70% Beyond Reality / Chapter 7: Sarah Vermillon

Chapter 7: Sarah Vermillon

Upon hearing these words, the 3 delinquents raised their heads ... on the roof of a house there was a tall girl with red hair and eyes ... Atomks did not even need to turn around to know who that voice belonged ... it was the person who helped him to escape from the crowd a few minutes ago ... that one called Miss Sarah by the citizens.

"Oh ... Some familiar faces ... it's one of the good things about being in a small town ... it's easy to remember all the people who live in it, especially those who always cause problems ... but I did not expect you to be so miserable as to attack to a small child "Sarah said looking down at the three.

"Fuck ... it's her" The two footmen said with some fear on their faces

"What are you afraid of? ... She is as rich as you want ... but we are 3 and she is just a girl" Said the leader trying to get his followers to embolden themselves

"But ... we will get into a big problem ..." Said the lowest and ugly to his leader

"We are already in a problem and more if our parents find out ... do not be cowards ... is still a girl even if it looks like a gorilla" The leader said without thinking too much what he was saying in his belligerent speech

By saying those last words ... The air froze ... All sound faded ... and was replaced by an intense thirst for blood ... Even Atomsk noticed the pressure in the environment, although it was not directed towards him

It was evident that they had touched a taboo subject for this muscular girl of almost 1.80 meters ...

"What did you HAVE called me? DAMN FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT! "Sarah shrieked with an extremely threatening and sinister face and voice ... which made her lose all the elegance she showed until a few moments ago.

[Well ... it seems that I will not have to fight] thought Atomsk half happy half disappointed ... and with a little fear ... few things are more terrifying than an angry woman.

At that moment on Sarah's forehead, as with those criminals, a symbol appeared in the shape of a flaming bird with a bright blue ring around it.

The view of the 3 focused on Sarah's forehead ... And instantaneously their skin became pale, their eyes almost came out of their sockets, their mouth almost touched the ground ... and on their face they could see a perfect mix of surprise, disbelief and fear ... which led to absolute panic.

"OH FUCK! IT IS A FUCKING AVATAR MARQUIS! RUN, RUN, RUN "" They screamed in unison as they turned to run for their lives.


After a screeching sound ... Sarah's hair lit up in a way that seemed to be more fire than hair, flaming feathers grew on her wrists, which extended on the arm, but the most significant change was that they appeared in the back… bird wings... made of fire...

Sarah with great fury in the look, jumped into the air and with a flutter of its flaming wings went at a great speed towards the end of the alley, cutting the route of escape to the 3 idiots… that when they saw her they almost peed out of fear…

"OH ... Why are you in such a hurry? If we just met hehehe ... Do not worry, with a little luck you will not die hahaha" Sara said sarcastically ... with a terrifying laugh and with the same look as a predator looks at his prey before pouncing towards her.

The 3 idiots barely had time to process those words, when suddenly Sarah rushed to the nearest ...

The poor bastard could not even react ... the only thing he remembered before fainting was great pain in his belly, the feeling of being flying in the air and crashing into a wall.

The other who was closer barely had time to be surprised to see his friend flying through the air ... when, like his friend, he felt a great pain in his abdomen and in turn he stopped noticing that his feet touched the ground ... losing the conscience ... while he was fired towards the same wall as his friend.

The leader, the only one standing, watched with horror and helplessness as his two henchmen flew like arrows a few centimeters away from him due to two extremely fast blows from that girl, who watched him with thirst for blood.

"And now it's your turn ... fucking CHIMPANZÉ" Sarah said pointing at him with a hysterical voice ... it was evident that the word "gorilla" had offended her.

"FU..FU ... FUCK" The leader said between tears as the mark reappeared on his forehead and his sword, while he tried to gather some of the little self-love he had left.

"Cross slide"

When shouting these words, from the bastard sword of the village delinquent leader appeared a silver light in the shape of a cross, which flew in the direction of Sarah.

Sarah, without changing her position or expression, lit her arm in flames and with a light touch of her hand grabbed the cross-shaped light and vaporized it.

The delinquent leader did not have time to despair anymore since the next and last thing he saw that day was the image of a punch coming close to his face.

Sarah propelling herself with her wings gave a right hand across the face, throwing it several meters forward, bouncing on the ground like when a person plays throwing a stone in the water.

"Ufff, well, they are still alive ... and I do not think they can be more foolish than they already were" Said Sarah more relaxed and with some sasfaction in the look.

She recomposed herself, arranged her hair a little, approached Atomsk ... and marveled as she observed the strange and pretty appearance of the child in front of her

"Are you okay, little one?" He asked Atomks in a very sweet and kind way, as he approached Atomsk.

Astomsk was stunned and his eyes widened once more with that display of magical abilities in battle, only being able to stand without doing or saying anything.

