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REVIEW WITH BITS OF SPOILER. READ AT YOUR RISK. Some parts are intended to the author. A good attempt to subtly insert the Philippine setting in the Webnovel-verse. The story is good, but a bit too fast-paced and predictable. Too fast to forget a few notes (MC's parents). Too predictable, especially that third wheel (hehe) Grammar. I sometimes get lost in the scenes and narration. Some readers will auto-correct mentally. Kinda a drag. Also, that mass release till end chapter, PLEASE don't repeat. You're supposed to build up the *******. Build the romance(?). As for the other characters, they're pretty much okay. Give them more screen time on your next work. --------------- To Author: I'd love to collaborate with you want to make the cover art for your next work. (I'm actually doing it now.) PM me on FB ( for more details. :) May the Force be with you.
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This story suck, no one shouldn't bother reading this... Even though I am already chapter 18, I... I couldn't stop reading this crap... Because... Because I... I enjoy the story so muuch! I love it... I am crying!!
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I LOVE IT, PLEASE MAKE MOREE, It is a webnovel worth waiting for because I am really waiting for it, what will happen to Ramil, why is this Vertucio girl so special? Oh yeah, also this makes me have an impression of the Philipines. it's awesome!
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I like the author's sense of humor, and also his nationalism. I look forward for this book! There are some mistakes but why bother, this will serve as your practice. Also, I like the way the author kinda breaks the fourth wall hahahah, and the references of such popular games making the imagination run better. It's has a nice story and I expect more from this, keep it up!
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