot Buns, Bloody Harvest, and Roasted Boar (his other self).

Jay felt bad about leaving them alone and not help them with the current crisis everyone was experiencing right now so he payed more attention to their conversation which lasted for around 20 minutes, mostly about them complaining and ranting.

As they stood up and was about to leave after their conversation, Jay then went over to them and gave his remaining 2 Silver Coins and told them

"Here. If you guys do not want to risk your lives in hunting monsters for materials or clear dungeons, etc. you can have these and buy yourself a small house and look for an auxiliary class to earn more money in the future."

Of course, they were surprised why a stranger suddenly offered them these 2 Silver coins. But when they looked closely at Jay, Hot Buns recognized him and started to have goosebumps all over his body.

"You again! Thanks for the offer man, but..."

Hot Buns was just about to reject Jay's offer when Roasted Boar interrupted

"Why? I do not think we owe you any favors. And we still know how to fight monsters. So why?"

Jay then replied "Then, perform one of your skills right here and tell me if you can still fight monsters based on the results."

Bloody Harvest then said "Relax kid. It's just skills. We can pull it off easily. Watch closely." he then shouted "SHADOW WALK!"

But after waiting for a while, nothing happened.

Bloody Harvest then broke out in cold sweat and said "Impossible! Hey guys! My skills do not work! How are we supposed to kill monsters now?"

Of course, since there were also other players at the inn besides Jay and his 'friends', they immediately tried using their skills. But sadly, it really did not work. None of their skills got activated.

Due to this, some cursed loudly, while some cried. As for Hot Buns, Abyssal Angel, Bloody Harvest and Roasted Boar, they dropped on their knees when they realized why Jay offered them the 2 Silver Coins.

Jay then said to them "I knew it... Follow me upstairs, I need to tell you guys something. Nuggets, come along."

Bawk Bawk!

At first, they were skeptical about following Jay, but they followed him anyways.


Drunken Rooster Inn 3rd Floor, Jay's Room

"Just find a spot to relax since I am going to tell you guys a long story that might or might not help you later on." Jay said as he looked at his 'other self' and his friends.

So the four of them sat down and prepared themselves with whatever Jay was going to tell them.

Comments (3)

  • Graboid_42


    Holy sh*t did you just combine a reincarnated into a VRMMORPG novel and a death game SAO style novel and a battling heavens novel together into one novel? This is either going to be f*cking epic or GD horrible. [Fingers crossed]

  • AzureIceFire


    Very unique plot

  • BoostedKuroNeko


    Thanks for the chapter

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