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Chapter 1: The world where no humans know

Scene 1

The world where no humans know

The place where mages live and wander, where swordsman and outcasts trying to fit in. This World is called Erlias. There are so many stories and events occurred in here, but there are some memorable stories that mages can never forget. And one of the stories begins in a humble hut , made by any ordinary branches, bricks, and bushy hay that covered the roof. In that hut, there was a girl ling in there. Her name is Kanzaki Yuri, she had twin tails dyed in color of blue sky and wore pink glasses that made her look smart. She also she wore colorless pajama. She was looking at the sky and unusual red moon that stared down on the world.

"Ah, Takashi, where are you? I miss you."

Kanzaki met Takashi 3 years ago. He was 178cm high, had silver disheveled hair and always looked Yuri with the charming smile. However, due to his duty, he hasn't come back since then. The weird thing is that couple of group went with him and came back, but just Takashi was missing. Yuri asked them where he was, but they too didn't know where he went or what happened to him. When tear was about to fall in her eyes, a girl around 170cm height was caught in the scene walking by. She said with harsh words that Yuri cannot take.

"Yo, stop being a crybaby, he is going to comeback someday eventually."

One who walked by is named Fujikawa Sonya. She looked mature than her looks, and had unique eyes that was somewhat similar to a cat. Her hair was dark red, which was almost close to a red moon in the night sky. She wore a pure white tank top and skinny jean that fit her perfectly in her legs.

Yuri took off her glasses and wipe off the tear with one of her arm and yelled.

"Stop talking about Takashi like that! You don't even know anything about him."

Yuri paused for a moment and turned around and slightly glared at Sonya again. It was short, but awkward.

Sonya didn't care.

"Oi! Yuri, what I am telling you is the truth."

Yuri was still silent. She then ran to her room and shut the door as loud as she could. In her room, full of books were in the bookshelves and grouped side by side in five lines. Beside the bookshelves, there was a ring along with a book that was spread opened, hinting that she didn't quite finish the book,. On the floor, there were bags of chips and bunch of worn clothes left on the floor.

Yuri jumped into the bed covering the whole body with the blanket pressing her face into the blanket. Even though, glasses were pressed and about to break, she didn't care.

'Knock' 'Knock'

Sonya knocked the door with sympathy, but there was only sound of her crying. Since there was only sound of her crying, Sonya turned the knob and opened the door. The hut was made with branched and bricks, so the door can be opened easily even though it was locked. As soon as she opened the door, she finally saw Yuri, pressing her face into the pillow crying. Yuri then realized that door was opened she opened her mouth with full of hatred.

"Get out!"

Sonya asked right away with the confused face right after hearing Yuri yelling.

"So you are not going to the human world? We promised Shinji that we go to the human world in replacement because he was busy with his work."

Yuri paused for a brief moment then realized that remembered what she had to do today. She wiped the tears with her pajama again and changed her cloth with a mumbling voice. .

"I can't believe he tricked us like that. And fool of me to fall for a trick. I mean he says it all the time that he is busy. I mran, who does he think he is ordering around? Well, I guess I'll forgive him for this time, since it is human world."

Human world, where her family and friends live, hence where Yuri was born. Yuri was originally human, however, under some circumstances, she decided to walk on the road of the mage. With all this nostalgic moment, Yuri was about to cry, but forced herself not to cry and picked the ring on the desk and put the ring on a ring finger. This ring is made out of Lagium that can only be found in Erlias, it is also very rare and can be sold with very high price. It was the last gift Takashi gave her right before he left.

In order to make path between human world and mage world, certain mage had to summon the path that leads to human world. Sonya mumbled while making a weird hand gesture. The hand gesture made the huge circle with the shape of two squares combine then made small shining path hole. In side that hole showed typical scenery of the street where people and cars passing by, but since it was night, nobody was there. Although the hole was small, it was large enough to fit Sonya and Yuri. As they went into the path, the path disappeared as well leaving hut empty.

The day take place at dark night, where golden moon high up in the middle of the sky. Sonya and Yuri looked the surrounding area. They were in the middle of the street. In front of the street, there were several similar looking houses lined up behind the fences. It was just ordinary night time, however, instead of human's aura, different aura was filling in the area. The aura was filled with evil.

"Why is Hellbeast like you here in the human world?"

