33.33% A Story Of a Neutral / Chapter 3: Angelina Fox

Chapter 3: Angelina Fox

Third Person's POV

One night, she passed by an inn near at a lake from the Eastern lands. The inn is filled of men & women with joyful laughs not caring everyone around them.

An inn keeper saw her arrival and approached giving her a warm smile that makes her grimace mentally. The inn keeper looks like a drunk man, who is covered in alcohol & sweat, with untidy hair & clothes, his in mid thirties with a short height but a little overweight, she saw the inn keeper eye raping her with his gaze making her more cautious.

"Goood eveening, Missss Howw maay I help you?" The inn keeper slurred drunkly then gave her a crooked smile showing his yellowing teeth while squinting his eyes to see her clearly even in his drunken state

"I would like one bedroom & some meat food" Angelina said with no emotion while observing her surroundings

The inn keeper was looking unfocused in his surroundings shaking his head, probably thinking of something that he will do to remove the drunken haze, then finally he gaze back to her.

He gave her a slight nod indicating for her to follow him & they both walked towards the stairs leading her to a room. Entering the room was quiet simple, it has a bed, a table, & a window, Angelina threw her sling bag at the bed & sat at the edge of the bed.

After the inn keeper left the room, she peep out to see if the inn keeper is doing a mysteriously & he really is doing it! Angelina ran back to her room & pulled out her sling bag looking for something till she found it, she prepared her dagger putting it behind her back.

A few minutes later, the inn keeper came back & he smiled brightly that makes her almost go blind. Not.

Never trust a stranger....

Why is it he didn't let one of his servants served me instead than him! In her mind said

The inn keeper put down the tray that has meat food at the small table right next to her bed, she smiled at the inn keeper & nod. The inn keeper slowly goes out at the room but he is still behind the door peeping right at her, & she can barely see his shadow at the bottom of the door that shows the brightness of candlelight.

Since having her cursed, which means being immortal her senses immensely heightened, & other traits of a demon hunter.

She gazed on the food & was disgust by it, but nevertheless she searched for some kind of a small substance & when there is none she took a spoonful ready to eat it, but as she smelt it, there's a foul smell on the food.

There is a poison laced on it!

I knew it! This man tries to do something horrible on me, but his plan will never work! She thought

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"Forgive me but I am not hungry, you can come in or I'll shove this food down to your throat if you don't" Angelina said

Standing up around the corner of her bed while the inn keeper was shocked & thrilled about how she found out about him, then he scrambled in making her smirk inwardly.

The inn keeper remained silent without any other words he grabbed the plate & put the food in the tray, then left hastily with a horrified face as Angelina showed him her dagger while playing it.

Angelina let out a low chuckle after the inn keeper left the room, she slowly took out a fruit from her sling bag & ate the sweet fruit of strawberries with delight & pleasure, then chuckled at 'almost being poisoned', still she can't be poisoned being cursed & all.

Stupid mortal she thought

Still she must not reveal her identity or the demons will find her, & other dark creatures of the night still hunts for her.

But then, she felt someone's watching her, it's like someone's with her, she slowly stand up & look around, she saw a shadow that has been watching her at the wall that can't be seen clearly for such a dim light candle, she had a strange feeling deep inside her that the shadow has been watching at her for a long time, it's like it is guiding her & connecting to each other ever since she was a neutral, her heartbeats fastly, it is her very first time that she could feel that way her heart pondered, nervously.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Angelina asked filled with curiosity

But the shadow didn't answer & it slowly fade, Angelina thinks it is God but no, it is an immortal that fell in love at her for so many years & she didn't even know. The heart of hers is empty & yet someday it is gonna be filled with love & all of the truth is gonna be revealed.


In the Rome, Italy. Angelina set a trap for the vampire at the forest that is most rumored by the people in town of Venice.

The night was very cold, she put her dark black robe & climbed up at a tree, she pulled out her sword slowly trying to not make any sound, then she heard creaks & rustling along the grass, trees & branches snaps, she knew it was the vampire, her breathing is steady waiting for the opportunity to take it down easily, the monster slowly walked along the grass & Angelina prepared to make a jump right at it making no sound at the branch of a tree. She jumped right at it & pulled the vampire at one of her traps, she captured the demon by sharp pointed wooden stakes struck half on its body along with its arms, sandwiching it so it can't move, making it screech loudly like a wild animal dying slowly & painfully, she slowly neared it preparing to kill it.

"Tell me where is the island of souls?" Angelina asked slowly putting her end of the sword under the monster's chin

"Arghhh!!! Let me go! I do not know what your talking about!" It wails loudly making her slightly irritated

"Well, if you'll just cooperate it will be an easy part for you" She said while the vampire struggled being burned at her sword "but if you wish to not cooperate with me, then I'll do this the hard way" she added, her threat is evident on her voice pressing more pressure into it's neck

"Wait! Wait! I'll tell you!" The fear is evident in it's voice, she slowly remove her sword from its neck

Weakling, she thought

Why did it chose to become a monster? Her curiosity peaked

Oh right! immortality! A snarky voice remarked

"He hid the island of souls somewhere at the Paris and recently called as Hell, only spirits, creatures of the night & demons can enter that dimension, now unbind me in these traps of yours" it said hoarsely but demandingly while struggling itself to set free

It has guts even in this situation, she thought

"Why are you in such a hurry, don't tell me your lying?" She asked teasingly with a dark smirk

She pulled the rope that connected to her trap making the vampire groan when the stakes impaled deeply in its body.

"Lying? I never lie!" It said loudly panicking again

"You don't believe in a saying that 'never trust a stranger because..." She drawled out the last word "They always lie" she whispered it in his ears

"What?!" It said with a shock evident in its tone

She stabbed it with a stake through its heart, and it screamed pain & agony slowly burned into ashes. She looked up at the sky thinking about if the vampire is telling the truth or not. She hurriedly pulled her sling bag then ran to her horse "Cloud" & ride heading to Paris to find the island of souls. Hell.

Alchimera Alchimera

Let me know if you like it guys


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