66.07% I am reincarnated as the Female Leader, but I want to marry the villain! / Chapter 33: Taking advantage of the villain! You have to be strong to win over your husband! (Part 1)

Chapter 33: Taking advantage of the villain! You have to be strong to win over your husband! (Part 1)




"I want you to kiss me now!" Sheng Shuyi demanded a little breathless and a little shy, she had never felt that way about anyone else, that sweet excitement inside her, the short, painful wait for another man's touch her.

In her past life, she was forced to marry a man she didn't love, she didn't have the pleasure of flirting, the pleasure of being wanted and being provoked, so all this was new to her.

When Zhen Wang's rosy lips took the red lips of Sheng Shuyi, she really felt her heart beat so fast that she thought her heart would come out of her chest.

"She tastes so sweet," thought Zhen Wang, taking advantage of Sheng Shuyi's moment of distraction to stroke her tongue beneath her red, trembling lips.

When he finally inserted his tongue into the sweet mouth of Sheng Shuyi, she felt herself floating, her mind went blank, all she knew was that she clung to this man very pathetically.

The tongue of Zhen Wang was soft, the kiss began slowly almost like a torture to Sheng Shuyi who already gripped this man's shoulders to hold steady, until he went deeper into the kiss, becoming more and more wild, until who finally Sheng Shuyi groaned airlessly and hit the chest of Zhen Wang as a protest.

Finally, Sheng Shuyi's lips were released and she gasped for air, while her body shook all over, although her eyes were still closed, there were tears running down her handsome face.

"Why are you crying? Did I hurt you? "Asked Zhen Wang, troubled as he saw tears pour down her delicate face.

"I'm just happy," said Sheng Shuyi, smiling despite the tears. She didn't know how she could explain that she had never been kissed that way and how good it was to kiss someone the person really wanted, she thought it would be very strange if she started talking about it. Although her emotions had become unstable because of the kiss, she was very happy to have overcome that psychological barrier she'd had in her past life.

"But you're crying," said Zhen Wang confused, after all, the great villain only saw the previous Sheng Shuyi cry of sadness, never a cry with tears and smile. Not to mention that he has zero experience in dealing with women like Sheng Shuyi current.

"I'll stop if you kiss me again," Sheng Shuyi said cheekily with a mischievous smile, the tears were almost drying. She would have time to cry later at another time! Now it was time to enjoy this moment!

"Why do I feel like you're taking advantage of me?" Asked Zhen Wang with a funny tone, pinching Sheng's little nose.

"Don't be ..." Sheng Shuyi tried to retort, but soon her words were muffled, when her lips were stolen again for one more kiss, this time it was wilder and hot than the last.

Zhen Wang pulled Sheng Shuyi into his arms, loathing the armor she wore, which kept him from feeling her whole body against his, one of his hands holding her back while his other hand sank into the long black hair of Sheng Shuyi .

Already she let go of his black hair that falls like a beautiful cascade in her delicate hands, she holds one hand at the nape of her neck and the other in her hair grabbing a few times hard, especially when she runs out of the air because of the kiss.

The more he kissed her, the more he wanted to have her naked in his arms, yes Zhen Wang was becoming a true shameless wolf!

Of course, everything that is good soon comes to an end, so Zhen Wang was thinking of a way to get this uncomfortable armor out of Sheng Shuyi's body.

The stone that the blue-eyed man gave to Zhen Wang begins to vibrate, soon the man's calm and gentle voice sounded in our villain's mind:

"If you go on like this, you'll ruin her for a lifetime," the voice warned gently, there was no anxiety or anger in her tone of voice, her voice like the still water of a lake.

Only then did Zhen Wang realize that he was already trying to take Sheng's armor from Shuyi, he had to restrain himself, reluctantly, by the way, so he removed an anesthetized Sheng Shuyi, who very costly kept her eyes closed.

Zhen Wang found it a bit amusing to see Sheng Shuyi determined to keep her eyes closed.

"Open your eyes," Zhen Wang asked in her voice still hoarse with desire, which left the fool Sheng Shuyi even more disoriented.

"I don't want to," Sheng Shuyi said, shaking her head with her beautiful eyes closed.

