50% Empty World / Chapter 2: Encounter

Chapter 2: Encounter

Scene 2


Somewhere where warm sunshine stared down and gentle wind breezed through grasses making as if they are dancing. This chapter takes place in open grass field where sun shined brightly. The sun shined down Junpei, as if the warmth of the sun is making invisible armor around Junpei's body and gave him warm welcome.

"Where am I? Am I in heaven?"

Right after he spoke the voice echoed through out the grass field as if he was on the top of the mountain or on the cliff of somewhere high. In the last chapter, he was introduced, but not thoroughly, so here is his introduction. The student name is Aono Junpei, he had silver jawbone hair style, average height of 175cm, and lastly, he wore typical black jacket with the name tag and black pant that matched with the black jacket. Anyone could tell what he was wearing was typical high school uniform. In his ring finger, there was ring dyed with color of bronze. He tried to look around the surroundings, trying to understand the situation. However, there was only a shock. Sun that is trying to blind his eyes and the vast golden grass field because of the sunlight, there was no way he could not be flabbergasted by this place.

Then the wind stopped breezing. There was sound of foot steps not so far away from Junpei.

Sheeee~ Sheeee~~

The sound of the foot steps spread out through the patch of grass and a little girl showed up. She was naked. The sunlight shined down on her head making part of patch of ground color somewhat close to emerald. Jupei's face went red like an apple when he saw her exposed body. Thankfully, her chest and down the waist was covered by the strong sunlight. This little girl name is Light, her hair was so long, it cam down to her her ankles and every single lines of her hair was glowing like gold. Also had the color of emerald which matched the color when sunlight rays down the ocean making ocean and her lips as thin as a paper. Without knowing he shame of being exposed, she approached Junpei.

"Do you want to know how you got here?"

Her every words were comforting. Junpei somehow didn't care where he was in, rather, he wanted to know who this little girl was. Junpei avoided the question and asked her a question.

"Who, who....."

Junpei tried to finish his sentence, but his voice started to tremble in fear. Light got down on her knees with her exposed body and answered as if she knew what he was about to ask. The smile when she opened her mouth while speaking looked very beautiful.

"My name is Light, my purpose of coming here is to just to help you out." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

After hearing a ridiculous answer, he made a distance. This time, he was able to see Light's face clearly. However, Light disappeared at the moment and stood before Junpei. She then held Junpei's hands. Her hands were as soft as marshmallow.

"Who, Who the heck are you?"

Junpei's voice once again echoed.

"I told you before, Junpei sama. Well, it was nice seeing you. It's almost time."

At the moment, there was pure silent.

And before Junpei opened his mouth to ask, the golden grass field disappeared leaving Junpei where he was in the same place where he was supposed to be.

The night was dark. It was as if time didn't even pass and everything seemed to be nothing different right after he met Light.. Junpei leaned against the boulders that were in front of townhouses that helped blocking the main entrance with his fragile shoulder. Junpei just sat helplessly amazed how he can be alive after what happened recently. He was so confused, he forgot about hid injuries from before and also forgot that Randame was beside him too.

"Ahh, What happened?"

Junpei wanted this to be a dream, so he shook his head little bit, tried pinching himself, but it was useless. All that happened, he tried to go forcing himself to forget what happened here. However, it didn't go as he planned. The reason was he found Randame lying on the ground bleeding. Her blood was different from human, the color of her blood was purple.. Seeing her bleeding top to bottom, he speculated that she was dead. Even though she seemed scary at the moment, her long beautiful golden hair, smooth white skin, and angel like dace surprised him. Junpei glanced a little, thought of leaving her behind, but he couldn't just leave behind a little girl who is edge of dying. Junpei started poking Randame with a finger checking if she is alive. At the same time, Randame's body started wriggling.


"You, you, who the heck are you?

There was no answer. It seemed like she fell asleep. In the end, Junpei had no choice but to piggyback her back to his house. Although she was able to hold scythe that was double the size of her, she was very light. So there was no problem, or so he thought. The problem was her long hair that was thin like the feather moving back and forth tickling his face because of the wind. When he finally arrived in his destination, He laid her down his bed. He looked Randame and thought how she could do such horrible things with such innocent face. He wanted to look closely, but his whole body started throbbing making all his muscles numb, unable to move.

Then came Friday morning...

Today was the last day of the school. Junpei held his backpack putting behind his back and took a first step. As soon as he tried to open the door, there was loud scream filling the whole room. The sign that Randame woke from the deep sleep. When he looked back, Randame looked him back. Half asleep Randame not knowing anything pointed a finger at Junpei.

"Who, Who might you be?"


Without saying anything, Junpei slammed the door behind him because he was so scared. At first, he forgot all the thing what will happen if he encounters Randame again, but as the time passed by while walking, He started to have strange feeling that he will meet Randame again. Then it got worse, his heart beats started to beat faster and faster.

At that same time, undeveloped tone of the voice reached Junpei.

"Ara? It seems that there is someone other than Randame."

There was no one there.

Junpei turned around again dropping his bag. Then he saw a girl who looked just like Randame, just without the triangular hat. The girl name is Kyondame, she had same height with Randame which is 155cm, had golden hair that came all the way to her waist and her Red eyes matched just like Randame's. In addition, her black dress was also same as what Randame was wearing. The identity of Kyondame is Randame's twin sister. She was born two minutes before Randame taking the title of big sister.

When Kyondame with no hesitation swung her arm, her arm suddenly turned into blade and made her dark aura spread out the road. The shape of blade was flat half white half black crescent moon. Before Junpei could react, Kyondame disappeared before him then appeared behind him head-locking with her blade arm making Junpei shivering with fear.

"Wha, What are you doing?"


The moment sharp blade went through Junpei's neck, instead of blood coming out, little bit of electricity came out for a second and disappeared. The electricity coming out of his neck and disappeared do fast, both Kyondame and Junpei didn't even realize electricity.

"Che, did I miss? No It can't be. What happened?"

Kyondame, without knowing raised her blade arm trying to slash Junpei, but another voice reached her. It was Randame's voice.

"Well, if it isn't Kyondame. What ever are you doing in the Human World?"

There was black cat trolling around Randame, This black cat is related to her magic. The black cat is named Kuro, he had black fur and red eyes.

"Hmmm? Are you still wearing that triangular hat?"

"Wha, What?! This hat was gifted by our father!"

Randame lost her cool rather fast. She appeared before Junpei, summoning her scythe. As soon as she got a grip, she flourished toward Kyondame, however Kyondame's reacted faster and blocking the scythe with her blade arm.

"Heh? Not ba..."

Before Randame finish her sentence, Kyondame smacked her head with the flat side of the blade making Randame faint.

"My mission was just to explore the Human world, not kill somebody, not even you."

"Wait! Who, who are you?"

Despite the fact that he was shivering with fear, he approached he asking a question.

"Heh? I see, you are still alive, my name is Kyondame, hate to say, but I am Randame's twin sister."

Then Kyondame stared at Junpei with sharp eyes of her and said.

"I thought so, I can feel Mage's aura around you, but very low and also it is mixed with human's aura. Interesting, I guess it was worth exploring. I have to report this to Yami sama."

1nfinty 1nfinty

I am trying my best to upload consistently as possible.

I am new to whole writing things, when it comes to word choice, I might be wrong, so feel free to criticize.

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