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Chapter 7: Untitled

In the club's hidden research room a few hours later.

Asia was lying on the couch still resting, she had just turned into a demon.

-Yes, did you kill them?- (Rias)

-Yes, after I left Asia here I went to sort them out. (Issei)

~~~~ Flash Back ~~~~

The church was on fire, and four bodies of fallen angels were on the ground with wounds, yet none of them were dead.

-Why would you do something like that?- (Reinare)

-Because I do not like to leave loose ends beyond the fact that I want to try something. (Issei) said with a bright smile, but to Reinare and the other angels it seemed the smile of death itself

-What do you want to do? (Reinare)

-Is it really simple, have you heard of golens?- (Issei)

-Well, just look how interesting I have the power to create really powerful golens, however they need a core to work, and what core better than fallen angels like you? (Issei) said still smiling, and without waiting for any of them to react, he summoned the gate of Babylon and from him he removed the body from several gigantic golens, and placed the fallen angels on each of these golens.

-Now raise my beautiful golens with the invocation of my Noble Phantasm. (Issei)

-Take Keter Malkuth.- (Issei)

After Issei had uttered these words the four golens stood up they were gigantic, each of them possessing combat power equivalent to a high class satan.

(N / A: see fate apocrypta, when the black caster invokes the Noble Phantasm he invoked four of these)

-Well, now I have enough firepower to play with the Phoenix clan if they piss me off. (Issei)

-Now I must prepare the ground for my other project. (Issei)

After saying this he looked at the golens and ordered them to enter the gate of Babylon, and as they were his Noble Phantasm, they entered without any problems.

After that he cleared the area and removed various materials, then he created a time barrier around the site, and defined that the time inside the barrier was 24 times faster than outside it, after which he used his magic to fuse the materials and begin the process of creation after he shed the blood of fallen angels, some of his father's blood, and some of his mother's blood, besides his own blood.

-Now it's time to bring my palace.-

Issei cleared the entire area with magic then conjured up another Noble Phantasm

-Gardens ... Float.- (Issei)

-Let me show you the castle in the sky that no human touches.- (Issei)

-The gardens are suspended. (Issei)

- Hanging Gardens of Babylon! (Issei)

After this a gigantic fortress rose to the skies and stood there as the palace of an absolute king, the view of the fortress was beautiful, it was very similar to what one could describe as the gardens of Eden, the only difference being that on the outer sides of the gardens there were several buildings and houses that could be used at any moment, it was basically an extremely armed city that could fly, and possessed an insanely strong defense.

Issei recited the chant for Noble Phantasm, for when he recites one he can further increase the power of the said Noble Phantasm, he has been preparing to make The Suspended Gardens of Babylon for more than five years, just as the golens are needed materials expensive to be able to work and the more materials used in the construction more powerful these two Noble Phantasm will be strong, Issei obtained all the materials counting on the connections of his father, and the gigantic fortune that the same had accumulated.

He had already prepared the materials and left the whole foundation ready so he could activate at any moment, he was just waiting for the right chance, so he could get the power he wants he still needs three more materials that are the blood of an angel, a demon and a fallen angel, he already had access to the first two, but the last one was more complicated.

Issei discovered that if he used the blood of a creature in building that Noble Phantasm he could make it immune to any kind of creature's power.

He shed blood from Angel, Demon, Dragon, Nephilim and Fallen Angel. Add that to all the materials he used and his magic that was extremely powerful to start, he created a fortress that literally could destroy the entire underworld by itself .

-Now that everything is ready, I just have to deal with the Phoenix clan and I and Rias can enjoy that view while we date.- (Issei) said while enjoying the view of his own work.

He turned off the time barrier, it took him three hours inside the barrier, which means he took nine days to complete the project, three times the time that was expected for this Noble Phantasm, but in the end it was all worth not only him created the golens that he desired as well as managed to generate the fort without major problems, after that he put an invisibility barrier on top of the fortress and went to meet Rias in the club once again.

~~~~ Flash Back ~~~~

Issei told Rias about the golens and the fortress, and warned her that she could defy the Phoenix anytime he was ready and get angry at him, no doubt he would kill all members of the Phoenix clan.

-I am, if possible I want you not to kill Riser in the Rating Game, I do not want to start a war between my clan and the Phoenix clan. (Rias)

-Rias if this is what you wish I will spare him, however keep in mind I have my bottom line and if he passes her, I will ensure that he lives a life worse than death. (Issei)

-Thank you. (Rias)

Rias already understood a little of how Issei works and knew that asking him to spare an enemy was to make him go against everything he believes, but a war could be avoided in that way.

But she did not know that the real reason Issei did not want to spare Riser was simply jealousy, he hated the fact that Riser was coveting Rias' body.

She was his only woman he could covet her body, that was exactly what Issei was thinking, he was already planning to pluck Riser's eyes, just so he would never think about looking at Rias again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

But of course Rias would never find out about it, after all Issei disguised jealousy with the story of not sparing an enemy, that was all silly to him, with the amount of strength he possessed nothing was a threat to those he loves, In fact, if he wants to, Issei could go back in time any time he wanted, which means that it is definitely impossible for him to lose someone he loves without first killing him.

-Rias changing the subject I'm almost sure that you're pregnant then nothing to do heavy exercises in the coming months. (Issei) said as he hugged Rias around the waist and gave a loving look.

All members of the club were shocked by how much power Issei had and how he described things, however when Issei said she was pregnant they all had their jaws on the floor coming to the same conclusion.

Issei had already turned Rias into a woman !!!!!

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