33.33% Ominous Depravity / Chapter 3: Chapter 2: Encounter

Chapter 3: Chapter 2: Encounter

The moonlight was still shining upon me. The dazzling glow it gave me was mezmezing as it filled the dark sky with a beautiful view. The stars were glittering and shining high above. Only small amounts of tears were running down my face as the rest dried up. I walked off Mei's front yard and and closed the gate behind me. I took one look back and said my farewells. I then decided to head back to Akahibara and stay there for a bit until I find a place where I'm going to stay.

As I walked most of the neighborhood seemed to be already down for the sleep and all the lights were off, I checked my phone and it was 10PM already. Akahibara wasn't far from were I was now, it was at least a round 8 minutes in walking distance. I could see the city lights, anime build boards and ads all from here. Within a few more minutes I was at the main center and I could see people were still active here, no one knew that there was a murder right beside them. I went into the big arcade where I would go up to the toppers floor and walk around a bit to think where I should go. I entered the arcade and no one payed attention to me because they were busy playing the games. The dark room was illuminated with many colorful lights and the arcade game lights.

I went to the elevator which was at the back of the first floor and went to the highest floor which was the 7th. I put my back against the wall and closed my eyes as it went up.

-'Who are you going to kill next?'-

Get out of my head.

-'You should stop trying to hide your desire, you want to kill more people don't you. All the ones that wronged you, all the ones that have put you don't during your lifetime. Don't you want to make them suffer?'-

I...don't know

-'Well then. I'll help you make those decisions. Make them pay for what they've done. Hibiki you are the only one that can'-

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

I opened my eyes do to feeling the elevator had stopped. The ring noise had played once I arrived to the 7th floor. The elevator door opened slowly and a face had appeared behind it. It was a young girl whose face looked distraught and saddened, she had tears in her face. I didn't know what was wrong and my first thought was that she was lost.

"Hey, hey now why are you crying? Are you lost?"

She was wearing a school uniform but I didn't know what school it was from. White shirt with a black brownish sweatshirt over it and a red skirt. She was blonde and as it seems has green eyes. She was bawling her eyes out and was struggling to talk.

"M-m-my pa-parents, I don't know where they areeeee wahhhhhhh"

I felt sympathy for her and I decided to help her find her parents. They were probably still on this floor though I didn't really hear any calls for her or actually, I didn't see anyone up here except her.

"Did you last see them on this floor?"

She nodded in return as she kept on crying.

"Well, let's see if we can find them come with me let's look around together."

She agreed and kept behind me. There was more rooms here than games so I tried to check on then but some were locked. One seems to be open but there was nothing inside but tables and chairs. As I continued I really took notice this time that there really wasn't anyone up here besides us and it was really quiet since the girl also stopped crying.

"Hey what's your name by the way? My name is...Hibiki, Hibiki Sato."

"A-akemi...Akemi Ueno.."

"Well Ueno-chan I'm sure we'll find them don't worry!"

"Yeah, you will."

I didn't pay attention to what she said just now because it was a low whisper that I couldn't hear her and I didn't think of it as important. The last door I need to check was way far out in the back. Ueno was holding onto my leather jacket with one hand as she walked behind me. It was beginning to get dark in here because the lights from the games couldn't reach all the way out here. I had now arrived to where the door was, I reached for the door handle and turned it as if I was anticipating treasure behind the door. It slowly creaked open and once it was completely open it was very dark inside, I put my hands on the side to check if there was a light switch but there wasn't any. I took a step forward and heard a small splatter like when you step in rain.

I of course thought that the floor was wet but I still needed light so I took out my phone to use the flashlight feature it had. I turned it on and faced it to the ground. What I saw brought my heart to a stop. A overwhelmingly feeling came over me with shock as I realized what I stepped on was not water but instead, blood. I slowly moved the light upwards to look at where the blood came from and there on the ground layed two adult bodies with stab wounds covered in lots of blood that it wasn't even noticable what they were wearing anymore. It me a bit to notice but I couldn't feel Ueno's hand holding onto me anymore. That's when an even more realization came over me, these were two adults. Ueno's parents. It was either that someone killed them and left her alive or...

I slowly turned around as if I were to uncover something I should have never have found. A forbidden secret that will cost me my life. Something dark and ominous was about to be looked upon. My head was now facing behind me and my eyes made contact with Ueno. Her tears were gone. Her saddness was gone. A dark smile creeped up on her face. Her innocent eyes had turned into sadistic one as if she were looking at easy prey that was about to be eaten. Her whole innocent features became two sided and opposite of what it was before. I was caught in her trap now and I was about to face off against a terrifying opponent.

"I, Akemi Ueno, am a killer."

Those words had brought fear upon me. I was in the midst of probably an actual full pledged murduer. She looked high and mighty as if looking down upon me. Her hands had gone to her side with open hands to demonstrate that I was gazing upon someone that should be feared. She then grabbed a knife from under her skirt with her right hand. The blood on it was still on it, and then she pointed it at my direction. She then charged at me but this looked like she knew what she was doing. I was now thinking I would end up like her parents.

"Prepare to die!"

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  • Little_Dino


    interesting. I wonder what will happen next. thanks for the chapter

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