90.07% Unsealing: Omnipotent Father / Chapter 117: Sworn Brothers

Chapter 117: Sworn Brothers

(A.N: Sorry guys, since I don't want to give Mo Xie's first to some other women, you guys only need to wait before he reunites with Shang Ting.)


As soon as Mo Xie finished the pellets, he immediately made his way out.

Huotian and Shenyu looked at Mo Xie in expectation, Mo Xie then chuckles and spoke: "Brother Tian, before we start, should we have a little talk?"

"Sure." Huotian smiled as the two of them walks towards the direction of the terrace.

Hearing and seeing it, Shenyu felt a little terrified, but seeing Mo Xie's face earlier she thought; [He didn't seem to be that type of guy... right?]

With worry written all over her face, she glanced at the two young men leaving the room.

As soon as Mo Xie arrives, he looked at Huotian and spoke: "How's everything on your part of life?"

"Hmmm?" Huotian felt a little weird being asked like that, but seeing that Mo Xie is serious as he looks at the vast sky, he couldn't help but be a little serious too.

"Brother Xie, I wish to tell you something." (Huotian)

"What is it?" (Mo Xie)

"Well, this might sound a little weird, but even though we only spent so little time together, I feel like I've known you for so many years already... Let me be your sworn brother." (Huotian.)

Mo Xie felt a little astounded at Huotian's words.

"Truth be told, I find myself a little calm when I`m with you, that is a first for me, so let me do you a favor too." (Huotian)

"What do you mean?" (Mo Xie)

"Let me bring you to my Clan, I`ll let you live there enjoying the same benefits I receive, no matter if you can cure me and Shenyu, I`ll treat you like a real brother, what say you brother?" (Huotian)

Mo Xie looked at Huotian and was about to say something but Huotian cut him short.

"Brother Xie, I am the young master of one of the Great Clans from the Soaring Blaze Phoenix Empire, the Shi Clan, in terms of power, our Clan is the 3rd strongest excluding the Royal family, what do you think?" Huotian smiled as he looked at Mo Xie sincerely inviting him to their Clan.

Mo Xie couldn't help but chuckle, seeing this, Huotian didn't feel offended and only felt that his invitation is rejected; "I guess it is a no then."

"Don't think of it like that... Actually, even if I want to, I can't." Mo Xie spoke with a smile on his face.

"Why brother? Is there something that is troubling you? Just tell me, I`ll deal with it in your stead." (Huotian.)

"Nothing like that, but I just found a reason for me to live in this boring world again." Mo Xie smiled as he looked at the sky.

"I am the Patriarch of the Mo Family, and I need to find them, but with insufficient power, I`ll be needing them to find me instead." (Mo Xie)

"The... then..." Huotian felt speechless and couldn't make amends of anything right now. He heard everything from Shenyu before, but then, suddenly, a powerful Family from a lower tier that suddenly vanished is owned by Mo Xie?

"Also, the blacksmith and medical saint I am talking about are all me." Mo Xie spoke as he revealed his identity one by one.

What's in Mo Xie's mind for doing this?

[I want to change... If I had people behind me that time, people that I can trust my back with, I could've saved my Mo Family. But if this fails, then... I`ll do anything to fix this If I picked the wrong person to be friends with, but if not... He'll be my first friend.] (Mo Xie)

Hearing this, Huotian looked at Mo Xie in disbelief; "That..."

"I know it is hard to believe, but trust me." (Mo Xie)

"Then... Then that's what I`ll do." Huotian made up his mind as he nodded.

"Want to make an oath with me as my sworn brother?" Mo Xie asked as he looked at Huotian.

"Sure, there's no need to hesitate about that." Huotian chuckles.

Mo Xie nodded his head as he withdrew a piece of paper and started to write some things.

"Brother Xie, what's that?" (Huotian.)

"Oh, this is a formation, something I invented myself." Mo Xie smiled as he continued scribing on the paper.

"You... you're also a formation master?!" Huotian looked at Mo Xie in shock.

Mo Xie chuckles but didn't reply anymore, he thought that he's a master of formation before, but after getting the knowledge that God Zhihao had left behind, he could only sigh, he wasted all that time just because he thought that he's at the peak, yet, as soon as he was reborn, his face was slapped continuously.

After a while, Mo Xie finished it and spoke: "Let's drop our blood here."

"What is it for?" Huotian asked curiously as he took out a dagger and prepared to poke a hole on his finger again.

"This is in case that we came into trouble, you`ll know it once any of us felt something, and you can terminate it easily by removing it away from your soul sea." Mo Xie explained.

He also added a few information so that Huotian can easily know everything about it.

Immediately, the two of them dropped their blood on the piece of paper as it tore into two pieces and each of it entered their body directly towards their Soul Sea.

"This... so then I can feel it when you're in danger?" Huotian asked.

"Yes." Mo Xie smiled, but actually, this is somewhat like a parental guidance, it is somewhat like a divine sense, but divine sense can only be planted when someone had reached at least at the Celestial Phenomenon ranked. Mo Xie can detect Huotian in danger but Mo Xie, on the other hand, can't.

Huotian smiled, seeing such a formation actually exist, he couldn't calm himself up. But then, he looked at Mo Xie and spoke; "Brother Xie, can you make something for Shenyu and me too?"

"Of course." Mo Xie smiled as he took out another paper and started writing again.

After a while, he finished it and spoke; "Be sure to only do it after the both of you take the pellet and healed your hands."

"Yes." Huotian smiled as he took the paper from Mo Xie and departed back with him to where Shenyu is.

"Then, Brother Xie, from now on, you are my sword brother." (Huotian)

Mo Xie smiled as he looked at Huotian and nodded; "Yes."

"Then, after we heal our hands, we will have a grand feast!" Huotian spoke as he kept grinning from ear to ear.

"Brother Tian." (Mo Xie)

"Hmm? What is it Brother Xie." (Huotian)

"Just to be sure, I know everything that will happen later, and if you don't like the outcome, you can blame me first before doing anything rash." Mo Xie warned.

"I definitely will! I promise." (Huotian)

The both of them entered the room.

Mo Xie looked at Huotian who's full of smiled and couldn't help but sigh; [I just wish that... your love for her will not change with this...]

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