50% rebirth in DXD / Chapter 8: Showing the boss to an arrogant chicken.

Chapter 8: Showing the boss to an arrogant chicken.

A few days later in the club room.

Rias now sits at his desk in the club room while his front was a silver-haired housekeeper and a well-curved body

-I said I refuse to marry that guy (Rias)

-You have no choice, miss. (maid) without considering the opinion of Rias

Koneko and Akeno who were in the room were just sitting listening to the conversation without interfering with anything, since they could not help with this, until the door opened, entering Issei, Kiba and Asia.

-And who decided that she had no choice?- (Issei), who had just entered, he said.

-And who would you be?- (Maid)

-I think it's good manners to introduce yourself before asking for someone's name.- (Issei)

-Just a low-class demon and so arrogant.- (Maid)

-Better than a hypocrite who wants to force someone to marry against his will. (Issei)

-How dare you ... (Employee) letting go of his magical power to press Issei.

-I'm waiting ... (Rias) tried to stop the situation because she already knew where it would end, however it was too late.

Issei to feel the power of the maid, launched his own, once he launched the whole school began to shake only from the pressure of his power, Grafya fell kneeling on the floor without even breathing, but the other members of the club were perfectly well.

Issei then crouched in front of her, looked at her mockingly and said.

-You ask how I dare?- I'll tell you why it's because I can kill the whole clan Gremory and the Phoenix clan, if you annoy me, you know I hate seeing a girl crying, especially if this girl is someone I love, and you dare try to make Rias suffer , give me one reason why I should not go down to the demonic world and not kill the last of you. (Issei) said in an aggressive tone

The maid was deeply regretting to act arrogant, she now knew that the person in front of her was not someone she should have teased, by the power he was releasing casually she already knew he was stronger than Sirzechs, and he definitely had the power to fulfill the threat.

-That's enough, please, she's Grafya my sister-in-law, and my brother tried to cancel the engagement, but my father insisted on the idea. (Rias)

As if it had never been released the pressure vanished from the surroundings, and Issei came back to resemble an ordinary person.

-If that's what you want Rias, then I have no problems.- (Issei)

-Sorry with her. (Rias)

-Rias I will not apologize, we both know that if your brother really wanted, he could break the engagement, the most that would happen was a new war. (Issei)

-You treat war like it's a walk in the park, you do not know how many lives would be lost? (Grafya)

Grafya was annoyed by Issei's lack of importance in a war, she knew he was powerful enough to fight one and win, after only releasing his magical power, she was on her knees struggling to stay awake.

- Yes I know, however I prefer war to convict someone I love to marry a pig, my family always had a saying: [If we have to marry women against their will for benefits, this means that men are incompetent and useless], my grandfather tells me this since I was a child. (Issei)

Grafya was shocked because she heard the same phrase from the head of the Agares clan, they always had that motto that is why they never accepted a marriage arranged in the history of the clan, women of the clan should choose their partners.

-Has your grandfather taught you how many lives are lost in a war?- (Grafya)

-Yes, he taught me, and he also told me that with absolute power no one dares to start one against you.- (Issei)

Grafya after listening to this chose to remain silent for what she had heard so far, she was almost certain that Issei was a person of the Agares clan, for only they have this kind of philosophy in the demonic world, and are willing to see the world burn before deliver someone they love.

Rias, seeing that the situation was tense, rose from her chair.

-Now let's calm down a bit and talk ...- (Rias) said before being interrupted by a light from the corner of the room

Soon after the light, a magic orange circle with flames hanging out next to a man in his 20s with straight blond hair down to his shoulders, he wore a red wine blazer with a white social shirt and red pants too

-Ahh, I have not been to the human world in years. (man) said just after the magic circle disappears Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The man then turns and looks at Rias:

-I came to visit my dear Rias. (Riser) with a smile

-Who is this clown?- Issei asked in a slightly more aggressive tone, which Rias noticed, and was a little happy because she noticed that Issei was jealous.

-That face is Mr. Raiser Phoenix, he is a pure-blooded demon, heir to the Phoenix clan and fiancé of the heiress of the Gremory clan, (Grayfia) answering Issei's question.

