25% rebirth in DXD / Chapter 4: Finding Asia, Accord, and Akeno.

Chapter 4: Finding Asia, Accord, and Akeno.

(POV Rias)

It's been three days since Issei made the proposal for Rias, and now she was talking to Akeno about it.

"Akeno, what do you think about Issei's proposal?" (Rias) said while continuing to play chess with Akeno.

"Rias, I'll be honest with you, from my point of view I would accept. (Akeno)

-Why you say that? (Rias)

"Because I could see in his eyes that he was not lying about the deal and I'm sure you saw it too." (Akeno)

"Yes, I noticed that he certainly had the strength to support his words and that he could also solve my problem with Riser. (Rias)

-If you accept the proposal your problem with Raiser will be solved you will have gained a really powerful servant and also a defender against anyone who threatens your security. (Akeno)

-But the Fenix ​​clan will not let this end easy, the strength of a single person can not go against an entire clan. (Rias)

"That is the Rias question, if you accept he becomes the servant of the Gremory house, it will no longer be just him alone. (Akeno)

"You're right, but there is one thing I do not understand, why do you support so much?" This is certainly not something you would normally do. (Rias)

"It's very simple indeed, I detest men who have impure and false thoughts, but I fell in love with him at first sight, for he is pure. (Akeno)

"He's a pervert looking for a harem." (Rias)

"He's a pervert for sure, but I'm sure no matter who becomes his wife, he risked his life to protect her from all harm, how many people do you know who has the courage to do the same?" (Akeno) said and then made his move in chess.

"You're right." (Rias). I said as I continued to play.

Pov (Issei)

Issei was walking to school as he wondered if Rias would accept the agreement or not, when suddenly he heard the noise of someone falling, and remembered that it was now that he should know Asia.

So he acted just like it happened in the anime by the time he left her to go back to school.

"Farther, did you notice that place had the presence of a fallen angel right?" (Draig)

"Yeah, I noticed Draig, but it's not the time to deal with them yet. (Issei)

"And when will it be?" (Draig)

-When I become a demon. (Issei)

"Why do you want to become a demon?" (Draig) asked confused.

"To accomplish my goal." (Issei)

"I'm sorry, but I do not understand what the purpose is for you to become a demon. (Draig)

"To be a king of the harem, and to have my companions by my side forever. (Issei)

"That's what I can not understand, you can already accomplish your goal. (Draig)

-With your current capabilities you can become a dragon with my power if you wish to cease being human. (Draig)

- And being honest if you want immortality for yourself and your companions as well, for you it would not be difficult to achieve, after all you can use time magic and stop everyone from aging. (Draig)

"And as for the part of the harem, you can always go down into the underworld and say, 'I have come and I want beautiful women, surrender or die.' (Draig)

"I've told Draig several times, I do not want to be with someone who does not love me. (Issei)

"Then use mind control magic for them to love you, it's not as if any of them could resist you. (Draig) said trying to persuade.

Look at Draig though he tells Issei to take the fastest route, he knows he will not listen, which is why he suggests, because he feels useless standing next to Issei and would like to talk to him.

Draig never thought there would be someone like Issei, he was so strong that he could kill everyone in the underworld without even using his help, even (Ophis), and (Great Red), could not defeat him when he had used Boosted Gear or 'The Gate of Babylon'.

Draig knows Hyoudou Issei is and always will be, the strongest man to wield Boosted Gear, and the only one who could use the title of:

Red Emperor Dragon.

With total pride and confidence that he really deserved that title.

But what he does not understand is how Issei did not corrupt himself, even though he possessed all this power, anyone who had this kind of skill would, without doubt, do whatever he wanted without caring about the consequences.

