79.26% Block the sky / Chapter 65: Chapter 65: Mysterious green copper

Chapter 65: Chapter 65: Mysterious green copper

"Cheuk! "

The sound of sky breaking incessantly, a path of Shenxia to the broken mountain rushed, as if there is a meteor shower in the flight.

Just now, the treasure basin startled Hong now, although far away, but only just shaking endless brilliance, the nearby psychic weapons all attracted to come.

"Oh, my God. Oh, my God! "the fat Taoist priest smiled from ear to ear, dropped Yefan, and rose to the sky with great flexibility, and rushed over to meet the light rain.

At the same time, Shenhong said, all the monks in this direction rushed over to meet the rain of light from the psychic weapons.

"Ah. "

However, this is not a feast, flying extremely fast psychic weapons, fierce, on the spot will be more than a dozen people pierced, a dash past, leaving only a blood and a dozen bodies.

The fat Taoist priest screamed repeatedly, and fled back again and again, with a golden dagger in his buttocks and a bright red shield firmly in his hand.

Although he was showing his teeth, he did not have any wounds on his body. After pulling the golden dagger from his buttocks, he did not bleed. He said, "the psychic weapon does not stop itself. It is very difficult to intercept it. "

Relatively speaking, he was lucky, most of the people who just rushed past were directly pierced, many people died.

"brush" of a, fat Taoist priest chased down again, other monks also all control god rainbow, chase after hard, want to seize Lingbao.

At this time, there are a lot of light rain flying, some of which directly landed in the vicinity of the mountains, where Ye Fan also fell a lot of light.

However, when he saw what these things were, he immediately lost interest. Most of them were debris that flew out of the tomb of the demon emperor.

Many monks rushed over and searched on the mountain peaks, from time to time looked at Ye Fan a few eyes.

"Dang! "

At this time, another object fell from the sky and hit the ground directly. Ye Fan had just picked up and was surrounded by several monks.

This made him feel very depressed, today is impossible to harvest, even if he gets away with a hundred psychic weapons, it is difficult to keep.

"anyone who wants it, take it. "he threw what he had on the ground. "who wants a piece of green iron? "

"I thought it was some kind of treasure, but it was just a scrap of copper. "

Although several monks said this, but still picked up a careful examination, to determine is a scrap of copper was thrown directly to the leaf fan.

"keep it for yourself. "

"who is this child, so young to run around, it is a long life ah. "

Several monks left disappointed and rushed to the other peaks.

Leaf Fan grabs the copper plate that palms is big on the ground, weighed a few times, feeling is very heavy, resemble what utensil is broken down piece.

"Brush! "

More than a dozen monks landed, first in this mountain after a careful search, and then leaf fan hands of copper to the past, to explore the spirit of a time, and finally thrown to him, directly broke the air and away.

In this way, a total of a dozen groups of monks appeared on the mountain, and almost all of them checked the scrap copper in Ye Fan's hands, and finally threw it all to him.

Ye Fan is really speechless, these people are eager to dig three feet, even his hands of green copper are examined so carefully, he wants to get a psychic weapon today, it is almost impossible.

In the end, the fat Taoist priest flew back with a big grin, smiling incessantly. It seemed that he had gained a lot.

"Why, what are you hiding, boy, don't run away, let the Lord see, is not a monster entangled you, Road Ye I help you surrender. "

"this time the baby says nothing to you.

"Ye Fan will pretend to put the scrap copper into the bosom.

Hearing this, the fat Taoist priest immediately smiled and said, "sure enough, the poor road is predestined with small friends, and you can get rid of demons for the fourth time."

"come on! You can have this treasure if you want it. You must exchange it for something else. "Ye Fan stretched out a hand and asked for it. Although he felt that the fat Taoist priest was very wicked and abhorrent, he was not so vicious as to turn his face on the spot and kill people, so he was not much afraid of him.

"you and I often meet, it seems that it really predestined, so, I give you a legend of the treasure."said the fat Taoist priest, and he took it out of his arms.

"who's meant to be with you? it's best not to see each other again in this life. "when he saw the jade pendant handed over by the fat Taoist priest, Ye Fan felt even more aggrieved. The jade pendant was dull, saying that it was really lifted by jade. It was no different from a broken stone, and what was most outrageous was that it was missing a corner.

Ye Fan wanted to throw it out directly, but was stopped by the fat Taoist priest, forced into his arms, said: "keep it, this is a good thing, may be able to save your life."

"at this point, the fat Taoist priest collected the scrap copper very neatly.

"damn it, that's what you call precious. It's just a piece of rotten copper! "the fat Taoist priest slanted a glance at Ye Fan, but without the slightest sloppiness, turned it over, took it seriously and carefully, looked at it carefully for a full quarter of an hour, and finally detected the spirit and observed it again and again.

"clanging! "

Finally, the fat Taoist priest threw the copper piece on the ground, his face full of disappointment, said: "it seems that I think too much, this baby or you keep it."

Ye Fan despises this unscrupulous Taoist priest. He has never seen such a greedy person. A rusty copper plate has to be studied for such a long time.

"the pearl is hidden from the world, and in that case I will put it away myself. "Ye Fan grabbed the coin at random. So many monks had repeatedly looked at the scrap copper that he didn't think it was a treasure. He just wanted to squeeze the unscrupulous Taoist priest.

At the moment, he was in no mood to stay in the ruins and wanted to leave.

The unscrupulous Taoist priest did not stop him. He kept muttering to himself, "where is the treasure of the people of the Eastern desolation?"

He walked up and down the hill with his hands behind his back.

Before long, Ye Fan was far away from that area. No monks could be seen around him. He began to run the Xuanfa recorded in the Tao Sutra and rushed out of the ruins.

His golden sea of suffering spilled out of a path of gold, the flow of the whole body everywhere, nourishing his internal organs and bones, so that he felt the whole body is full of strength, running at a rapid pace.

"Why! "

At this time, Ye Fan was surprised, and when he bowed his head, he found that the scrap copper had changed in a strange way, falling off a lot of rusts, and unexpectedly becoming simple and magnificent.

Yes, a rough look seems to be still very ordinary, like some broken pieces of utensils, but if you look at it carefully, you will find that at this moment, you can't say anything, giving people a feeling of endless simplicity and vicissitudes of life.

Ye Fan will run "Daojing" Xuanfa, the fingertips shot out of strands of gold, rushed to this copper plate.

However, let him continue to sacrifice the gold sea of anguish, the green bronze has not changed, is still very simple, silent.

"this thing doesn't seem ordinary. "

Ye Fan green copper into the bosom, no longer explore, continue to run up, then his golden sea of anguish constantly overflow to the outside of gold, for his endless supply of energy, so that he ran faster and faster.

"hiss! "

At this time, a startled Ye Fan, he felt a sudden umbilical cool, and then the sea of anguish, as if there was something more.

He stopped hastily, the green copper in the bosom disappears, what he thought in a flash, hurriedly look inside.

"this. "the green bronze appeared in his sea of anguish, and sank there, motionless, like an everlasting rock, steady and majestic.

Like the bright moon hanging in the darkness, the golden sea of anguish, which was the size of a soybean, was now joined by an ancient piece of green copper, in addition to a very small sheet of gold, and it stood in the middle, squeezing the page to one side.

Although the golden paper Shenhuadao, the flow of star-like bright light, but it is difficult to shake the green copper cents, can only be squeezed in the edge of the Golden Sea of anguish.

"what on earth is this green copper?" "Ye Fan heart is very shocked, careful look inside the golden sea of suffering, found that the simple green copper, even there are many mysterious" Tao "

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