75% rebirth in DXD / Chapter 12: Diodora's offer, and Erigor's plan.

Chapter 12: Diodora's offer, and Erigor's plan.

Inside the Floating Gardens of Babylon.

Issei was lying on the bed while Rias and Asia were naked lying on his arms.

Issei had already taken Asia as his wife, unlike the original Issei he was not going to wait for the girls to do all the work, he was dedicated to making all the beautiful women around him in their women.

Issei was now in a dilemma, he was thinking about how to deal with Cao-Cao the truth was that Issei could crush him like a cockroach, but if he did that Ophis would not stand still and even if he did not fear the confrontation he would not either I wanted to start one for nothing.

Issei already knew that Ophis was trying to get rid of Great Red, but he did not want to take sides in this story, Issei did not want to follow the original plot, because he already understands that if he tried, Issei was destined to let his girls suffer is why that he intends to kill any future enemy before they have time to try anything.

Issei has already decided he will only keep the most important parts that will get him to meet more girls, the rest he will kill before they even know them.

After deciding on the subject, Issei smiled and closed his eyes to sleep.

~~~~~~ In the castle of the phoenix clan ~~~~~~

Riser was destroying everything inside a room while he was having a fit of rage.

"Damn that low-level demon, it was all going well before he showed up, but now I'm being a joke to the entire demonic community, and if that's not enough I'm still considered the shame of the whole Phoenix clan. (Riser)

Riser was furious, because thanks to the club incident he had become the biggest joke in the demonic world, however strong as Issei was was expected the minimum honor of a member of the Phoenix clan, but Riser delivered his bride only because Issei said for him to do.

And this was the lowest action a man could do because of this many demons who wanted to unite their families with the Phoenix clan began to reconsider the situation after all his heir was as cowardly as would be the other members?

What if they had a wedding and their daughter was asked by someone stronger?

If the heir did not protect his wife, what was his subordinates' chance to protect?

The Phoenix clan was facing a crisis because of Riser's cowardice, and the Phoenix clan chief had never been so disappointed in his son, he knew that if that choice had been presented to him, or to one of his eldest sons they would have died before leaving their wives, but Riser was spoiled and always treated the women as his toys, so when the choice was made between his life or the girl he chose life.

(N / A: Riser was the third son of the phoenix clan, nobody knows anything about the second)

Riser's mother felt disgusted by her son, she wondered where she had erred in her son's upbringing, for him to have done something like that, she had already been against spoiling Riser, but now she has taken away whatever luxury Riser might have had also his daughter Ravel from Riser's side, for he was clearly a bad influence.

Ravel on the other hand was having conflicting feelings, she was there the day Issei crushed Riser, and as much as Issei was to blame for the current situation of her family she felt an uncontrollable envy of Rias, Issei was willing to face two clans just to ensure her safety, no matter how much she tried to forget, she could not help thinking how handsome he looked back then.

"You certainly look bad now. (???)

-What you want Diodora I am not in the mood or patience for your false façade of saint now. (Riser)

-I'm here for exactly what caused your current situation, you are being considered, the biggest joke in the underworld because of Hyoudou Issei, and it turns out that he took one of my toys, you must already imagine that I'm not happy about it. (Diodora)

"And what do you propose?" My current situation is precisely because he is too powerful to be able to deal with him on our own, it would take at least two devils of the Satan class to deal with him, and that if what he showed is all the power he has. (Riser)

-I disagree, Issei can be extremely powerful, but the people around him are not, we can just kidnap Rias and force her to sign a soul pact that she will serve you, if you laugh at obeying him he will be forced to obey her. (Diodora)

-Riser do you really think I would come without a plan? I have the help of many satan class demons they are going to generate pressure so he does not touch our clan, I refuse to believe he will launch war against the entire underworld just for her. (Diodora)

"Do you know who his father is?" (Riser)

"I heard rumors, but I'm not sure. (Diodora)

"Then I can confirm he is the son of Bellial, my father confirmed the situation with the head of the Agares clan together with the head of the Gremory clan, they heard right from the mouth of the head of the Agares clan that Issei was the son of Bellial and Gabriel, and while the Agares clan does not interfere with the subject of the heir, Gabriel certainly will, I do not think I need to remind you what the Agares clan's policy is, and that was the fact that a fruit does not fall far from the tree, if the His father has decimated the demons in the past, what prevents Issei from finishing his service in the present? (Riser)

Diodora was silent after listening Riser he already knew that the situation could not be solved with pressure, if they tried to kidnap Rias would be like attacking the wife of one of the members of the Agares clan, and nothing could save them from the fury of this clan, Diodora knew full well that the reason the Agares clan was the second strongest was because they never coveted the first place otherwise all the other clans would be forced to bow their heads to them.

-Well there is another way, but if I use it the price will be expensive. (Diodora)

-What would be the path and the price? (Riser)

Riser could be arrogant, but he was not stupid he understood that if what they did failed would bring the destruction of the two clans soon after.

"Have you heard of the Chaos Brigade organization?" (Diodora)

-Yes. (Riser) Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I have some contacts in there and if we offer the right price, we can ask them to deal with Hyoudou Issei for us. (Diodora)

"And what would be the price?" (Riser)

-Lagrimas de Fênix, however for them to get involved with Issei it will be necessary to offer at least a thousand phoenix tears (Diodora)

-You are crazy? Mil Lagrimas is what my family produces each year, it is impossible to collect all this. (Riser)

"You yourself said he is the son of Bellial, to provoke someone with a monstrous power, and with such a powerful background obviously you will have to pay gigantic prices, of course you may refuse to act against him, but keep in mind that you will be forever the joke of the demonic world. (Deliora)

After considering for some time Riser decided.

-I'll get the tears, but you also have to put something of equivalent value I will not pay for it alone. (Riser)

-Of course I will pay along with you a thousand tears are your half, mine will be sacrificing a Sacred Gear of power equivalent to Longinus class, which I laid my hands recently known as Gae Bolg. (Deliora)

"Is that impossible, was not the spear with the Celts?" (Riser)

-I have my ways. (Diodora)

"Very well, I agree with just one day and I will have collected the amount. (Riser)

-Great. (Diodora)

After the conversation, Diodora left.

Riser already knew how to get the thousand Tears, in times of War the Phoenix clan had a way of speeding up the creation of the Phoenix tears to insane levels, this method was dangerous for the clan member, but he wanted to take revenge on Issei above everything then it will use.

The method was a magic seal that suppresses the clan member's emotions, and forcing them to cry with this method is possible for a single member to produce up to 2500 Phoenix tears in a single day, but it also leaves sequels on the user and without several decades of repose or some kind of healing treasure superior to the Phoenix Tears this damage can not be cured, this method is inhuman but effective and Riser knew how to accomplish it.

After deciding how to act Riser called a trusted housekeeper and told her what he would do and said she needed to change the containers underneath it.

Then he started the process.

