80.48% Block the sky / Chapter 66: Chapter 66: Yang Tomb and Yin Tomb

Chapter 66: Chapter 66: Yang Tomb and Yin Tomb

Ye Fan does not have a deep understanding of the "Tao patterns," but only listened to Wu Ching-feng, the elder said that the truly powerful weapons are engraved with "Tao patterns," which can be said to be the soul and life of the weapons.

Of course, "Tao Wen" is not limited to this, in the weapons should be only one aspect, it has endless use in various fields.

Such as: can be engraved in the mountains and rivers on the pulse, the formation of a variety of "potential", condensing a strange force, so that the region has become an inexplicable mysterious "field."

The esoteric "Tao" is extraordinary, with an unfathomable strange force, engraved down, can change the nature and structure of all things, adjust the vitality and death.

Even, some magic "Tao" cloth, can affect the flow of time in a certain range, really "time in a mind between capture."

Some esoteric "Taoist lines" can only be engraved on rare materials, arranged in a precise and unerring way, and if they can provide them with a powerful divine power, they can run through heaven and earth and traverse the void.

From one place to another in an instant.

More complex "Tao", can be condensed out of "heaven", with unimaginable changes and forces.

Of course, many powerful "Daowen" do not spread in the world, are in the hands of ancient holy and desolate families, kept secret, outsiders do not know what kind of power, only a few words of legend.

In fact, "Tao Wen" is broad and profound, covering a wide range of areas.

It is said that the "Taoist pattern" is the feeling of the ancient powers of heaven and earth nature, after the "copy carved" things, spread in the world, before the formation of today's "Daowen".

Ordinary monks have no access to this field,

It is only when one reaches a certain level of strength that one can practice the "Tao pattern," because in a certain sense, the "Tao pattern" is the "perceptive copy" of the great powers of ancient times, and the more powerful a monk is, the more he likes to study carefully the "Tao pattern" that is passed down in the world.

Mysterious green copper surface and no "Tao Wen", only in the fracture densely, Road pattern dense, complex, mysterious, simply can not be understood.

Although metaphysical and metaphysical, but there is a kind of Taoist natural charm, let a person see deeply touched.

"it's very natural. "Ye Fan said to himself.

The old man Wu Qingfeng once said that some heavy treasures have natural "Tao lines" inside, which are not made up by human sacrifice. They are different from others and cannot be copied. This is the root of their strength.

"is it true that you are born with a tunnel pattern?"Ye Fan can't be sure. He doesn't know much about Tao Wen. He just has doubts in his mind.

Suddenly, Ye Fan felt a strange wave, he found the road was cut off, misty, endless, there are bursts of strange fog shrouded in the front.

At the same time, he heard the roar of the Qing Jiao, desolation of the ancient family Ji family big figures in the ancient chariot of gold a rush through, the spirit of death swept across this high mountain.

"temporarily seal the ruins, no one is allowed to leave! "Nine Jiao pull car, cross the road, the big man in the Ji family in the mountains and rivers on the engraved endless lines, cut off the road.

In the other direction, nine unicorns pulled a jade chariot, towering clouds and fog, majestic, blocking the East.

At the same time, several other directions, but also heard a similar burst of drinking sound, several big people will be the ruins of the blockade, not allowed to leave anyone.

Ye Fan heart startled, feeling some bad, he stopped hurriedly, no longer run "Tao Sutra" recorded by the Xuanfa, the golden sea of suffering attributed to calm, and then disappeared.

The ruins suddenly a uproar, many monks do not know what happened, that a few big people want to kill.

"what happened? "

"Why don't you let us go? "

Many of the monks were very uneasy, but the monks of the big clique were calm and did not show any sign of panic.

"the precious treasure of the people of the Eastern desolation has never appeared, and a few big men have panicked! "

"Yes, to block the way, is afraid to carry away "

"none of these five bigwigs can find the treasure of the Donghuangs. Is it possible for others to get it?"


Many monks a discussion, when learned is for the Eastern desolation tribe treasure and trapped here, most of the people are down, they did not have any hope for the treasure.

Five bigwigs in the mountains and rivers carved on the veins of the road lines, blockaded Quartet, and then returned to the tomb of the Yaodi crumbling place, to resume the search.

"how can I, the treasure of the people of the eastern desolation, be silent, and the earth-shaking momentum of the tomb of the demon emperor break out after it breaks up? "

The five great men whispered, they had no secret language, and there was no need to hide it.