-Draig I'll tell you once again, I love women as the most beautiful treasure, and I want to enjoy women who choose to stay by my side, for who they are, not as a trophy, or some kind of toy . (Issei)

"Is not that just you being an idiot and a pervert?" (Draig)

"Exactly, Draig, I'm a pervert and an idiot, but I'm not a monster, or the girl is by my side because she wants to, or she does not have to be with me. (Issei)

"You're an irremediable jerk, but it's not like I hate that side of you." (Draig)

-HAHAHAHA, who would have thought the Red Dragon Emperor was going to be a tsundere? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. (Issei) started to laugh, and then went to school.

When the class was over, and Issei was about to leave, he noticed that a person entered the room was Yuuto Kiba, after passing by the fan-girls, he went to Issei and said.

"Rivers Gremory would like to see you, could you accompany me, please?" (Kiba)

"So she made her decision?" (Issei)

-Yes. (Kiba)

-OK. (Issei) then got up and walked along with Kiba to the occult club.

When they were alone Issei said.

"Sorry for the park incident, I did not want you to faint, but you were the closest when I released the stamps, you ended up being hit harder by being closer. (Issei) said apologetically with sincerity.

"No problem, after all we follow you and I know you did not want to hurt us, if you wanted to, certainly none of us would have left that place alive. (Kiba)

"That's good, after all, I do not want the grudge at all. (Issei)

"Issei-kun, can I ask you a rather personal question? (Kiba)

-Of course, go ahead. (Issei)

"How did you get so strong?" (Kiba)

- Spartan style training. (Issei)

-As well? (Kiba) asked with doubts.

-Kiba I'll say this for your own good, my training style is not for those who have a weak determination. (Issei)

"And how do you know mine is not strong enough?" (Kiba)

"The only reason I have this power now is because I've missed something really important to me, and I've wanted vengeance above anything and that includes my own life. (Issei)

"I also lost something and I want revenge over my life. (Kiba)

"But you would not give up everything to get the power for revenge, you would not kill Rias, or any other member of the Gremory house just to get revenge, and I know that because you did not lose consciousness as soon as I dropped my seal on the park, You could have run away, but you chose to stay and fight. (Issei)

-Kiba listens carefully, you can become very strong if you choose to abandon everything for revenge, but in the end you will also have lost everything, and your life will become meaningless. (Issei) said with a sad look in his eyes.

Kiba after hearing Issei's words was silent, only he knew what he was thinking, but one thing is certain he noticed the loneliness in Issei's tone when he said that he lost everything.

-If you want I can train you, to become strong enough to get revenge, however you must promise that after getting revenge, you will find a good woman, get married and live a quiet life. (Issei)

"Even if my enemy were the whole church?" (Kiba)

"Yes, even if your enemy were the whole church, I could still make you strong enough to face them head-on and win, but that would take a few years of heavy training." (Issei)

"Think about it, because if you accept my help and do not keep it, I'll rip your arms off and force you to do what you promised." (Issei)

After that they walked silently into the club room.

When Issei entered the room he saw that everyone was there except Rias, that he noticed being in the shower which made him smile and wondered how good it would be if he could bathe with her.

After a few minutes Rias came out from inside the shower with a bathrobe.

"I'm grateful you came." (Rias)

"I imagine you called me to give an answer to our agreement." (Issei)

-Yes. (Rias)

"What did you decide?" (Issei)

"Before I answer you, there's something I want to ask you." (Rias) Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

-Go ahead. (Issei)

"Look, Issei, I have a fiancé named Raiser Fenix, he's from the Fenix ​​clan and the next heir, but this is a marriage arranged by my family and I do not want any of it. (Rias)

"They're trying to produce new children after the last war, right?" (Issei)

Rias nodded before continuing.

"But if you stand in the way of this marriage, surely you will be treated as an enemy on both sides, would you still be willing to stand by me even knowing that?" (Rias) said with concern and a little expectation.

"Rias, I've said it once before, I do not care who your enemies are, or what the situation is, as long as you accept me, I'll protect you and destroy whatever causes you sadness. (Issei) said with resolution.