~~~~~~ Inside the castle on the territory of the Agares clan ~~~~~~

An old man was laughing a lot while he was talking to another old man.

The name of the laughing man was Erigor Agares and he was Issei's grandfather, while the old man beside him was his good friend Zekram Bael they were both brothers of long-standing guns, they were more like brothers than true blood brothers .

-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, those idiots tried to get my grandson's girl and they came out with their tails between their legs HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHH (Erigor) said laughed at Riser and his nobility.

-HAHAHAHAHHAHA do not even tell me I heard your grandson called the chicken phoenix boy, a damn chicken when I heard about it I swear I laughed a whole week HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. (Zekram)

"Now I have to say I did not expect my grandson to fall in love with your granddaughter, I have nothing against and I'm more than happy to see a marriage between them. (Erigor)

(N / A: in my story Venelana is the daughter of Zekram)

"I understand how you feel I never thought that would happen either, I warned those idiots not to go after Bellial at that time, but they did not hear me the result was that my clan lost more than a quarter of our members. (Zekram)

"Talking into your clan because you chose that brat as your substitute, I never understood that, after all you had Venelana as your first child, not only was she more talented at managing people, but she was also more powerful, I do not see anything in that he is superior to her. (Erigor)

Erigor was referring to the current head of the Bael clan, both Venelana and the head of the Bael clan were Zekram's children, but even Venelana being much superior she was not selected as the next family chief.

"Haaais, this is one of my deepest regrets, the truth of the matter is that Venelana was born of a concubine, not of my official wife, which is why she is not the head of the Bael clan, stupid is not she? These rules that make up the Bael clan are ridiculous. I had to see her marrying a foreigner instead of leading the clan to greatness, and my pathetic son who does not know how to appreciate talent and only cares about the power of destruction and purity of the lineage, sincerely if he does not sink the clan while he's the boss I'll be surprised. (Zekram) said with a sigh.

"Does he still despise Sairaorg?" (Erigor)

"Yeah, that jerk does not recognize Sairaorg's strength just because he does not have the power of destruction, damn it at the time I decided to listen to the elders in the clan and not select Venelana for the job. (Zekram)

-HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAH, I told you that my clan's rules are better, you did not hear me then and now you're paying for it. (Erigor)

"Damn it when I did not force the marriage between Venelana and Bellial, if I had forced you at the time you proposed the idea instead of letting them decide, Issei would be my grandson by blood, and without doubt he would be ruling the clan Bael for greatness. (Zekram)

"I also regret not having forced the subject then, because of this, Bellial married that damned pigeon. (Erigor)

Although Erigor loved his grandchildren very much, he detested Gabriel to the bone, for him any good angel should be a dead angel.

