53.33% A New Ever After (School for Good and Evil Fanfic) / Chapter 8: Talent (Cedric's point of view)

Chapter 8: Talent (Cedric's point of view)

My name is Cedric. I am the daughter of Agatha and Tedros, the great king and queen of good. I was to be the newest king of good, one day to rule their kingdom and-but none of that matters now.

Because, I'm...in the school for evil. Evil. Evil. All my life I've wanted to be a hero! Saving people, having my name known. I just wanted to be special. And I got the chance! I am the son of Tedrose Pendragon! I have the greatest wizard of all time as my tutor! I-I...So what went wrong?!

I have the same talent for sword fighting as my dad! All my tutors have praised my ability! I just want to be a hero...so why...?

My internal rant is disrupted as the students for evil are all lead into a chamber. I want to shout. This is wrong! I don't belong here! Suddenly the door slams shut. And Aunt Sophie steps forward. I vaguely know Aunt Sophie since she comes over for dinner a lot but I'm not nearly as close to her as Dree.

Dree. Ugh, I just don't want to think of her right now. Some part of me knows it wasn't her fault and that she didn't ask for this but I can't keep from blaming her. Why. Why. She was the one who wanted to be in evil. She was the one spending hours learning to make potions from Aunt Sophie. She is the antisocial one who never cares about her appearance and what others think of her. She-

My thoughts are once again interrupted, but this time by aunt Sophie's voice. "You have all been chosen as this year's villains. And you will be competing with those good ninnies for many things. One of them being the Circus of Talents. The circus of talents is a chance for both good and evil to compete with their respective talents. Now, every year the circus of talents stage transfers to the school that wins it. In my first year I managed to win for evil for the first time in many years. Here's a demonstration."

She opens her mouth and emits a shrill piercing cry, instantly wasps smash through the windows and surround everyone. She goes even higher and bats follow. By now all the students are covering under anything they can find. Seeing this Aunt Sophie gives a satisfied smirk and with a wave of her hand all the creatures leave.

This is wrong. I don't belong here. Seeing Aunt Sophie's demonstration only strengthens my belief that I'm in the wrong place. I'm not meant to summon bats and wasps! I'd much rather use my sword.

Aunt Sophie resumes talking, "Every one of you has a talent and today we are here to discover it!"

After this people one by one begin trying out their talents. One guy spews gunk from his nose. One person apparently has banshee blood and starts wailing, causing the rest of us to close our ears in desperation. Another starts turning everything into cheese.

I start to back away, shaking my head.

"No, this is wrong. I don't belong here. This isn't-"

"Something the matter?" I'm interrupted by Aunt Sophie, blocking my way out of the room.

I cling in desperation to the one person who might be able to help me. "Aunt Sophie! I-This is-I'm not evil! I don't belong here!"

Aunt Sophie's smile, already wide, widens even more. "Oh, so you think you're good do you?"


"Well, lets see your talent first."


"If you're really good, your talent should reflect that. If not..."

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I eagerly nod. I am good, I have to be. And Aunt Sophie is right. Talent is the best way to prove that.

"Im really good with a sword-" I start.

"Not that. Just close your eyes and concentrate." I look at her confused. Her eyes are like ice. Adria once said to me "Aunt Sophie is really good at dealing with people." I can see that now. She's practically challenging me with her eyes.

Well, it was her test that got me in this mess. And besides, I know I'm good, I have to be. No matter what she has me do, that fact will always be true. Comforted by this one thought I close my eyes and do as she says.

"What do I do now?"


I'm tempted to open my eyes. Feel, what does she mean feel?

Her voice continues. "What is it you want most in the world. Bring it out."

I'm even more confused now but I try to do as she says. What do I want most in the world? The answer comes almost instantly, to be a hero. I want to stand above others. I want to stand out. I want...to be the great king of good I was always meant to be. My legacy. My destiny. My thoughts pile up and suddenly I feel as if something is bursting out of me.

My limbs grow thicker and longer. My canines elongate. My back feels a stabbing pain as if something is almost being ripped out of it. My vision sharpens. Bursting pain. Until, finally is stops. And I am transformed. And confused.

I feel different. Larger. I seem to be towering above all my classmates. They look like little ants. Tasty. Wait-what? My stomach grumbles and my eyes are shrouded in blood lust. What's happening?!

Suddenly someone places a mirror in front of me. And what I see in that mirror causes me to widen my eyes in shock. I move my hand, a talon moves. I close one eye, one large ruby red eye closes. I feel myself getting light headed. My last thought before I pass out is I'm supposed to fight the dragon, not be it.

"Mark my words, this one will win us the talent crown." And with Aunt Sophie exits the room with a flick of her hair.

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