31.25% rebirth in DXD / Chapter 5: Untitled

Chapter 5: Untitled

The next day, Issei was going to school when Draig called for him;

-My partner, why did you offer to help that boy with his revenge, and what exactly did you lose to revenge? (Draig)

-I lost a puppy, which I had when I was younger, I lost him because a damn devil, did not pay attention in the traffic and ran him, I followed him to his house, then I waited for him to leave and burned the house and the car together with the damn cat he had so he would understand my pain. (Issei)

-And what did you miss?- After all you still have your parents alive, a younger brother who idolizes you, and your mother is even pregnant again (Draig)

-I lost my beloved puppy, without him I never had someone wagging their tail at me when I got home. (Issei)

-I see, this is another case of you adding to the story, simply because you never lost anything. (Draig)

-Shut up Draig, my little dog was unique in the world, how many dogs do you know that had the name of Naruto, the yellow one and who loved to eat Ramem? (Issei) said trying to defend his point of view.

Draig was silent, he was already used to Issei acting like this, Issei always exaggerated, because he never really lost something, he was born extremely strong and intelligent, which made him rarely make a mistake to repent.

Issei was never annoyed at anything except when someone had the courage to break the only golden rule for him that was:

(Do not hurt anyone he loves).

Issei could tolerate everything anyone tried to do against him and still keep smiling, but if you hurt someone close to him, everything around him would be dead, no matter if you are a good person or if you do it because someone else sent everything around you will be killed, before Issei capture you and torture you until you beg for death, before he gives you a brutal death.

The demons of the Balam clan discovered this in a brutal way, one of the times he went to the underworld with his father, to visit the grandfather along with his father and Scout, Scout as the child he was always was playing and running, unintentionally he bumped into one of the members of the Balam clan that fell to the ground and eventually became soiled by Scout, then because he felt humiliated he hit Scout.

Issei went into fury and burned half of the territory of the Balam clan and if Bellial had not stopped Issei there would be no more Balam clan, Issei would have killed them all, Issei in his past life was an extremely lonely person and now that he has found the feeling of having a real family again, he would not give it up for anything even if he had to burn this whole planet for that.

Of course there would have to be a very strong coincidence, or an enemy that could face the entire underworld and win to make it happen.

Issei's father was a Satan-class demon of the Agares clan, the full name of Issei's father was Bellial Hyoudou Agares, and he was the most powerful demon who ever walked through the underworld as members of the clan Agares Issei's father had the ability to manipulate time and he was really very good at it, the only reason the demons did not win the war was that he left the battlefield because he wanted to live with Gabriel.

While Issei's mother was Gabriel a Seraphim, she was one of the four Great Seraphim, she holds the titles of the most beautiful woman in Heaven and the most powerful woman in Heaven.

The two met in the last Great War and fell in love when Bellial saved her from a stroke of Azazel, they knew they could not be together with their identities so they fled to the human world, changed their appearance with magic, and created new identities they spent several dozen years traveling and enjoying life, until one day they decided to have a child and that was Issei.

But what none of them expected was that Issei had more magical power and vitality than the two of them together, Issei was a hybrid of angel and devil which made him immune to weaknesses on both sides.

When Issei was born both the angels and the demons felt, and came to the couple and demanded that the child be killed, because he represented a danger to the world itself, Bellial went into fury when he heard that they wanted to kill his son and started a slaughter without distinguishing angel or devil he wounded all who dared to try to harm his son.

If Gabriel had not asked him to show mercy to all, he would have killed until the two species entered a phase of near extinction.

Bellial's fighting style was based on his time manipulation, he robbed the life of his opponents and added his own, after which he burned the time he had stolen from them to gain extreme power and deny his own death, always that he was going to die in combat he sacrificed some of the time accumulated to come back from death denying the fact through temporal manipulation, and as he was stealing life time from both the living and the dead he had an infinite lifetime to spend what the made it unbeatable in combat unless the being who was fighting him could cancel the vicious cycle he created.

Which was easier said than done, because even among the Agares clan who were known for their ability to manipulate time, Bellial was at the top without rivals.

Both the angels and the demons never dared to threaten their son's safety, the fallen angels never knew about the incident, for those who survived never dared to mention his birth, they were already greatly injured and understood that if Issei was injured by any of them Bellial would kill the entire faction of the bible in retaliation.