The sound of footsteps came from behind and shadow appeared before Yuri. The appearance appeared before Yuri was dark, so couldn't see it clearly, It was a little girl. She was wearing black dress with triangular hat that is only seen in manga or anime on top of her head. Under the hat, her Golden hair went all the way down to her shoulders. Her name was Randame, she was hellbeast. She glared at Yuri with her red eyes and spoke.

"heh? I am amazed that you can sense my aura."

Yuri didn't care even though Randame didn't answer her question. She shook her head with disappointment unsheathing sword from her bronze sheath around her waist. Since the day was night, the night sky dyed the bronze sheath to dark blue. The silver sword was also dyed with dark blue. The top of the sword was shaped somewhat like huge wolf's fang that was bent making sword look bit much longer than usual. Yuri pointed the sword toward Randame.

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Randame wasn't afraid of the sword, instead she ran toward Yuri with a devilish smile. Randame swang around her arm and suddenly scythe that was double the size of her got summoned before her. She then grabbed the scythe and made a clash between Yuri's sword. The scythe blade was shape like crescent moon. Even though, scythe was double the size, she grabbed it easily.

When scythe and sword clashed each other, Yuri looked through Randame's eyes and smiled. When Randame saw her smile, she realized that Randame's scythe was coated with ice, freezing top to bottom. As soon as she noticed the disadvantage, she threw away the half frozen scythe, and made a far distance between Yuri.

Yuri didn't stop there, she made a fist and opened her hand making pieces of ice shaped like rocks. The pieces of ice started levitating around her hand and when she thrust her palm where scythe was, the pieces of ice headed toward with speed of bullet that was triggered by a gun. The moment when pieces of ice went where scythe was, the pieces of ice started to make a crack in scythe's blade. Then the frozen scythe broke into another pieces of ice.

The scythe was completely useless at this point for Randame. Yuri pointed her sword side way making sky blue magic circle, five pointed star drawn inside. The pieces of ice disappeared right away at instance and summoned above her making a ice shower. However, the ice was passing right through her as if she doesn't exist at that moment.

"Oi, wait a minute, Is her attribute perhaps darkness?"

Sonya made a rather surprising face. However, despite what she had said, the pieces of ice started to hit Randame on her head.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!"

The damage was so brutal, she fell on her knees bleeding. Yuri finally stood before Randame and pointed a sword at her face.

"Are you going to give up now?"

When Yuri said with a straight face, she could see tears coming from Randame's eyes. However, She didn't care. When she raised up her arm and about to strike down, another hand stopped from doing so. It was Sonya. The hand was big enough to grab Yuri's head, but it was soft.

"You can stop now,"

"Don't tell me what to do! I am going to kill this filthy Hellbeast."

Yuri focused on Randame raising her arm again to strike again. However, there was, yet another aura appeared in their presence. It was not a mages' aura nor Hellbeasts. The aura was human's aura. One teenage guy was standing not so far away from them watching Yuri about to strike down Randame with the sword with despondent expression in his face. One who stood there carelessly had silver hair wearing typical high school uniform.

Three of them saw the student as if they were seeing a ghost. The reason is because ordinary human doesn't have the power to sense the Mages's and Hellbeasts' aura. Therefore, Mages' and Hellbeasts' aura dominates the human aura making them transparent and also untouchable. if one cannot sense the aura, As soon as the student saw Yuri trying to strike down, he ran in front of Randame, and yelled.

"What are you guys doing to this little girl?"

Yuri yelled back at him.

"Are you stupid? D....."

Before she could finish the sentence, Randame's hand went through student's body leaving a hole in the chest. When Yuri saw Randame's hand dyed with blood, atmosphere around her got darkened. She walked slowly toward Randame with blank look in her face.

"Wha, what is this atmosphere? Go away! Go away!"

However Randame's voice didn't reach Yuri. The time when Yuri raised her arm holding a sword about land a final strike, Sonya stopped her again with this time karate chopping her head.


When Yuri turned back to normal state, she was confused. She looked around the surroundings and wanted explanation. But, instead Sonya just patted Yuri's head with a soothing smile. After seeing Sonya's face, Yuri realized what was going on. She lost the will to fight and said.

"Let's go back, I don't want to fight anymore."

Sonya made a smile again hearing the words and made a path that lead them to Erlias. While she was walking toward the path, she went in, she mumbled with tears in her eyes.

"It's all your fault for acting carelessly."

1nfinty 1nfinty

This novel I am trying to write is based on light novel. So almost all characters names are going to be Japanese. Also the The place takes place in Japan, so they speak Japanese, therefore I just translated into English

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