33.33% Darkpeace, Awakening / Chapter 2: Theodor One: Family

Chapter 2: Theodor One: Family

In my search for information regarding Darkpeace, I came across a certain Naor. From what I can tell he was researching an event known to him as the Sura. His information states it was some kind of light display in the sky to the west of Darith. He was heavily convinced it prophesied the coming of the Darkpeace awakening. I have included my findings in the following papers. Your expertise in this area would be greatly appreciated

The month of Eres, third week, 4102 GS - Outside the town of Dowee in the nation of Rustaria.

"How are you doing?" A soft feminine voice asked. Theodor turned his head to take in the full beauty of his wife. His heart sunk a bit at her form. Though she still retained her beauty, the last few moves have taken their toll on her. Her once bright green hair now has a brownish tint from all the dust and dirt. Her clothes are faded and a bit torn. No matter how much she said otherwise, he was sure she resented these travels.

"Doing well, hopefully, Dowee will have the answers I seek." His hands fumble before him. "The children, they doing alright?" Inside, a whisper of a thought ran across his mind. She only stays with you for the children's sake. He wants desperately to refute the thought, but at this time he could only figure it was true. His name was long ago stained.

"Yeah, I just put Tate to sleep." She said as she walked closer to her husband. "Meya, she is practicing her quilting."

"It isn't too rocky?" He asked as he turned his head back towards the carriage. Four horses pulled the large vehicle with his apprentice Randy driving. His heart sunk as he thought about the two souls within. He wasn't sure he would be so driven if it wasn't for his wife and their two kids. At first, his drive was just for knowledge. The phenomenon he saw those years back piquing his interest.

"It is good for her to learn in such a situation. It was something I had to learn later." Her words were deep with a pondering nature to them. Theodor sighed as he thought back to when he first met her. She was the youngest of five, born years after the fourth. It wasn't until well after they had been married that he learned the truth of her lineage.

"Is that so," His mind continued to ponder. She was of the forgotten nobles, the ones said to have betrayed Darith many years back. Not that Theodor minded when he found out. To him she would always be his wife, her mind and beauty were wondrous. She was a woman able to make him smile, laugh, and cry. The things his mother told him to look for.

"I am thinking about making a Yatch." His wife said while she matched his quick pace. Theodor's mind, however, continued to ponder that day. That pillar of light that reached all the way up to Skaar. He remembered how mind questioned what kind of sign it was. Did It mark the end, or perhaps the beginning? At first, he was only looking out of curiosity. The more he learned, the more his fear grew. The more and more it was looking like a sign prophesied long ago, a sign of the end.

"That is nice, just don't get hurt." He said his mind replying to his wife's words. Every tome, every book, and every scroll he read foretold a devastation. Some foretold of an awakening of shadows. Another of a rising army. Few told of a plague that would devastate the land. No matter where he turned destruction was prophesied in the forgotten words.

"You're not even paying attention to my words are you." She said, her tone and face flustered.

"If you say so dear." His reply came without his own will. For his mind was still elsewhere. Looking desperately for hope. He had to find a way to protect his family. The world itself didn't matter, except as a means to keep his kids alive.

"Theodor!" His wife's voice was harsh, sharp, and quick. His head turned towards her, its train of thought derailed.

"What?" desperately he began to look around. Where is the danger, he thought. His mind raced to find what startled his wife.

She sighed, a smile touched her face "you, what am I gonna do?" Behind her annoyance was a deep affection.

"Do about what?" Theodor questioned still alert.

"So," She said moving off of the incident. "What is your plan if we don't find what we are looking for in Dowee?"

"Probably sail the ocean, head to one of the continents on the other side. Hogura is not going to be safe much longer." His words were soft, yet their weight was heavy. He had told his wife much about the incident. She even managed to get them funding for their so-called research. He knew though, all this was taking its toll on her. Perhaps he could try once again to convince her to take their kids to safety.

"Will anywhere be safe if you are right?" Her concern was genuine. Her eyes fixate on the carriage behind them, on their children. It was always the excuse she used. 'If the world was going to end, I would rather be by your side.'

"It depends on which of the many sources is right. The event could be limited to Hogura, or it could spread to the world." As he spoke, the great walls of Dowee finally begin to tower above them. "But we will talk more later." this last phrase was in a whisper as the two of them turned to gather their things. If luck is on their side, they will be able to enter the city before nightfall.

Theodor opened his chest under the carriage seat and pulled out the passports of his family. Underneath them is the letter of recommendation by a one Lord Franklin. Franklin is an old contact of his wife's family from far back. Apparently, he has ties to learning centers far across Hogura. Theodor was skeptical of the man at first, yet, his writ has proven valuable through three of the countries on the continent. It was clear this man had connections.

