33.33% A New Ever After (School for Good and Evil Fanfic) / Chapter 5: The Test (Part 2)

Chapter 5: The Test (Part 2)

"Ceddy!" Linsey screams, using both arms to try to hold him back.

Meanwhile Oceanus and I are preoccupied with the other two boys.

"Let me go!" Rauf yells desperately trying to claw out of Oceanus's grip. "I need to go!" Oceanus grunts as his flailing arm smacks his head.

Lei doesn't talk but instead tries to whack me with his bow and arrows from the quiver strapped to his back and let me tell you that thing is way heavier than it looks. I'm now starting to debate just letting him go since after all I'm evil and evil doesn't help others. But I don't because I know my parents would be disappointed in me.

Anyway, let me tell you how this situation came about. We were peacefully walking through the shrubbery and animals and by then most of us had let our guards down. Rauf was striding through, nose held high. Lei was cautiously picking his way, trying to avoid touching anything poisonous. Oceanus slipped through gracefully and stealthily like a lepord or panther. I just quietly walked through, with my own grace. And of course Cedric was in the lead with an enthusastic Linsey clinging to him.

Until, all of a sudden all the noise died down.

It wasn't clearly noticeable because of our feet tramping through the underbrush but what little birds and insects that had been gaily singing their morning calls were silent.

I didn't realize it immediately but after no longer hearing the annoying "WhootleWho" sound one of the birds had been making I noticed something was amis.

I glanced over at my companions. Both Oceanus and Lei looked worried. It was clear the others hadn't noticed.

And then we heard it.

Soft, very soft. Singing. Someone was singing very softly and melodiously. I glanced over at my companions. Except for Oceanus who's brow was still furrowed the rest were enraptured. Even overcautious Lei was.

I looked over at Oceanus again. He had a very dark expression. "Sirens."

My eyes widened. I'd heard of Sirens, mermaid like women that lured fisherman to their deaths with their Godly singing.

Linsey snapped out of her trance and looked worriedly at Cedric who had stopped along with the rest of us. "Ceddy should we-" Cedric ignored her and began to stride forward towards the sound of the singing as if his life depended on it. Rauf and Lei quickly strode after him.

The rest of us stared at each other, eyes wide unsure of what to do. Then Oceanus commanded "after them." I wonder why he isn't also affected by the singing since he's a guy too but the thought quickly disperses from my mind as we race towards our enraptured comrades.

Which, is how we ended up here.

I turn to Oceanus wildly. "Is there any-ugh-way to break their spell?!"

He furrows his eyebrows, trying to think. "The only thing we can do is keep them from hearing the sound."


"We...could stuff their ears with something or tie them up until the noise goes away."

I look around wildly while attempting to avoid getting impaled by Lei's arrowhead.

A way to keep them from hearing.

I despreatly try to think. But when my focus deviates for a moment Lei gains the upper hand and THWACKS me in the head with his bow. The pain causes my knees to go weak and I sink to the ground.

This is when Lei makes his escape, rushing towards the sound. I grit my teeth. Although it was awful and Lei has now won from me a fantastic grudge against him it gave me an idea.

I glance around me and notice a large tree branch by me. I grab it and drag it towards where Oceanus is struggling with Rauf. Heaving it in the air I bring it down with all the strength I can muster right on Rauf's head with a resounding THWACK.

Oceanus gwacks at me and the poor guy instantly blacks out. Meh. The fool is not getting any sympathy from me. Then I rush over to Linsey and Cedric. Whoa, she's actually strong enough to have managed to keep by brother there for that long. And, I proceed to also whack him, ignoring Linsey's pleas for me to not hurt her "Sweet Ceddypie". Honestly where does she get these nicknames from?

Then I try to drag the stick in the direction Lei has run in. But it proves too heavy and Oceanus has to help me. Between the two of us we manage to lug the stick in the direction Lei headed. We order Linsey to watch the unconscious boys although she doesn't look too happy about it. We arrive just in time to see Lei's head dip under the surface of a pristine clear lake.

I turn to Oceanus frantic, "what should we do now?!"

He isn't paying attention and is still moving towards the lake. Then, at the edge he leaps in. I run to where he leapt in and peer down. Suddenly, his head pops to the surface and I jump back in surprise.

He fixes his gaze on me. "You, come here."


"Come over here."

I look at him nervously. Then, with no other choice I slowly go to where he is. Although, I learned the basics of swimming as part of my "royalty training", I am not too confident in my abilities.

When the water starts to go above my head I scramble to keep my head above the water. At this point Oceanus grabs me by the arm. He pulls me towards him and it happens quickly, before I even notice. He kisses me.

I blink.



I stand, or more like float there dazed for a moment until I feel a strange prickling which transforms into a sharp piercing pain in my legs. I curl into a ball. Ahhh! They're burning!! I writhe and squirm trying to get rid of the horrible feeling. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Until, it goes away. But so have my legs. I glance down, and my mind blanks for a second time. Where once were my legs now resides a tail. A Tail. I have become a mermaid. I give my new um-tail an experimental flick and-slam into Oceanus. I shake my head giddy with the impact and everything that just happened and look up at him with questions in my eyes.

He shrugs. "Picked up a few tricks from mom."

Oh right. Son of the Sea witch, how could I forget.

He zooms off and I rush to follow him. I assume he knows what he's doing. After who knows how long we reach a cave. Just standing at the entrance I nearly gag at the smell. Oceanus though, looks extremely satisfied. He turns to me smiling. And my mind freezes in shock to see the expressionless quiet boy smiling and so widely at that.

"The Sirens probably decided to play with him a bit before they drowned him so to sneak into their lair we need to be in disguise. I can transform myself into a fish but I have a better idea for you." He says.

I feel creeped out, this guy's smile right now unnerves me. "What...?"

If possible his creepy smile becomes even wider. "We're going to make you a siren. In other words makeover time."

I stare at him in horror. "Wha-" He drags me into the cave.

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