"where on earth is the desolate tower, and why is it not born?"

"lost for tens of thousands of years, the tower is really the re-emergence of the world, why not a trace. "

In the distance, many monks awe-inspiring, several big people obviously determined to win, if can not find this treasure, really do not know to blockade to what day.

Ye Fan heart surprised, until now he did not know the most precious name of the people of the East waste, "waste Tower", just listen to the name makes people feel extraordinary.

Many of the great monks were talking about the most precious thing of all in the past.

"it is said that the desolate tower has existed for an endless number of years, and it is not at all clear when it was handed down. "

"according to legend and the East at the same time, in this vast expanse of land when there are just life, the desolate tower exists. "

"what does the desolate tower look like?

"many of the monks don't know much about it. "just as the name implies, nature is the tower body, nine barren pagodas have vast unfathomable strength, immortal, can suppress all the strong in the world!"

"is it so terrible? "

"even if you are divine and powerful, look down on the east waste, also can not stop the suppression of the famine tower, otherwise how can be called the east waste people to treasure. "

"since ancient times, we do not know how many strong men drink hate under the desolation tower, there is no one can block the suppression of desolation tower. "

The road was blocked, Ye Fan can not leave, back to the depths of the ruins, heard the monks' comments, he was fascinated by a burst of desolation tower so adverse, it is heart-rending.

At this moment, the unscrupulous Taoist priest Duan de appeared, rushed to Ye Fan here, the whole person quickly burned up, the speed reached the extreme, the moment came to his eyes, his face full of excitement, said: "that piece of copper? "

"in the pool. "

"what? ! "the unscrupulous Taoist priest looked frightened all over his face. Then he grasped Ye Fan's shoulders and shook them vigorously, saying," which pool, take me quickly! "

Leaf Fan immediately in the heart a movement, is this green copper have a big reason not to become?

At first, he thought it had something to do with Donghuangzhibao, but when he learned that the desolate pagoda was behind the Nine Towers, he immediately realized that green copper could not be the treasure of the Donghuang people at all, and that it had nothing to do with the pagoda.

"the ruins are so big, and there are so many forests and mountains everywhere, that I have long since turned around and forgotten where I have gone. "

"No, you must remember! "the unscrupulous Taoist priest's face was somewhat dreadful, and his eyes were already bloodshot, and he grasped Yefan.

"isn't it just a piece of rotten copper? you've seen it over and over for a quarter of an hour, but at last you threw it on the ground. Why do you want to look for it now? what's the origin of that piece of scrap copper? "

"you don't understand what you said, now find it for me! "the unscrupulous Taoist priest did not smile. He was very serious at the moment. He took Ye Fan and went away.

Ye Fan heart is clear, it seems that mysterious green copper is not small, it seems to be extremely important.

"immeasurably goddamned respect, how the poor way so cheap, get things, let me throw out. "the fat Taoist priest was livid, remorseful and chagrined, quite different from the smiling face he had not long ago.

Ye Fan heart awe-inspiring, feeling this unscrupulous Taoist now have the impulse to kill people, he did not want to hit the knife point, and walked forward in good faith.

"Little friend, you must think back carefully, if you can find that piece of green copper, I will give you what you want! "the fat Taoist priest's face is serious, solemn exhortation, say:" must recall well. "

"what on earth is that? "

"Don't ask, if you ask me again, Lord Tao, I'm going mad! "the fat Taoist priest slapped his right hand hard, and said," how can I be so confused as to search for treasure all my life, but in the end I have such an eye but no beads?

"I can see that he blames himself very much, without any affectation, and would like to cut off his own hand. "We parted here, and then I saw you running away.

"the fat Taoist priest took Ye Fan to the mountain where the two men were separated.

"Yes, it's here, and I want to think about where I've been. "Ye Fan leisurely walked to the foot of the mountain, and the unscrupulous Taoist priest closely followed, not pressing him, and letting him think back slowly.

Ye Fan walked very slowly. He was thinking about how to get rid of the fat Taoist priest.

Unconsciously, the two crossed three mountains. When they climbed the fourth mountain, Ye Fan showed a happy look and said, "here it is."

Looking at the direction of his fingers, the face of the fat Taoist immediately ugly up, the mountain there is a dark you deep pool, quiet as stone, without a trace of billows, showing bursts of heart palpitations of cold.