-That loser?- Is it serious that you are trying to marry Rias with this garbage bag? (Issei)

-What you said your pathetic demon. (Riser)

Even before anyone had time to react, Issei kicked Riser in the stomach, which made him crash into the wall, before Issei grabbed him by the neck and said.

-Let's clarify one thing your clown Rias is my wife, and if one day you try to approach her again without her wanting, I'll rip your arms, your legs and your face, you'll be that stretch without arms, legs and face , rolling down the slope, the same shit, the same shit in the sewer. (Issei) said with a murderous instinct leaking.

Issei's previous kick ripped several ribs apart, however unlike what Riser had hoped would not heal.

When the people around her noticed what happened, they realized things were going to be ugly.

-Let me go. (Riser) said resisting the pain of having his ribs completely destroyed.


Issei then gave a heavy slap on Riser's face that made some teeth come out of his mouth and said,

-Where is this, please? (Issei)

-Your junk do you know who I am?- (Riser)

Slap, Slap

Two more tapas sounded.

-The first is because I did not hear one, please, and the second is because you insulted me, listen very carefully if I do not hear one, please, and an excuse me in thirty seconds I'm going to kill you, and you should know that I'm not kidding because even his ribs have not healed. (Issei) said releasing his intention to kill.

At this point everyone in the room will demonstrate different reactions, Grafya showed fear, because she knew that if Issei wanted to kill Riser there was no one who could stop him, Rias was smiling, because she noticed Issei's jealousy towards her and was happy to know that Issei loved her enough to kill, clan members were surprised because they had never seen Issei angry before, and Riser was in a dilemma that was his pride against his life, he knew Issei was not joking when he said he was going to kill him , Riser could only say that for the murderous intention and the resolution in the eyes if he did not apologize he was going to die, however if he apologizes to a low-echelon demon his whole face will go down the drain.

-Did the last words end? (Issei)

-I'm sorry, and let me go, please.- (Riser) said with a sour expression on his face, in the end he chose life instead of pride.

Issei then released Riser, struck him in the stomach one more time and saw him fall squirming in pain.

-You're going to listen to me now, you fucking chicken, you're going back to the hole where you came from and will never bother Rias again, if you do not do exactly what I'm telling you, I'm going to kill you your family your friends your employees up to even all the damn pets you've ever had contact with, I'm not going to spare anyone am I being clear enough? (Issei) said releasing his magic, but this time he did not hold back the floors around him broke only from the pressure, the whole city shook, and even the people in the underworld could feel the overwhelming power he was releasing.

Riser had never felt such power in his life before, and he knew that if he disagreed, he would be destroyed along with the entire Phoenix clan.

-I understand, I will never appear before you again, I swear. (Riser) said with fear in his voice, he had already pissed in fear.

- Out of my way. (Issei)

-Yes. (Riser) after saying that Riser opened a portal and ran home as fast as he can without even looking back.

-Soon, now that the discomfort is gone, Rias comes to see the things I bought for our little devil who's about to be born. (Issei) said as he pulled some baby clothes from the bag as if everything that happened was nothing more than a breeze.

-I know how many times I need to tell you I'm not pregnant, demons can not get pregnant after only once. (Rias)

-You wanna bet?- (Issei)

-Sorry to interrupt, but as it is Rias is pregnant and only once. (Grafya)

-Eu and Rias already consummated the relationship. (Issei)

-Impossible, there is a barrier that detects when Rias lost her virginity. (Grafya)

-So either the one who cast the spell is incompetent not to notice, or else he did not even bother to look. (Issei) said proudly as Rias blushed deeply.

Grafya noticing this looked carefully at Rias and noted that Issei was telling the truth she was no longer a virgin.

After noticing this, Grafya fainted.

danitaier danitaier

please write a noble phastasm that you would like to see against Kokabiel

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  • Roscio


    Since it was the 'excalibur arc'.. then Artoria excalibur or Mordred 'klarent'.. kokabiel killed by the legendary 'excali-blast' or 'klarent blood arthur' xD

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    Will mc have oppai reading like original isse???

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