But what no one knew was that none of them possessed the power to injure Issei even if he stood still, only Ophis and Great Red could accomplish such a feat and even they would have to use almost all the power to achieve this.

And yet they could not kill Issei, for he possessed the skills of Hercules from Fate Stay Night, which means that the only way to destroy him was to kill him twelve times, and even Great Red and Ophis did not have the power to explode 12 planets in less than twenty-four hours, and still more with different methods. (N / A: Berserker could recover and regain his life in the anime and despite saying three days it was based on the summoner's ability, and he could not die by the same method.)

Six years after Issei was born, Bellial and Gabriel decided to have another child, who was named Escannor after Issei implored his parents to let him choose the name.

When asked why to choose this name, Issei said that Draig had told him that this was the name of one of the most powerful beings who had ever walked the earth, and he wished his brother was strong enough to be able to seek happiness with their own hands.

Assei was a hybrid, but instead of Issei's overpowering and magical power and vitality, he possessed inhuman brute force and control over the elements and was not just absolute control, because Issei could force the elements to obey him.

But with the exception of Issei, Escanor possessed absolute control of the elements, absolute immunity to them, and the ability to fuse elements to create new ones that also obeyed him.

Escanor idolized his brother for the absurd force that Issei demonstrated, while Issei despite being stern with his brother during training was extremely gentle and protective with him at all other times.

Gabriel discovered that she was pregnant earlier this year what made the family celebrate, they discovered it would be a girl, when Issei, Bellial, and Escanor swore they would kill any man who tried to date her.

What made Gabriel angry and scolding them for several hours.

After a while Draig stopped thinking about it, so he asked Issei a question.

-How are you going to explain your wings to Rias?- (Draig)

-I will tell the truth. (Issei)

-You can only be joking, right? (Draig)

-No, I mean it, I'm not going to lie to her after all, I made a promise and I intend to honor her. (Issei)

-You're telling me that if you betray her, would you still tell?- (Draig)

-Yes, I would because if I had sex with a girl I will take responsibility and take her as my wife, and I will be the king of the harem it is impossible for me to have a single woman. (Issei)

-When I said cheating, I meant when you do something that betrays confidence with your actions.

-That will not happen, and if it happens I'll tell her.- (Issei)

-The impossible really comes true with you, a man who has a Qi above 300 refuses to lie for a promise. (Draig)

-I've told you several times, I'm a jerk and perverted, having a high Qi does not make you clever, it's your actions that define who you are and I prefer to be a beloved idiot, a clever suspicious of everything. (Issei)

Draig was silent after hearing this, but he really respected Issei for the way he led his life.

-Talking about your promise when you expect her to keep her part and become your wife?- (Draig)

-Today I'm going to start kissing her, and if she wants to continue I do not care. (Issei)

-You do not plan to take her first in that room, do you?- (Draig)

-Of course not, and I'm not that stupid. (Issei)

-So what do you plan to do?- (Draig)

-If she decides to continue, I'll take her to my family's country house with space magic, after all, no one is using it and it's an extremely romantic place, after all, that woman never dreamed of going to Paris?- (Issei)

-But your parents?- You know they go to that house many times. (Draig)

-You do not have to worry I've asked to use the house for the next week or so, so there will be no problems. (Issei)

-And you were saying that you planned to respect her will, you'd fool her to go to that house during that week without a doubt.- (Draig)

-I'd try you know I would not force her, but that does not change the fact that I'm a pervert. (Issei) smiling