"I'm not going to lie to you, I'm an idiot and a pervert, but the only way anyone hurts the people I love in front of me is to go over my corpse. (Issei)

"Then I accept your proposal, I will become your mistress, and I will also become your Lifemate. (Rias)

"Your enemies will be mine, and I will strive to fulfill your dreams by your side, I swear it in the name of House Gremory (Rias)

-I Hyoudou Issei I promise for my soul, that I will love and protect you Rias Gremory to my last breath, I will never lie to you, your enemies will be mine and I will strive to fulfill your dreams at your side, not just as a servant , but also as a lover. (Issei) with sincerity and resolve.

"Very well, Issei, I have to use 'Peace of Evil' now to make you part of my family. (Rias).

-Rias I understand, however I must warn you that I need to use all the Peace of Evil of a certain type, so that the transformation works on me. (Issei)

"Even if you're stronger than my brother, you would not need something like that so relax. (Rias)

-Rias I am the user of Boosted Gear, as I have another Sacred Gear as strong as it, add that to my power that is already huge, and you will understand. (Issei)

"But that should be impossible, it is not possible to possess two class equipment, Longinus without having his body exploding, by the excess of power. (Rias)

"My other equipment, it's not of the Longinus class, but it's as strong as Boosted Gear, and as long as Boosted Gear is in my possession, it will always be the most powerful Longinus. (Issei)

-Why you say that? (Rias)

- Simple, because Boosted Gear amplifies the power of the user based on the power he already has, I without using neither of my Sacred Gear can I fight head-on against an Ultimate class demon, now tell me what you think will it happen if my already high strength is amplified? (Issei)

"You basically would not have an opponent." (Rias) said in astonishment.

"I understand, but the only pieces I have that fit the requirement are the pawns. (Rias)

"No problems, after all I've said before I am your servant and lover, no matter what piece you use in me, for I will always be your shield and I will protect you. (Issei) said with a smile

Laughs as she listened to that phrase blushed, and began to think that accepting Issei's agreement was probably the best choice she'd ever made.

After calming down a bit, she put the pieces on Issei's chest and performed the ritual, however something unexpected happened usually after doing the ritual, those who are not dead go through a transitional period before they become demons.

But in the case of Issei it was completely different he instantly became a demon, he also had a difference in wings Issei possessed six pairs of wings, however three of them were angel wings and the other three were demonic wings.

-Rias I'm sleepy I'm sorry, but I'm going to sleep for now. (Issei) said before fainting.

Issei woke up after a few hours lying on the sofa, when he looked around he saw Akeno looking at him and smiling, he then looked down and saw that he was wearing a bathrobe.

"Sorry for the question, but who changed my clothes?" (Issei) asked as he repeated in his own mind: (All except Kiba, All but Kiba.)

But when he looked at Akeno's face he had his answer, she looked away from him, and there was a slight blush on his cheeks, Issei was already thanking God.

-I changed you were sweating a lot, and I thought you would be uncomfortable. (Akeno)

- Akeno-san thank you very much for your assistance, I really feel good now. (Issei)

"You do not have to thank me, but you know, I really envy Rias. (Akeno)

"And why are you jealous of her?" (Issei)

-Because she has won an incredible oath of love, and can free herself from the fate she has, I on the other hand will never be able to do the same. (Akeno)

"And why could not you?" (Issei)

-You already have the president. (Akeno)

"If you wish we can take an oath of love, and I guarantee that I will keep my part after all, I want to be the King of the Harem." (Issei) said smiling

"Let me think, and then I'll give you an answer. (Akeno)

"Take the time you need, I'll always have my arms open for you. (Issei)

After that they will talk about each other's hobbies and get to know each other better.

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  • swaran


    The strongest being in the world is becoming someone servant, it's ridiculous in so many ways.

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    and remember he may be the one servant, but he is also Rias lover.

  • danitaier


    if he came as a foreign force the demons would have, avoided him a perfect example of this is that there are no marriages between mythologies before Issei arrives and start picking up the girls

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