The carriage began to slow as they join a line for entrance into the city. A shadow crawled on the ground around them. Skarr has begun to cover the sun. Evidence of the coming dark months. Soon, the shadow will fade and the sun will return. Each day from now on, the shadows will stay longer and longer. Leading to the months when Skarr will completely block the sun's light.

Theodor looked at his family, comfortable in their carriage. His son, Tate, slept soundly on the third seat. Next, to Tate, his daughter, Meya, sat quilting away at her first solo work. His wife intently read a source they found in the last city. All of them patiently waited until it would be their turn.

It has been four years since they have been on the road, four years since the birth of Tate. Theodor was sure that he had to quickly become the authority on all things related to that light, related to the Sura. It is one of seven signs, foretold long ago. He looked again at his family wondering if it was the Sura that has caused his family their hardships, or his wild imagination. Even with all his exhaustive knowledge, he's come up with little proof other than what his eyes witnessed that day.

Worse yet, he has found no knowledge on how to combat the coming disaster. It was hard for Theodor to keep his mind from worry. To keep hope before him. For each city, each book, each page that lacked the information he sought, his heart sunk all that much more.

"State your business in Dowee." A strong voice came from outside the carriage. Had time passed that quickly already? Theodor wondered as his hand reached for the handle. In his other were their passports and papers.

He stepped out, the orange tint of the sky clearly told of the passage of time. He turned to the guard to hand over his paperwork. The guard grabbed them with nigh a word. A moment passed as the guard looked intently at the writ and passports.

"Go on." The guard finally said with a wave of his hand. The pathway before them opened up. Once he Retrieved their papers, Theodor entered back into the carriage. He knew, Randy would now look for an inn for them to stay in. It would be early the next morning before he would get his chance to continue his research. At least he tried to tell his mind that.

"Seems like everything went well" His wife's voice brought a flutter to his heart. He sighed as he longed for the years for before all of this chaos. The time he was able to give his wife the attention she needed.

"Yeah, just like the other cities," Theodor responded. Once, long ago, he would have loved to travel like this. To see the world, even his own country. Now, the joy in that travel has been taken. His fear eating deep at anything that tries to excite.

Why did he, when so many others who saw the same sight as him, take the prophecy so seriously? Theodor couldn't answer that question. Not even when his wife, whom he loves so much, asked it of him. All he was able to reply was, my gut.

His friends all called him paranoid. Told him it was because they understood so little back then. Spoke of how it could be and most likely was a phenomenon that reoccurred. A changing of the seasons sort of thing. He wants so much to believe that, so much to ignore it. His gut, it fought. there was something to all this. There was something moving out there in the world. Something awakening. He knew that much, even if he the only thing he had to go on was his gut and the completion of two more signs.

The carriage finally stopped. He looked out the window. Randy had found an inn that will take them and their oversized carriage. A boy from the stables hurried to Randy's side. Theodor could guess what their conversation was about. It was one of two, either they are full or they have room. If they have room they will explain the price. Randy will try to negotiate and finally, we will take it.

"Tate dear, time to wake up." The soft words from his wife come to his ear. Theodor sat back into his chair, he looked at his daughter packing up her supplies. Perhaps he should just try to give her a normal life.

"You get our kids ready, I will get us the accommodations," Theodor said. He knew that if they haven't started moving by now there would be room. He stepped down and found himself in a street lit by scattered Draw lamps and the gentle glow of Skaar.

"Very well sir!" The stable boy said as he ran back towards the stables. Theodor gave him little notice as he entered into the inn. Contrary to what he had expected, there was very little noise.

"Welcome to Wayward Inn. How may we assist you this night?" A man behind a bar, no a desk asked. As Theodor turned his head, he began to notice the distinct lack of alcohol in the vicinity. Instead, he found a fine wooden floor, carvings overlaying the pillars and the soft gentle glow of Draw lamps. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Yes, I'm looking for two rooms," Theodor responded, his mind still in shock. He had heard of these new inns, ones that catered to those with money. Heard, but never dreamed to see one. Before his eyes, stood a scene that reminded him of a lord's manor.

"The first time at Wayward good sir?" The receptionist asked. It was clear that his shock wasn't just in his mind.

"Indeed, I'm sorry for the rude manners. I'm Folminar Theodor Van'risn." Theodor said, bowing appropriately. The title was an honorary one given to those outside of the church of Darith. It did grant one a stipend and some land, but no true responsibility. The title was given to scholars, generals, and traders alike. Those said to have benefited the theocracy greatly.

"Ahh, A Folminar." The receptionist's reaction was not what Theodor had expected. His title was not that grand. It was not well known in his own country let alone here in Rustaira. "We get quite a few of them through here." The receptionist reponed as he saw Theodor's reaction.