Draig chose to remain silent.

~~~~ An hour later in the club room. ~~~~

Issei and Rias were alone in the club room, after all the other members had gone to do their own thing, because classes had not yet begun.

-Yes, can you tell me why you have angel wings?- (Rias)

-Because I'm a hybrid of angel and demon. (Issei)

-That is impossible, if you were a hybrid between the two, you would have already been killed. (Rias) said shocked.

Issei then told her about the story of his birth, which his father had told him.

-That is unbelievable, I have become the wife of the son of two of the most powerful beings that ever existed. (Rias)

-Speaking of becoming my wife, you have not given me a kiss since we started the relationship.- (Issei) said that and then moved at extreme speeds to Rias.

-I have become your servant, now I will become your lover. (Issei) said as he approached Rias' face to kiss her.

-Wait ...- (Rias) was interrupted while Issei gave her a deep kiss, which he proved to be really good thanks to his ability of instant dominance. (N / A: there are techniques to give a kiss so the request number three also works in this case, just like in sex).

Rias was stunned by the pleasure of the kiss while they were kissing as she wrapped her arms around Issei's neck and began to actively match the kiss.

Issei, after noticing Rias corresponding to his kiss, used one hand to massage her breasts while he wore the other to wrap around her waist.

He kept doing this for a few minutes before he separated from Rias and said,

-Rivers if we continue, I can not contain myself any more, and we will go to the end. (Issei)

-All right, I'm already yours. (Rias) said with a flushed face, which added even more to Issei's excitement and he could not stop himself.

(What did I say!), This was the thought she had while Issei took her as a princess and used magic to take her to an unknown room.

He took Rias to his room in the country house, and began to kiss her even more passionately while he still began to take off his clothes.

It was when she felt him kissing her, she grabbed his collar and forcefully returned it kissed him passionately. Their tongues were busy dancing with each other creating a sense of ecstasy for them. That feeling ... It was so good that she was going crazy and he was also busy massaging her breasts.

Her massages could not be described as anything less than divine, she felt as if he let her go, she would not be able to live any longer, Issei was too incredible.

(That was not good, I can not let Issei dominate me, I'm his teacher.) Rias thought still with lust.

She pushed him into the bed and quickly let go of his pants, his rod of flesh left as he showed his greatness and vigor to the world, as if he were an absolute emperor and wanted everyone to kneel before his greatness.

-Rias? (Issei) said in surprise.

-I'm the master of the relationship and I'll show you that. (Rias)

Rias then took her huge spear to the entrance of her pussy and slowly inserted inside, but she stopped because of the pain she was feeling.

Issei noticing her pain rolled on the bed and laid her in place, he then said:

-It's time for me to show you that you can be my mistress, but on the bed I'm the one who gives the orders.- (Issei)

Issei then began to passionately kiss Rias which generated immense pleasure for both of them, and while she was enjoying the pleasure he inserted slowly until that until his spear of flesh and the cave of Rias has become only one.

Rias felt unimaginable ecstasy and had an orgasm as soon as Issei's penis touched his womb, he then slowly started his piston and every time he entered Rias drowned in ecstasy.

After two hours of the most vigorous actions they had both felt the greatest orgasm they ever had, and enjoyed together, Issei released all his breath of the Dragon within Rias.

As she enjoyed the warm, comfortable sensation coming from her womb one last time.

They both fell asleep while they were still connected.

After a few hours Issei woke up and saw Rias sleeping in his arms a smile full of kindness appeared on his face as he moved and gave a small kiss to his lips. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

-It's almost twelve o'clock.- (Issei)

-Good morning. (Rias) said smiling.

-Rias I do not care to be like this with you, but if you do not get off me, my little brother will wake up and you will have to take responsibility. (Issei)

-Do not even think about it, you've already made me lose class, you're not going to make me late for the club. (Rias) said as she stood up as she headed for the shower to wash.

-What do you think about taking a shower together? (Issei) said with a perverted smile.

-Do not even think about it, you've dragged me here to do these vulgar things, and do not think I do not know you already planned to do that. (Rias)

-I did not force you to come, I still warned that if we did not stop we would go to the end. (Issei) said trying to defend himself.

-That house still smells of cleaning products, which means it's been cleaned recently, tell me if there's no one living here who did the cleaning?- (Rias)

-My mother did the cleaning, she and my father come here often and she always keeps the house clean for it. (Issei)

-So you're telling me you did not plan to bring me here?- (Rias) asked by testing she knew Issei would keep the promise.

-I was certainly planning to bring you here, but I would never have done it against your will.- (Issei)

-Good answer, I'm going to take a shower now. (Rias) began to walk and saw a discouraged Issei in a mirror, then she turned and said:

-And you're coming with me.- (Rias) said smiling.

Upon hearing Rias Issei opened a smile and ran to reach her after they had what could be called a very tiring exercise they were putting on their clothes.

When they had finished Rias turned to Issei and said,

-We have to get back to the club, everyone should be worried. (Rias)

-OK. (Issei) said this and opened a portal into the club room.

When they returned to the club, they saw that everyone had a worried look on their faces and asked where they were, causing Rias to blush deeply and Issei smiled with a little pride.

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