"At least my grandson tastes good and decided to marry a beautiful, pure-blooded demonic girl. (Erigor)

"You and Bellial have quarreled a lot over this subject, it seems you will never change your mind, will you?" (Zekram)

"I'd rather die than call her daughter-in-law, if he wants to marry her great I will not interfere, but she will not step into my house." (Erigor)

"Do not you think you're taking it too far?" (Zekram)

"So why did not you let Venelana marry Raphael she really liked him, but what did you do?" You almost killed him when you found out and did not kill him because Venelana swore he would not think about it again. (Erigor)

Zekram chose to remain silent he knew it was true, and that he would do it all over again if needed, he thanks every day for the presence of Zeoticus, for he feared that if she did not fall in love with him, perhaps he also had to go through same thing as Erigor.

-Well that does not matter anymore, I can not change the past, but at least I can guarantee the future of my grandson. (Erigor)

"What do you mean, to secure his future?" (Zekram)

-My grandson is rejected by the underworld, because he's kind of an angel, that damn Ajuka Beelzebub refused to give my grandson a game of demonic parts for the stupid bias of a child who did not ask to be born, he denied my request for a game of pieces to Issei, and to Scout my other grandson. (Erigor)

"And what do you want to do?" (Zekram)

-Simple I'm going to force him to accept Issei as a high-class demon, whether he likes it or not I'm sure you've heard about Chaos Brigade, right? (Erigor)

"Yes, I've heard of them, it's a disturbed group of losers who want to rise to power, only counting on the lineage, but they do not have the power needed for the rank." (Zekram)

-I recently heard that they are receiving support from Ophis, now look at the situation where we find ourselves what do you think will happen if she attacks the underworld? (Erigor)

"No doubt people will ask you and me to deal with her, for no other demon besides us can contain her fury. (Zekram)

-It's not exact, there are two more people who can, and they are Issei and Bellial, although Bellial can not kill Ophis he can tell her, Issei on the other hand if he's taking it seriously seriously has the ability to kill her . (Erigor)

-You're going to force Ajuka to give a set of demonic pieces to your grandchildren through blackmail or they recognize the nobility of Issei, or you let Ophis kill them all. (Zekram)

"Exactly, since they do not recognize my family because I should move a finger to help them?" It is a fact that Bellial will not help because he hates all the noblemen of the demonic world, Gabriel also will not move to help do not need to remember that much less angels, and even if Azazel helps to try to generate the pact for peace he it is still too weak to make any difference, only Issei, you and I, to ask for help, but if you ask Issei to get involved an equally great reward will have to be paid, what reward do you think Rias will select? (Erigor)

"Probably going to ask Issei to be considered a high-class demon forcing Ajuka to give a game of evil pieces to Issei, I have to admit this is a master plan since I can not fight alone against Ophis. (Zekram)

Erigor smiled at this comment, he knew that doing so would make Ajuka hate him, but he did not care at all, it was Ajuka who started when he refused to recognize Issei's legacy.

Erigor already knew that Riser would probably make a deal with Chaos Brigade to attack Issei, after all they were the only ones stupid enough to try to annoy his grandson after that demonstration of power, which meant that Issei would have a stage to demonstrate the power of him soon, and that was exactly why Erigor was waiting.

Erigor was inciting mockery against Riser from the shadows, and he would do this until Riser hired any member of Chaos Brigade to deal with Issei, he knew very well that no one had the power to stop the grandson when he was angry, after all he also saw the which happened to the Balam clan, he is truly proud to have a grandson like Issei, but still hates Gabriel to the soul.

-But Erigor have you ever wondered what will happen if Issei becomes a High-Class Demon? After all he could compete for the right to become head of the clan Agares (Zekram)

"If he wants to, I have no problem getting the position for him, the truth is that Issei will never accept the position, he is the kind of person who would not be stuck behind a table, even if it meant the end of the world. (Erigor)

-Hahahahahahahaha, it's my old friend it looks like you'll die like the patriarch, because nobody wants to take over, hahahahahahahahahahaha. (Zekram) was laughing a lot at his old friend.

-You can laugh as much as you want, I'm already happy that your granddaughter will get pregnant from my grandson soon, I'll be able to have a lot of fun watching my great-grandchildren run around while you're going to have to clean up the dirt your child is raising in the clan, HAHAHAHHAHA. (Erigor) He mocked him back without mercy.

"DARK HELL, HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT, MY SWEET AND ADORABLE GRANDDAUGHTER, SHE WOULD NOT WORK IN A YOUNG AGE. (Zekram) screamed agitated, Zekram loved Rias, if she suddenly appeared pregnant, he would beat the shit out of Zeoticus for not having protected his granddaughter.

"That's what we're going to see. (Erigor) said smiling, originally he just wanted to tease his friend, but when he found out it was true, he laughed for three days and three nights, and his mockery reached a new level with his old comrade-in-arms.

And for the bad luck of Zeoticus, Rias would give the first symptoms of pregnancy in a few months, and he would have to deal with the colossal fury of Zekram on him.

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