"Don't tell me you've thrown copper into this deep pool! "the double eyes of fat Taoist priest shoots out demon different ray, let Ye Fan mind a trance immediately, he feels vaguely between not good, the other side seems to be in perspective his heart sea.

At this moment, Ye Fan a burst of tension, hurriedly concentrate, trying to imagine a picture, standing at the edge of the black pool, a piece of copper thrown in.

The fat Taoist priest's eyes returned to normal, gnashed teeth, and said: "you are a black sheep, I …I can't wait to throw you in! "

"isn't it just a piece of rotten copper? "Ye Fan's face is full of indifference.

"plop! "

The fat Taoist priest dived into the deep pool with a fierce son. At first, there was a shimmer under the water, but after a while, it was dark and dull, and the dark pool gradually recovered its tranquillity.

Ye Fan waited for a full quarter of an hour, but without seeing the unscrupulous Taoist priest coming up, he said to himself, "this wicked fat man will not suffer retribution under here, will he?"

A quarter of an hour later, the water crash a light noise, fat Taoist body covered with a thick layer of black ice, like an ice sculpture in general rushed out.

"Bang! "

Black Xuanbing constantly glitter, full of the past dozens of interest time, unscrupulous Taoist priest to Shouguang break the ice, the shock fell to the ice, now his face is blue, his lips are trembling.

"an unscrupulous man, he is frozen to death. "he was trembling, his body shedding light, driving out chills, and you could see bursts of black mist rising from his body, and the surrounding vegetation was instantly frozen by the black fog, and then in an instant it was reduced to powder.

In the distance, Ye Fan took a breath. He chose the black pool, but felt it was deep enough that he did not think of it as so terrible.

The hard ice that fell to the ground froze everything within ten meters, many of the stones had split, and the leaves, far away, could feel a sharp chill.

"didn't the prefect get it? "

"I dived for thousands of meters and saw a broken tablet with the word 'Ming Tan' engraved on it midway. It was so deep that I didn't know how deep the black pool really was. "

"Why did you start throwing it away, Master? I regret it now. "

"stop talking! "

See the face of fat Taoist priest angry look, Ye Fan almost laughed, his heart, but his face is extremely nervous look, said: "is it really treasure?"

The fat Taoist priest was livid and angry. "I have nothing in common with you," he said angrily.

Ye Fan interest to go to one side, picked two wild fruit, with relish to eat up.

The fat Taoist priest saw that he did not care and was still in the mood to eat wild fruits. After getting angry, he calmly said, "you, the biggest black sheep in the world, have thrown it into the deep pool. I. I can't wait to kill you! "

"Lord Tao, you threw it away first. Why do you blame it on me now? you didn't start to think of it as a piece of junk, did you?"

"I. I hate it! "the unscrupulous Taoist priest wanted to slap himself in the face, and then he plopped!"

"he dived into the deep pool again.

This time, more than an hour has passed before the fat Taoist monk burst out of the water, completely turned into a large ice, black sparkling, cold and biting.

Ye Fan was far away, and it took the unscrupulous Taoist priest a quarter of an hour to break out of the ice. He was black and purple, his pores were spewing out black fog, and a large area of the mountains was covered with black ice, and the plants and trees withered endlessly.

Many of the rocks were cracked by the cold.

After a long time, the unscrupulous Taoist priest recovered, decadently walked out of the ice, a buttocks sitting on the ground, said to himself: "I hate ah."

Beside, leaf Fan heart dark Shuang, see this immoral fat person so depressed appearance, he feels free Shuang matchless.

Suddenly, the unscrupulous Taoist priest seemed to think of something and jumped in shock. He looked at the active volcano in the distance and at the black cold pool in front of him. "I understand," he said. "there are two graves of the demon emperor, one is the tomb of the sun, the other is the grave of the shade. "

Ye Fan was startled by him and said, "what are you talking about?"

The fat Taoist priest ignored him and seriously carved on the ground, marked the active volcano and black pool on the ground, and then the surrounding terrain in accordance with a certain proportion of all described out.

"God damn it, that's what it is! "

Yi Yang Yi Yin, Shou Tai Chi, the source of strength of the heart buried in the Yang tomb, the real cold body buried in the Yin grave. "the face of the unscrupulous Taoist priest is uncertain.

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