18.75% rebirth in DXD / Chapter 3: The beginning, and demonstrating what power means.

Chapter 3: The beginning, and demonstrating what power means.

In front of the gates of Komaou College was a seventeen-year-old brown-haired teenager, he had a well-defined body resembling an army soldier, a height of six feet high.

Yes, he was Hyoudou Issei our Mc, he was thinking about how he had to suffer to get to that point, since he remembered everything from the womb.

The luck was that he had Draig to talk, otherwise he would surely go mad for nine months in the dark without being able to speak, move, or see, and as if it were not enough after he was born and finally could see the world, he had who go through the humiliating situation of having her ass clean by her mother, and having to breastfeed.

He also had to go through things that the original Issei had, unlike the anime, because he had skills that should not have drawn undesired attention and ended up missing something very important to him.

"I'd better stop thinking about those dark times, I finally got to second year which means the story will start now, I'm at the beginning of the second semester, which means it's probably going to happen today. (Issei)

"Hey, partner, what are you getting today?" (Draig)

-The beginning of my harem story. (Issei)

-I can not understand you sometimes, with your current ability it sure is not difficult to go down into the underworld and take all the women you want, but instead you simply choose to wait until now to start making a harem (Draig)

"That's the difference between the two of us Draig, you trust too much in your power and that's why you were sealed, I on the other hand choose to conquer women and that's why I'm going to have a harem and live quietly. (Issei) said in a relaxed tone.

"It's because of you that you have earned the title of one of the three perverts from Komaou College." (Draig) said with mockery.

-Let's start now. (Issei) said ignoring Draig's mocking and walking into the gates.

After that all was equal to the anime until the moment he took 'Yuuma' to the park at the end of the day.

After arriving in front of the fountain 'Yuuma' asked in a sweet tone.

- Issei-kun to celebrate our first date could you do me a favor? ('Yuuma')

(there we go it seems it's time to end this meeting and have a chat with the Gremory family since they're already following me anyway) Issei thought.

"What favor?" (Issei)

"Could you die for me?" ('Yuuma') said in a more serious tone.

-What? (Issei) said pretending a shocked expression

"Yuma-chan, could you repeat it again?" I think I have problems in my ear. (Issei) said as he continued to fake.

Then 'Yuuma' approaches Issei's ear and repeats:

"Could you die for me?" ('Yuuma') and soon after she turns into her fallen angel form.

After he sees it, Issei begins to smile.

"It seems like I'm not going to get a kiss at the end of the story." (Issei) said

stopping acting and returning to normal.

-What do you mean by that? ('Yuuma') asked when he noticed that something was wrong with the way Issei reacted.

"Look, you're obviously here to kill me, and most likely your name is not Yuuma, I noticed you were a fallen angel the moment you came close to me on our first date. (Issei) said with a bored face.

"Impossible, there is no way you could have seen through my disguise and still have gone out with me. (Yuuma) said as he invoked his spear and was preparing to strike.

"For an ordinary human, perhaps, now when the subject is with me the story is quite different, you see, I could not care less about danger, if that means I'm going out with a pretty girl. (Issei)

"Besides, you've never been a threat to me." (Issei).

Soon after he finished speaking, he disappeared and it was just as Yuuma felt someone touching his cheek.

She recoiled in alarm, and saw that it was Issei, and that was when she began to be afraid, for

that she already understood that he could kill her.

-Issei-kun is all a misunderstanding, I did not want to hurt you. ('Yuma') Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I'm just going to ask you once what your real name is?" (Issei)

-Reinare. (Reinare) replied with fear in his voice.

-Ok then Reinare, you can leave, because I have to talk to people who have been watching so far. (Issei) said in a very relaxed tone.

Reinare, did not wait another second and flew out of there as soon as she heard him.

"Now that she's gone, how about you guys go out and talk?" (Issei)

"Since when did you notice us?" (Rias) asked as she stepped out from behind a tree.

"Since you began to follow me when that familiar gave me the pamphlet, and the others will not leave?" (Issei)

-They prefer to stay in the leftovers. (Rias) said with a smile

"I understand then, what can I do for you?" (Issei)

-You seem to be well informed about the affairs in the underworld so I'll be direct you would not like to join my clan? (Rias)

-It depends. (Issei)

-Depends on what? (Rias)

"Would you like to become my wife and be a part of my harem?" (Issei)

"This is not a funny joke. (Rias) said releasing her aura.

"And it should not be, for it is not a joke, you see, I am definitely stronger than your older brother, Milady Gremory, and I wish to have a Harem I could take you by force, yet I do not desire a woman who has not gave me your heart by my side. (Issei)

-You're stronger than my brother, this just ... (Rias)

She did not even speak when she felt a magical power coming from Issei, so dense and large that she fell to her knees, having difficulty even breathing.

-Now you understand? I said I was stronger than him, I just had to let go of some magical power and you can not even stand. (Issei) said and as soon as he finished speaking the magical power around him disappeared.

-Rias I want you to understand, I may be a pervert, but I'm not a liar I want you to think about the agreement, but keep in mind if you agree that means your everything will belong to me. (Issei)

"And in return I'll give you everything I own, my life and my love and care, I assure you." (Issei)

"How long are you going to give me to think?" (Rias)

"You'll have a week, no more, no less." (Issei)

"What happens if I refuse?" (Rias) said with concern in his voice.

"Nothing, I will not do anything to either of you or your family, the only thing I ask is for you to keep your mouth shut over my strength. (Issei)

"Very well I'll give you an answer within a week," Rias said after seeing the sincerity in Issei's eyes.

"Before you leave, I suggest you go get Kiba because he's unconscious." (Issei)

-I will. (Rias) said when he moved where everyone was and noticed that the only unconscious was Kiba, Akeno and Koneko were well

When she turned to look she noticed that Issei disappeared.

danitaier danitaier

sorry the delay my father was going through so bad I had to go with him at the doctor.

Comments (22)

  • swaran


    Why do you guys always make the MC pair with rias, just because she is the main lead of canon doesn't mean she have to become here to, just why does all the MC's become tools for rias to get what she want.

  • Mp0438


    This is how DxD should be. Hope your dad is OK. Thanks for the chapter.

  • The_SuperMan


    To much power

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