"Why?" Zhen Wang asked in a persuasive tone as if trying to convince a little kitten.

" I just don't want!" Said Sheng Shuyi pouting, she was not going to say what she thought, after all, it was embarrassing to say that she felt as if this man were some kind of dream, not under a thousand tortures she would say those words!

"Ah, then I'll have to persuade you," Zhen Wang said with a wicked grin, forgetting the mysterious man's warning.

Sheng Shuyi didn't even have time to protest, as Zhen Wang's lips laid a soft kiss on her forehead, then in each of her eyes, in her little nose, in her cheeks, even on her brows he kissed!

Sheng Shuyi was once again left airless and shaky, she never thought that just kisses could be used like this, she felt the warm breath of Zhen Wang in her ear and her "weak" heart seemed to win wings and fly away, so fast that it started beating.

"You still don't want to open your eyes?" Zhen Wang asked in his husky, magnetic voice, making Sheng Shuyi's small hands grab the front of his clothes, with her trembling body.

However, she was silent at the question of this brazen man, she still stubbornly kept her eyes closed, but for different reasons now.

"Ah, go on! Ah, don't stop! "Thought Sheng Shuyi with her face totally blushing in part by the excitement and otherwise she was ashamed of her dirty thoughts!

Sheng Shuyi discovered that she herself was very shameless, so she didn't hurry to open her eyes and preferred to take advantage of the moment.

Zhen Wang gave little bites on Sheng's pink ears that groaned namby-pamby and trembled even more in the strong arms of this number one villain, but even so, she didn't open her eyes.

"Are you taking advantage of me again?" Asked Zhen Wang with his lips next to the slim, smelly neck of Sheng Shuyi, who felt her whole body shiver with hot breath on her skin, the heat in her womb becoming more and more unbearable.

"Yes, for sure," Sheng Shuyi said honestly with a shy and a little silly smile, she could still make that silly face while saying words without shame!

"So honest!" Said Zhen Wang amused with Sheng Shuyi acting this way with that silly and very honest smile.

Sheng Shuyi gave a thin shriek when Zhen Wang gave a hickey to her neck, well where the heartbeat could be felt, she who was already weak, leaning again on Zhen Wang, unable to prevent her legs from losing their firmness.

"You still will not open your eyes?" Asked Zhen Wang once again, this time his lips are very close to the red lips of Sheng Shuyi, who is breathless and trembling.

Sheng Shuyi did not wait for Zhen Wang to take the attitude, she even kissed him and took advantage of him, she doesn't have the shyness of a girl of the ancient times and she learned fast, so the kiss was very hot and almost made Zhen Wang lose control and break the armor to feel the soft and shimmering Sheng Shuyi in its entirety.

Unfortunately, this is an armor created by a cultivator in the divine stage, so how could it be broken easily?

However, beyond the chest and belly region, there were other things that Zhen Wang could do.

"Open your eyes and look at me, otherwise I'll take you to bed," Zhen Wang said as soon as he was taken advantage of, Cofh ... Cofh ... this had been the first time he had been taken so blatantly!

And he liked it! There must be something wrong with Zhen Wang's mind!

"The bed looks like a good idea!" Said Sheng Shuyi with her mind full of pink hearts, even with the system screaming some abuse so that her foolish owner woke up from this pink world.

"Do you know the meaning of what I said?" Zhen Wang couldn't contain an amused smile, which made him even more sensual, sorry that Sheng Shuyi was still with her eyes closed and couldn't enjoy the moment.

Sheng Shuyi nods affirmatively, her face all red, of course, she knew the meaning of it!

Take_the_Moon Take_the_Moon

Hello! It was going to take longer to publish, but it was ready. And tomorrow I will have a practice class again.

So I hope you liked the chapter.

Yes, I always left the end like that!

Thanks for the support, for the comments and recommendations.

Welcome new readers, which I noticed when I was looking at the comments from the previous chapters. Thanks for adding this story to your collection and commenting!


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  • Silent_Moon


    This is the best!!!

  • Crazyreader


    I wonder who are taking advantage of who? The both profits in my opinion.

  • LittleLuo


    Thanks for the chapter, i love it!

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