"Two room is it? That is a Talour a week, and includes two meals a day."

"Very well, that is acceptable." It was slightly higher than the last place he stayed. Theodor, however, was too tired at this point to care that much. From the looks of the place, it might even be worth it. He walked up to the reception desk and placed three Talours on the counter. "For the cart, and your discretion." The receptionist nodded as he took the three coins.

Behind Theodor, his family walked in. "Let me show you four to your rooms." The receptionists said as he placed his hand onto a stone behind him. On the counter, two keys came forth. Theodor looked closely at them and noticed the small sapphire hidden within. They were bound to something at the hotel. He nodded his head in realization and appreciation. These keys could never be lost or stolen.

The four of them follow the receptionist as he led them up the stairs and around a few corners. They stopped eventually before a door with the number seventeen plaqued on it. "Your rooms are, Seventeen and Eighteen. Your luggage will be brought up shortly." With that, the receptionist handed over the keys, bowed, and walked away.

Theodor handed one of the keys to his wife and opened the first door. Inside was a spacious room with two beds. At the far end was a balcony, these rooms were definitely a step up from the last few he stayed in. Suddenly, a gentle light flowed out a door next to them. A door he thought was a closet. Once it stopped, Theodor opened it to reveal their luggage. A smile crossed his face. As a scholar, the advancements of nonviolent tides always encouraged him.

He pulled out the luggage, then began to examine the runes inside the room. It seemed that closing the door completed the tide, allowing the use of returning. With this, they would be able to transport luggage to any room instantaneously. He stepped back and closed the door.

A four-year-old boy began to tug on his leg and drew his attention. The tired eyes and drowsy complexion spoke of the long day. "Why don't you climb into one of those beds." Tate looked at his father, then ran over to farthest bed. The boy climbed under the blankets and fell quickly to sleep.

Shortly thereafter a knock came at the door. Theodor turned his gaze from his sleeping son towards the door and sighed. Randy stood on the other side of the door, his hands fidgeted before him. "Ahh come in," Theodor said.

"Actually, Sir I came here to ask for the key," Randy said in a polite bow. "The receptionist talked about a new bathing house and bar. I wished to unwind before we dig into the books tomorrow." Randy's fidgeting grew a bit as he asked the question. It was definitely something considered inappropriate for one of Randy's station to ask.

Theodor sighed slightly and stuck his hand into his pocket. "You deserve a break." He said as he handed over the key to the room. Randy would now be able to get back in to sleep. Theodor also handed over a few Talones. Randy's face brightened and he bowed respectfully again. Theodor saw that look many times when he was younger. The young men when they first entered, were always like that.

He shook his head and moved his thoughts from something so depressing towards sleep. Another knock sounded at the door just as he was about to slip into bed. Theodor sighed longer this time. He got dressed once again and moved to open the door. This time he found his wife standing in the doorway. "What's on your mind?" He asked as she stepped into the room.

"Theodor, how certain are you about all this?" His wife asked as she looked down. He had been wondering when this conversation would come up again. Though to be fair, he'd been asking himself that all day.

"I don't know. I have said this many times, if it wasn't for you and our kids, I wouldn't be trying as hard as I am." his tone was soft, almost a whisper. As he spoke, he was also searching deep within his heart, his mind, and his soul. The answer had to be somewhere. "My gut is telling me I'm right to be fearful. That there is something that will happen."

"I know, it's just the kids. They deserve to have a home, an education, and friends." Each point his wife spoke of ate at his heart all that much more. "I have read the same things you have." her pause seemed like hours to Theodor's beating heart. "And I do agree you have a point, that something is going to happen. Unfortunately, we don't know the time frame. Every source has been so vague on these points. We have like four more signs to go. If we are even right on which signs have happened"

Theodor sighed. She was right after all. They had four more signs to go, and it has taken these last four to five years to go through three of the seven. "I understand, after this city we shall move no more till the sixth sign."

"I just wish, I wish we knew more." His wife's face was hard, her eyes watered. Theodor took a step towards her, his arms wrapped around her. For the next few moments, they stood, tears flowed from their eyes. A few their burdens fell with each tear. Eventually, their embrace stopped, and the two of them looked at their son as he lay in bed.

"Well, we need our rest. The little ones will need to see us as bright as ever" His wife spoke to him. Theodor nodded and opened the door for her. As she stepped out, he longed once again for the days before this mess. The days when he was able to hold her without the baggage. To embrace her just for the sake of it. With one final sigh, he turned to the bed with his son and climbed into the other side. The fatigue, the exhaustion, and the pain all cumulated into a quick sleep.

Swordguy Swordguy

I hope you all enjoyed the chapter. All of the ones Irving reads will be in past tense, with Irving in present. Maybe later I will change it but it was something I wanted to try.

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