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100% 12 Works of Vidian / Chapter 45: A World after the Death of the World Part 2

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Chapter 45: A World after the Death of the World Part 2

He found the tree golem that housed the city of Concealaria. As soon as he approached it, two Naturas appeared out of nowhere, "Still, stranger, who are you?"

"I have come here before, a few months before."

"That isn't possible."

"Anyone remember the human that arrived here and that was housed by a certain Syl," He explained making the Naturas turn to each other, "You clearly remember."

"You aren't him."

"But I am, I am Lord Vidian."

"Lord? Vidian, that is some joke."

"Ask Inventaariy."

"Speak with some respect of our god, he isn't some random person."

"Hello there, Vidian," He looked up and saw Syl, standing above the three of them, "You have come back, let him in."

"Yes Syl," Vidian lifted from the floor and arrived near Syl, "What on earth?"

"Vidian, you should be dead," Syl said as she walked in front of him, "Why are you here? Didn't you fight the beast?"

"I did, and I returned to see you."

"I have a partner now, I can't leave, I took Silvia's role, she gave it up."

"Well, at least maybe you should know one thing," He saw Inventaariy walking in the town, he stopped near Vidian and bowed, "I am a god now."

"You are a god now, oh, I see."

"Hello there, Lord Vidian, you have been gone for a long while, but I think that it was impressive to gather information from you as a mortal fighting such a creature."

"I half-enjoyed it."

"You enjoyed dying?"

"No, just the fighting," He joked with Syl, "Inventaariy saw everything."

"I did, and I kinda have a role in taking on the beast as well."

"Anyways, Lord Vidian, I am sorry I didn't wait, but I am happy I knew you, thank you for everything," She said, holding back her emotions, "I wish that it would be easier, but life, at least, something you taught me, it goes on."

"It does, I wish that your relation lasts," She hugged him and he did as well, "You taught me a lot about myself too, Syl, thank you."

"Please, don't thank me, Lord Vidian."

"Your gods will tell you where my altar is, I have to settle down and gather my sub-gods."

"Your sub-gods?"

"You would've been a candidate but you have another role to fill, Syl," He smiled at her and then golden wings emerged from his blue steel shoulder plates, "I will leave you, I wish you a good life," He shot into the sky and then disappeared from sight.

"He is an amazing person," Inventaariy said as he turned his back on Syl, "He still is."

"I know that, Lord Inventaariy, what god was he?"

"The god of hope, he is looking for his sub-gods, and he already has one."

"What would his sub-gods be?" Syl said walking with Inventaariy.

"Dream, Will and Belief."

"Only three?"

"Maybe he will find some more, because I believe he will have four sub-gods."

"How do you know, Lord Inventaariy?"

"I am guessing," He said with a faint smile, "I am guessing."

He looked ahead of him and saw large fields of golden wheat and tall crops, "What a change this place has had," He saw many small trenches of water, "I don't remember having a river around here," He walked on the dirt road that lead to the town, a town that had lost its walls and had began to expand. He waved at some of the men and women he had fought with when he had been here before and some of them seemed to recognize him slightly. He entered the town and saw water nearly dancing through the air. He looked at the crowd and saw Katie playing with the water of the well and many children and their parents looking on. He found a place in the crowd and one of the men noticed him, he looked confused, "How are you today? How are the wounds?"

"T-They healed, but, weren't you supposed to be dead? Like after fighting the beast?" His last word made the ball of water seem to pop as Katie looked towards the crowd and saw the golden armor and blue shoulder pads. The crowd cheered before leaving as Katie looked, blinking and clueless at Vidian. He soon stood alone, facing Katie.

"Hello Katie."

"Hello Vidian, you came back, for me?"

"I did."

"But you should be dead, how did you?"

"I am not mortal anymore."

"I don't understand."

"I am a god, the god of hope, Lord Vidian."

"Lord Vidian, you came to visit us, what is the occasion?" Krranus stood near them and bowed, "I am glad to be able to have the people of this town and of this world live in peace thanks to you, Lord Vidian."

"I came for one of my sub-gods."

"Wait, who is that?" Katie was clearly lost as Krranus stood up once more, "Why are you looking at me?"

"Katie, I came back to ask you if you could be my sub-god."

"I, I don't know what to say, but how do I become a sub-god? How is that possible?" She said still looking confused.

"I can make you immortal."

"Oh, then I would like to be your sub-god, of course I would like to, even if it means leaving my home."

"Of course, you can come here when you want as my sub-god."


"Why would I stop you?"

"I don't know, but our child?" She placed her hand on her stomach.

"Don't worry."

He appeared in the market of Nocturnus, making merchants jump and people turn to look at him. He ignored them and walked towards the temple as guards seemed to rush to the scene, shouting at him, "Halt!" The doors of the temple opened as Fendian walked out, "I said halt!" The men froze as Fendian bowed before Vidian, "What is the meaning of this, Lord Fendian?"

"This is the only supreme being on earth, Lord Vidian, come, I assume I know why you are here, Justia is still here."

