60% Exile of Nebula / Chapter 2: Awakening

Chapter 2: Awakening

In the middle of a small coutyard, a young man could be seen,sitting in a lotus position, seemingly in a trance. The area around the youth seemed somewhat distorted, creating the illusion of near invisibilty.

"The formation's collapsing." A soft voice escaped the youth.

"Brother, you should get rady, it's about to start." A chairming voice sounded in his head.

The young man, slowly rose to his feet, dusting of his robe, and starting walking out the courtyard, toward the clan's ceromony hall.

Walking up to the doors of the ceromony hall, the young man came to a stop, looking at a white haird man, waiting outside.

"It's good to see you,Eon."

"Good moring, Clan head."

After having greeted the clan head, Eon slowly opened one of the doors and entered the hall. Standing inside the hall, Eon saw a large group of people, the same age as him, exitedly chatting amongst themselves. Ignoring all the noise, Eon slowly made his way to a poorly lit corner, leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.

A middle aged man slowly moved to the front of the hall, stomping his foot on the ground. After hearing this, the entire hall became silent.

"When your name is called, step onto the platform infront of the alters, and simply follow my instructions."

"First, Danbri Nebula."

After calling the name, a tall somewhat muscular young man stepped forward. Standing on the platform he followed the elders instructions and kneeled down. Slowly a continuously brightening earthen light enveloped the youth, lasting only a few moments, the light faded.

After Danbri finished the ceromony the elder continuously called out names, some Shrouded in a light orange and red color, some in an earthen, all varying in intesity.

"And then lastely, Eon Nebula."

Hearing his anme being called, Eon slowly walked to the front of the hall and stepped onto the platform. As Eon kneeled on the platform, a blindingly sharp dark purple light burst from him.

"It seems you've already awoken your bloodline."

Hearing this voice, Eon became startled and frantically started looking arounf. Finding himself in an unfimiliar space, Eon raised his vigilance.

"I sense in you two bloodlines, one awakend and the other dormant."

Following the voice Eon was met with a visage of death. Covered in black rags covering nothing but bone, the figure emitted a sinister green color.

"You have already awakened the Cursed bloodline, why perform the ritual again?"

Gathering as much courage as he could, Eon replied.

"It was my fathers wish I awaken both my bloodlines."

The figure slowly floated closer to Eon and slowly stretched out his hand.

"If you awaken my bloodline, you will be hated, feard, becoming the enemy of all, do you desire that?"

"I wish to show that this bloodline does not need to be feard, That it can bring good to the lives of many." Eon slowly replied.

"Naive child, not undertsanding, that people fear the power you gain from my bloodline. With my bloodline you can control legions of undead, do you truly think the people in power will let you live, when you pose that much of a threat to them?"

"I will help awaken your bloodline, if only to show you the true face of humanity."

Inside the ceromony hall, the dark purple light emitting from Eon, slowly combined with a sinister looking green color, creating a dark atmosphere, inducing fear in the youths and horoor in the elders.

After helping Eon awaken his second bloodline, the figure gestured with his hand and a skeletal horse slowly appeared from nowhere.

"This is a small gift from me, he will become your second elemental spirit. Treat him well."

Finishing his words the figure disappeared.

Arkturian Arkturian

Please, if you have advise to help me improve, in any aspect of my writing, i will wholeheartedly welcome it.

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