After seeing that beating, Atomsk realized that he could have defeated those 3 easily with his physical abilities, he could have defeated them so quickly that they could not have had time to use any of those unknown magical abilities ...

But even so he was glad he had not done it ... The girl who had thrown them into the air as if nothing had physical capabilities similar to his own, but still these abilities had been obtained by activating the mark of the forehead ... he nevertheless had those physical abilities without the mark ... he should not show his power until he was sure it was safe to show it ... unless there was no other way.

Even if only a few seconds had elapsed between Sarah's appearance and the end of the beating ... At that time interval Atomsk devised a plan that would not only allow her not only to collect first-hand information from this world ... also gain protection from someone powerful.

[Let's see how good actor and cute I am] He thought with an evil laugh.

Atomsk approached Sarah a little, hugged her and ...

"Yes, thank you very much for saving me ... ONE-CHAN" Atomsk said with puppy eyes and the most cute and innocent face possible

KYAA! The feeling of caring, protecting and pet the little boy by Sarah increasing

Sarah, when she contemplated and heard Atomsk in that display of cuteness felt as if an arrow pierced her heart, lowering all her defenses before that tender creature that she felt she had to take care of, protect and pamper ... and her face showed it, she was enraptured, as a teenager watching videos of kittens (if this novel were an anime, Sarah would have hearts in the pupils)

"Hi, little boy, my name is Sarah Vermillon, what's your name?" Sara asked trying to create a good base to start a conversation

"My name is Atomsk D. Avery, nice to meet you" Atomsk said respectfully but trying to keep looking cute

"Tell me, Atomsk, where are your parents? You want me to help you find them "Sarah said looking at Atomsk with tenderness

"This ... I do not have parents" Atomsk said simulating some sadness in his face and bending his head to give the double of pity.

KYAA! The feeling of caring, protecting and pet Atomsk by Sarah increasing X2

"And you have no one to go with? Some relative? A friend? "Sarah asked worried after hearing that he is an orphan

"No ... I lived with my grandfather in the forest ... but one day he fell asleep and he did not wake up ... He told me that if something happened to him one day I could take this bag, that it had things that would help me when I found people... and leave the forest... This is the first town I found "Said Atomsk choking a bit with the words... while thinking when they would give an Oscar to the best actor.

KYAA! The feeling of caring, protecting and pet Atomsk by Sarah increasing X12

"So you do not have anyone to depend on or where to go?" Sarah said, moved, but trying to stay strong.

"Yes, I'm alone one-chan" Atoms said with a tear in one eye but pretending to pretend to be strong.

KYAA! The feeling of caring, protecting and pet Atomsk by Sarah has exceeded the limit

"If... If... If you do not have anywhere to go, I wouldn't mind if you stayed for the moment in my vacation home... it's a very big house and many free rooms... And as heir to the Veremellion Family... it… It… It would be a disgrace not to help an innocent child in distress ... This ... would you like to come with me? "Sarah said trying to look tough ... but not successfully (Tsundere alert)

"I'd love it, thank you very much one-chan you're so good and kind" Said Atomks putting a face of extreme happiness while hugging Sarah.

"KYAA!" Sarah produced this sound (no longer internally) when she could not hold so much sweetness and returned the hug ... it was impossible to stop pretending not to want to spoil he

[JEJEJE ... I LOVE WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER] Atomks thought while putting the same face as Kira of Death Note when he killed L (spoiler alert).

At first Sarah only intended to investigate the origin and appearance of the unusual boy's... but God laughs while we make plans

"Sebastian!" Sarah shrieked in the air

"Always at your service, miss"

From Sarah's shadow appeared a man of about 60, dressed as the typical English butler ... but for his muscle mass, how to move, act, the golden mark with a bright ring of violet ... and the simple fact of appearing from the shadow of someone as if it were a ghost ... it was evident that he was not a normal butler

Atomsk almost did not flinch ... that day nothing could disturb him too much ... everything that had lived the last days, especially today showed it…

"As of today, Atomsk is my guest, he will live with us from now on" Said Sarah informing her butler

"As you command, lady" Sebastian replied immediately without the slightest sign of discrepancy.

"By the way, miss ... what do we do with the trash that has been scattered on the floor?" Sebastian said as he watched the 3 delinquents passed out on the floor

"Have someone take them to their parents and explain what they have done, to make them proud of their children ... today I feel generous and leave the matter like this ... for now" Said Sarah while still hugging Atomsk with a smile from ear to ear

"As you order, miss. Your carriage has already been prepared ... Follow me "Sebastian said showing the way while dragging like a sack of potatoes the 3 idiots

Meralman Meralman

Hello, I could not publish a chapter before, I had a lot of work this week.

I will try to get to chapter 10 before Sunday

Phrases like "ONE-CHAN" ... come from the Japanese and means something like "big sister"

As an example you can see this video


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