"I assumed that, but are you fine with her leaving your temple?"

"Why would I choose? She has to, my lord," They entered the temple and Vidian saw Justia cleaning the temple, "Justia," She stopped and turned towards him, "A guest for you."

"Who is this? Why would a knight want to," She paused, "Vidian?"

"I am back, Justia," She walked towards him, "I know, I should be dead, but I came back to find you."

"Why me? I am not that important, am I?"

"As a new god, I need sub-gods, and I came to see you, to ask you if you could be one of my sub-gods."

"Slow down, please, you are a god now?"

"I am, and I need sub-gods."

"So you came to me?"

"Yes I did."

"Then I want to be your sub-god," She said instantly, "But the temple, it needs a priest? No?" She asked Fendian. He smiled and shrugged.

"A new priest will gladly take your place, there are many that are priests without being official priests, and you have another job to go to, so if you choose, go."

"Thank you, Lord Fendian."

"No, I thank you, Lady Justia."

Kaylyi was sitting at her table, working on the same scrolls as she was before, "Kaylyi, you want to see this," Sinestra said as she walked by her room, "Lord Boros is fighting with someone, who is beating him with one finger."

"What? How?"

"Come see," Kaylyi got up and rushed to follow Sinestra. They walked into Blentus's arena and saw Boros moving extremely swiftly around a figure that stood nearly still, with an arm behind his back and the other blocking Boros's blade, without seeming to tire him, "He really is impressive," Blentus was standing, watching the fight with a few Darkkin and Celenstials.

"Who is that?"

"Surprising you don't recognize him," Lady Sinestra said as Vidian caught Boros's blade and made him fall after flicking the blade, "He is amazing, really is, isn't he?" She said as she neared the ring, "Lord Boros is gonna be pissed all day after this."

"Who is that?"

"A new god, the god of hope, Lord V."

"Lord V?"

"Lord the man that did our work and fought the Death of the World, how obvious does it need to get?"

"Vidian? But, he should be dead, no?"

"Apparently he was given a counterpart from Lord Eternum," Boros rose again and then spun and tried to land a kick into Vidian's side only for it to get caught and for Vidian to catch it and put him onto his back, "Lord Vidian, someone is here for you," Vidian blocked Boros's blade and turned to see Kaylyi, "She might have some questions," Boros's bowed his head and sheathed his blade. Vidian hopped out of the ring and walked towards Kaylyi, who took steps back, slowly.

"Vidian? Why are you here?"

"To see you."

"Why me?"

"To ask you for a favor."

"What favor is it?"

"I want you to become one of my sub-gods."

"Your what? I can't do that, can I?" She turned to Sinestra, "Can I?"

"Lord Vidian is more powerful than any god on earth, and to find sub-gods, we were once mortal as well, he is a new god, and he needs your help, go for it, or do you want to stay here and die here, a simple priestess that could've been a god? Especially with the one you love, like Diabellarina and Lord Fendian."

"But, the temple?"

"I have been training a new priestess, Kaylyi," Insantiuny spoke, "If you want to leave, she will take your place early."

"Then I want to become your sub-god, Vidian."

"Thank you, Boros, see you again one day."

He arrived with Kaylyi to the temple as the oasis and plants had fully grown, "Where are we?"

"The tomb of the Death of the World, as its blood feeds this earth and allows these plants to grow," He opened the door and Kaylyi was met with hie three other sub-gods, "I will present you with your fellow gods, Tea, goddess of dreams, Katie, goddess of will, Justia, goddess of trust, and now you will become my fourth and final sub-god, goddess of belief."

"They are already gods?"

"Yes, you were the last one I needed," Vidian said as he walked across the room. He walked up a few stairs and onto a terrace that looked into the seemingly eternal sands of the desert, "People of the Eternal Domain, I am addressing you once more," He paused, "To let you know, that when there is a dream, there is will, where there is will, there is a belief, and where that belief is, there is trust, and with those three things, you get hope, and I, Lord Vidian, hope that I never have to defeat any creature of absolute evil once more, but if I have to, I will fight until my lungs exhale my last breath, when you have nothing left, remember that you always have hope," His four sub-gods joined him, he stopped talking to the souls of the eternal domain, "Thank you girls, for everything."

"No, thank you, Vidian, you gave me reason in life."

"I found trust in you and someone I actually cared for."

"And I found someone who believed in me to be myself, and not hide."

"There is still more work ahead, I shall let the gods know that my altar is in the Great Desert."

"It fits you, doesn't it?" He turned and saw Eternum's figure, "Vidian of the Great Desert in the past, now Lord Vidian with his altar in the Great Desert."

"Thank you, Eternum, for this quest, and this opportunity."

"You are thanking me? You save this world, I can't thank you more," He stood next to Vidian, "The sun will rise and then be replaced by the moon and then the sun for a very long time, Vidian, thanks to you, there is nothing you owe to anyone, you only have things that people owe you, but I doubt you will ever actually want that debt, will you?"

"I don't believe so, Eternum, I don't believe so."

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