12.5% rebirth in DXD / Chapter 2: Chapter 1: Morgan Freeman? And orders

Chapter 2: Chapter 1: Morgan Freeman? And orders

James woke up in a place where everything around him was completely white, he then tried to remember how he got there, once he remembered he was terrified.

Has he really died?

But if he died where was this place?

He decided to try to call to see if anyone would come and explain the situation.

"Is anyone there?" God? '(Daniel)

That was when he heard a voice behind him.

-'Yes I'm here James' (???)

He turned quickly and when he saw who was behind he thought he should be dreaming, if he pinched and when he felt the pain he believed it was real then said.

"Then you died, too, even if you're dead and it's not worth talking right now, I want you to know that I'm a huge fan of yours." (James)

"No, I did not die, I'm the one you called to clarify where you were. (God)

"Impossible, you can not be god. (James)

"And I have a question like you know my name?" (James)

"And I know your name because I know everyone's name." (God)

"Do not joke with me, you're Morgan Freeman, not God." (James)

-HAHAHAHAHA. (Morgan Freeman)

"You're not the first to say that, and I'm sure you will not be the last, but have you ever wondered how I interpreted God so well?" (God)

- It's very simple I was just being myself, you know it's very annoying to only observe humanity and not participate after a few millennia. (God)

"Okay, so I'm going to hell for what I did in the war?" (James)

"You seem to have accepted it very quickly, I'm sure there's going to be another guy who will not take it so easily." (God)

"I took it because I remember being dead, with the roof collapsing in my head, and this place only has two of us so it's not that difficult to accept. (James)

"Besides, who is this other person you're talking to?" (James)

"The man who knocked over the building you were in." (God)

"So it looks like I'm really going to hell, since you're coming in to chat with the genocides from the conversation." (James)

"Actually, I'm here to offer you a deal, just as I'm going to offer one for him as well. (God)

-What agreement, and why me and him? (James)

"Well, the reason for you and him being chosen is because I need people trained and able to survive in almost any kind of situation. (God)

-Well I guess you chose the wrong person I am not trained, to survive did you see how I lost a leg by a stupid mistake? (James)

"We both know that you chose to lose your leg in that blast, for you knew your commander was not going to let you out as you were one of the best soldiers he had." (God)

-Do you try to fool God, do you always know everything? (James)

"That's one of the advantages of my job. (God)

-The army of one man. (God)

"That was your title while you were serving, you killed far more people than you saved doing surgeries, and you saved in the thousands."

"I killed eight thousand five hundred forty-two people, saved five thousand three hundred and twenty-one, and helped a thousand and three hundred children. (James)

"Why did you help all those people, was it to redeem the lives you took?" (God)

"I've never had such an unselfish reason and you know that, you know the whole reason why I decided to sacrifice a leg." (James)

"I do not read people's thoughts except when they pray, I treat humans as my children and not my dolls. (God)

"I did not understand the reasoning behind it, but if you want to know, I say, I helped them simply because I wanted to see if I could change the images of people bleeding and dying in my mind by people smiling. (James)

"And it worked?" (God)

"Yes, but unfortunately not as I expected. (James)

-What do you mean? (God)

"I managed to change the images, but I still think of the people I killed whenever I lay my head to rest. (James)

"Now I understand, that's why you were always arranging things to keep you busy and never had a wife or girlfriend, you were afraid that the moment you stopped you would remember everything you did in Somalia. (God)

"Exactly, but getting back to the subject what kind of deal do you have for someone like me?" (James)

-Look well when people believe a lot in something generates energy of faith, and that energy if in enough quantity from birth to new things an example would be the universe of High School DXD. (God)

"I suppose the deal involves one of these fictitious worlds." (James)

-Exactly. (God)

-The problem is that if a world is formed and energy keeps coming in sooner or later this world will explode from excess energy, and that explosion will affect all who will put energy of faith, examples of which would be people who believe that this is not the real world, some develop multiple personalities and others simply dream about the world often, among other things that can occur. (God) said and waited for James to digest the matter before continuing.

-That is where my offer enters, to stabilize this energy of faith it is necessary to use it in the world itself, so it stabilizes and there are no side effects. (God)

-My offer is simple I make you reborn in the world of High School DXD and I use the energy that exists to build your body, of course it will not affect you in any way except maybe a little excessive attention and in return you can live as you want and I'll even give you some orders. (God)

-Do I have to live in any specific way? (James) said after pondering for some time

No, you can live as you want and be born as you want, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that all your actions can have consequences. (God)

"In other words, watch what you do, or you can end up fucking with everything. (James)

-Exactly. (God)

-Ok, I accept, but how many requests can I make? (James) Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

-With energy this is in a saturation point and will explode in no more than three days 18 large orders or 36 medium. (God)

-Define large orders. (James).

-Requests that can give you immeasurable power and that can not be obtained normally. (God)

-Medium things that in spite of making you stand out, but could not give you absolute power (God)

-Will I have my memories if I do not use one of the desires for this? (James)

-No (God)

"Am I allowed to choose whom I want to reincarnate without spending a request?" (James)

-Not too, if you do not ask you will reincarnate randomly, but if you choose to reincarnate as someone very important in history know that some adjustments will have to be made to your parents. (God)

-What adjustments would there be if I chose to reincarnate as Hyoudou Issei? (James) asked with curiosity.

"Instead of your parents being ordinary humans, they will belong to one of the three factions and will be extremely powerful to support your growth. (God)

-Okay, so I want to:

(1) Keep all my memories.

(2) Possess all the abilities of the characters of the Fate Saga. (N / A: he will possess all abilities and Noble Phantasms, of all the characters of all the Fate series.)

(3) Ability to master any ability, technique, or combat style, instantly.

(4) Have a fertility rate of one hundred percent.

(5) Possessing magical power and vitality compared to the orobrobes.

(6) Born as Hyoudou Issei

(7) Being able to use all the powers of Draig without side effects. And that includes the juggernaut drive.

(8) Be able to train my body to levels that exceed the limits of any race.

(9) Have absolute control over my magic and strength

(10) Have absolute control over all my abilities.

(11) Being able to use all sorts of magic

(12) My 'Gate of Babylon' must own all the weapons, clothes and equipment of the Fate series.

(13) Train my body with 10,000 times the speed of a normal person

(14) Train my body with 10,000 times the ease of a normal person

(15) Possess a body that can withstand the explosion of a planet and leave unharmed.

(16) Being immune to any mental technique

(17) having a 10-inch penis

(18) has a Qi of over three hundred.

"And as for my last request, I want to keep." (James)

-You just made all 18 requests, if I did not tell you wrong you do not have a reservation. (God)

-I've made two middle orders, which means I still have one more big order or another two medium ones. (James)

"And what were the middle men?" (God)

-No a Qi above three hundred, not a ten-inch penis, are impossible to achieve or will give me absolute power, which means that they fit into the middle order category. (James)

-You're right, but it is not possible to leave the request behind, since once I put you in the world I can not change the result anymore. (God)

"Then I want a Ability that can hide all my previous desires until I want to reveal them. (James)

After hearing the last wish, God smiled and opened a door beside him.

-Ok, I will guarantee all wishes and as a bonus I will allow you to wake up your Sacred Gear, when you wish now enter the door and have a good life. (God) said giving a warm smile.

-I'm going on this, until the next time I die. (James) said and entered the door without looking back.

"I forgot to ask if he wanted to have the memories from the womb or remember later. (God) said and then sighed with regret.

"I'm going to make sure I remember the next one, and he deserved it too for wanting a ten-inch penis." (God) said consoling himself by his mistake.

danitaier danitaier

I'll post another chapter later.

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