53.33% In Danmachi with the System God / Chapter 8: Saki Hakai and Magic

Chapter 8: Saki Hakai and Magic

Name: Saki Hakai

Rarity: Epic

Durability: 1300/1300

Abilities: Regeneration, Sharpness

Magic Storage: 0/10000

Description: Saki Hakai is a kō-wakizashi which was forged by Naomi Collbrande over the time of 7 days through the folding of the metals it developed a unique 'Sharpness' which can cut nearly everything. It consists of a mixture of the rare drop 'Mammoth ivory', Damascus steel and mithril. After melting it inside a Magical forge and folding it over and over again they blended into each other which resulted in them completing each other.

Through this, the passive skill of the 'Mammoth Fool' was activated, as mithril has a good Magic conductivity it developed a Magic storage which stores the Magic used for 'Regeneration' as it will continue to repair the sword from any kind of damage.

If the storage runs out of Magic you can refill it with Magic stones, otherwise it will start to absorb Magic from the user to sustain the repair function.

As I saw the description my jaw dropped and I intuitively begged Chloe: "Chloe, please buy it for me, I really love it, it's like this sword was forged so that I can use it. I will be indebted to you and listen to your wishes so, please..."

"Naomi, you said it cost 90.000 vali right? Could you make it 80.000 vali? I don't want to lie to you so I will say it outright. I have 83.000 vali with me right now and as you can see, we really want this sword. I mean look at Akio, he looks like he will cry if I cant buy this sword."

After this question, we could see that Naomi started considering it, she looked into Chloe's eyes and then into mine. As she saw my puppy eyes she started laughing.

"Well how about this, we will make it 100.000 vali, you have to pay 50.000 upfront, after this, you will pay me 10.000 vali each day for 5 days. BUT before we sign this deal you have to make a contract with me so that you will let me do the maintenance of this sword."

I couldn't contain my joy as she gave us a really good deal, so I sheathed the sword and 'ran' to her to embrace her while I also thanked her: " Thank you, Naomi, really thank you, I love you."

The moment I finished speaking we all were shocked and I released Naomi as I took a few steps back. After a few seconds of silence, I could hear a calm voice which released me of the shock and kicked me into the abyss of panic.

[ Host please be aware ]

[ The appearance of extreme emotions accelerated the Mental regression ]

[ Mental regression to the age of 12 years]

[ 7,4% completed ]

[ Mental regression of 1 year ]

[ 88,84% completed ]

[ estimated time 13 hours ]

As I heard what the System said I panicked, but at least I now know why I blurted out something so childish. Chloe and Naomi saw that my emotions went through a turmoil, which ended with me panicking so they did the same as they didn't know why I panicked.

they nearly synchronized their voices as they asked me: "Akio what's wrong? Please don't panic…"

Their voices kicked me out of my thoughts as I again realized that I'm inside the body of a child, so from their perspective, it should be normal for me to say something like this, I can use this to get out of this awkward atmosphere.

"I'm sorry Naomi, I just said something inappropriate. I was just too happy."

After my comment, I could see them relax as Chloe started patting me while Naomi crouched down to look into my eyes.

"You're a kid, so it's okay to express your feelings as you see fit, but remember to be a good child." while smiling Naomi stood up and looked at Chloe and continued: "Chloe, would you mind coming with me for a moment? I have something to talk to you about."

Chloe nodded and said: "Akio would you please wait here for a moment? I will be right back."

As Chloe and Naomi started walking away I drew the sword again and started experimenting.

"System pour Magic into the sword"

[ Transferring Magic to sword ]

[ Host is unable to use Magic ]

[ Requesting permission to force usage of Magic ]


[ Forcing transfer of Magic ]

[ Usage of Magic detected ]

[ Insufficient Control of Magic detected, forcing overflowing Magic into sword ]

As the System commands continued to go on, I could see the sword started glowing while you could see blue shining lines on the sword, they looked like veins and it felt like they were pulsing. I was really happy that Chloe and Naomi went away to talk, as I thought about it I tried to look for them or at least listen to their conversation. But first, let's wait for the glowing to stop.

As the sword continued to glow and pulse as if it gained life i could feel my mind cloud and my body grew heavy.

"System stop the transfer at a state where i can still train."

[ Command accepted ]

[ Cancel forced transfer ]

[ Stabilising Magic Flow ]

[ Stabilising ]

[ Magic Flow under control ]

[ MAG stat upgraded + 16 ]

[ Host is advised to acquire Divine Falna ]

As the Magic transfer stopped the sword stopped glowing and the veins disappeared.

[ Magic transferred into Magic Storage +4 ]

[ Current Magic remaining 50,3% ]

Looks like close to half of my Magic power got transferred, if my MAG stat is 16 and the half of that got transferred, then each MAG point will charge 0,5 points. I would say I have to train harder if my stats on Level 1 reach S that would mean a stat over 1000, which would allow 500 points. Let's say each collision with another weapon costs 1 point, with each monster needing 5 strikes to kill, that would allow me to kill 100 monsters a day.

Doesn't feels like much to me.

Let's try charging it with magic stones, maybe that is more cost efficient.

First, let's sheathe the sword and wait for the ladies to finish their talk.

After a few minutes, Chloe and Naomi came back while laughing and joking with each other, I got the feeling the distance between them shortened by a large margin.

"Akio let's go and train, bye Naomi, see you soon."

"Be careful and Akio listen to your Sister and be a good child. Hope to see you soon."

As Chloe reached my side she bowed and carried me to her shoulders. The moment I sat on her shoulders I started to caress her ears while feeling bliss.

And so we started our way to the Dungeon.

Time till our promised meeting time with Sebas: 7H 03M.


Author's note :

Hope you don't mind the slow progress till now, it will continue for a few more Chapters.

One of the reasons for this is my limited time and stupidity ^^

As I started writing this Novel I thought that it would be fun to release each chapter as I finished it… THAT WAS STUPID …

I have limited time on weekdays and just started writing so my days at the moment have close to zero free time. But I promised 1 Chapter (1000 word +) each day and I will release 1 Chapter each day. 1500 Words are close to my limit as I have to research and/or imagine things for the chapter.

But here comes the good news, I have nothing to do this weekend so I will prepare a few chapters, which would mean that even if I stay with the slow pace story, I can at least release 2 Chapter each day until my prepared chapters are used up.

Ohh nearly forgot about it, I'm trying to befriend Cliff-kun at the moment so maybe sometime in the near future he may help me to make some good cliffhanger.

Hope you enjoy my story.

That said, I'm out of here … Good Night, see you tomorrow.

Xyves Xyves

In Danmachi with the System God 4/7


1. Akio - means bright man

2. Akiyo - means white world

3. Akino - means from the shining field

If you have other suggestions, just let me know.

The evaluation is on the 12th of October.

Comments (13)

  • SucoDeFruta


    😉👍👍👍 Lili e a menina gato que o bell resgata, mas seria mas perfeito na minha opinião e claro se o mc salvar ela dos aventureiros que a trata como um animal.

  • Xyves


    I already got the part with haruhime planned, as for lili I still have to do my research about her.

  • slendergames19


    Obrigado pelo Capitulo :)

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