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Chapter 33: Lady Anya's Work Part 1

"Vidian, walk with me, I need to talk to you, about your work," They left the room and arrived outside on the stairs of the temple, "As you might know, I am the goddess of love, I will give you a slightly difficult task, three to be precise."

"I will take on any task."

"There are couples that need to be united, some have been separated long ago, some are together but not and some have been separated by family feuds, the first task will be to the north, at the memorial of the great soldiers, a soul still wanders after a few decades, thinking he is still alive, looking for his lover, but she as well is long gone."

"How am I to reunite them?" She handed him a small gem, "This is?"

"A soul gem, she died within these walls, sick by the loss of her lover, and I decided that I would reunite her one day, and now is that day."

"I will leave now, Lady Venusaria, I shall return when it is done," He said as he began walking down the steps of the palace. She smiled and walked back into the palace. The sun had begun it's descent, but Vidian knew where to go, even if it were to become dark, guided by the ever burning torch of the memorial that he could already see in the flat plains.

He stood alone at the memorial, no one was around, "Samantha? Is that you? Did you receive my letters? Samantha?"

"Sir, where are you?" A ghostly figure appeared in front of him, "I am Vidian."

"Where is my wife?"

"She is here, but dead."

"What?! Did you murder her?"

"You are dead, you died 50 years ago, during the battle of the Darkkin, your wife died 49 years ago, after hearing of your death, your soul has been wandering, waiting for her's, you will be reunited and brought to Malvenon's realm."

"What do you mean I am dead? I am waiting for the next battle, it should be in a few days," Vidian took out the soul gem and the soul inside of it emerged, "Samantha? You came? But, it is dangerous."

"George, the war is over, it has been over for a long time."

"What do you mean? I was fighting yesterday."

"You died in the fight, and I died soon after, but Lady Venusaria allowed this to happen, will you join me?"

"Of course, I would do anything to be with you."

"Thank you, George," Their souls began fading and soon left Vidian alone with the soul gem still resting in his hand. He felt the mask on his belt and it made him chuckle and then speak to himself.

"Love does weird things to people," He knelt down and prayed before leaving the memorial, "Love is, love is a weird and bizarre thing."

He returned to the city as the sun began setting, making the city glow gold, he walked up the stairs of the temple and back into the room where Venusaria was. She sat with a book hovering in front of her, pairs of names written with crosses or heart, "Lady Venusaria, I have finished the first part of your task, they have joined Lord Malvenon."

"I know, I know, can I have the soul gem back?" Vidian handed it to her, "Do you want to rest or get to the next part?"

"I'll start the next part."

"Julian, in Enspiritus, has been, separated from his love, because of rival fathers, yet he still loves her but can't see her," She sighed, "How about you reunite them, including with their families."

"I will, Lady Venusaria."

"Good, now go."

Vidian walked nearly alone in the streets of the city, wearing his wings like regular clothes while reducing his horns to hide in his hair, "Hello sir, do you know where a certain Julian Sunrise lives?"

"32nd 14th."

"Thank you, have a good evening," The Darkkin man faded into the night, out of sight. Vidian walked alone in the silent street of Enspiritus. The cobblestone streets tapped with each of his steps. He soon found 32nd 14th. He noticed the lights in one of the rooms still open, before a young man leaned on the window sill and sighed, "Julian," The boy looked down quickly, "Hello, may I come in?"

"W-Who are you?"

"Vidian, sent by Lady Venusaria to talk to you."

"Lady Venusaria? Why?"

"It is easier if you let me in to talk."

"Um, but be quiet my parents are sleeping, I'll open the front door."

"No need," Vidian's wings spread and lifted him up to Julian's windowsill, "Don't be scared, I am no demon," He entered Julian's room, "Sit, I want to talk with you," He spotted a letter on Julian's desk and took it in his hand, "This is for her, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," He sighed, "I haven't seen her in a while now, I miss her."

"Why can't you be together?"

"Our father's, well, hate each other, after the Darkkin war, our families settled here, and well, they were on opposite sides of the war, our families."

"Did your fathers fight in the war?"

"No, they are not that old."

"Mortals are known to hold grudges, to hide themselves from problems as they know they will not need to deal with them later on, it is, cowardly and hurtful."

"Did Lady Venusaria send you for, um, how do I say this?"

"To allow your love to flourish," He smiled as he read the letter, "The letter, you write well, you do, how long did it take you to write this?"

"4 days."

"Ah, I see, do you want me to give it to her?"

"Can you?"

"Where does she live?"

"14th 32nd, room above the door like mine."

"I will go there then, I'll return later on," He left by the same window he had entered from before vanishing into the night.

He found himself at the door of her house. He hid his wings by making them become a cloak. He noticed that the lights were off in her house. He created a third eye on his arm and extended it up to her room where, as he expected, she was sleeping. He pulled himself onto her window sill and held the note in his hand, "Julia," He called out before dropping the note by the window as she began waking up. He vanished out of sight as she found the note. She smiled and held it against her heart before going back into her bed and resting her head to sleep, "I need to talk to their parents," He mumbled to himself, "They hate each other for something that happened a long time ago, this actually might be challenging."

He knocked on the Sunrise family's front door as the Lord Zenith began climbing. The door was opened by a Celenstial women, "I would like to speak to a certain, Simon Sunrise, is he here?"

"What is this for?"

"I am a messenger, I have something to talk to him about."

"Um, okay, I will go get him," She turned around and called into the house and he was soon at the door, "Well, I'll leave you two at that, I have things to get to."

"Sir Sunrise, am I correct?"

"Yes, indeed, how can I help you, sir, um, what was your name?"

"Vidian, sir Vidian, I need to talk to you about a certain Mr. Moonfall."

"What about that scoundrel?"

"About his daughter."

"What about that whore?"

"And your son."

"What about him?"

"I wanted to know a little more about the history of your families, what you see in the relationship and also what happened for a certain spark to lit this hatred."

"And you are interested because?"

"I was sent here by a certain goddess."

"Mhm, so it was during the War of the Darkkin when both of our grandfathers faced off on the battlefield, on opposite sides, of course, he injured my father, and that is why I hate him, and his blood."

"Is it not possible to put these things aside?"

"Why would I?"

"Because you are hurting two young ones that don't have a care about your older problems," Vidian said coldly, "I can say that for sure."

"So you want me to put this aside why?"

"For your son that you clearly care for."

"He does? How can you be sure?"

"Ask him, but if you threaten him, that will be your downfall."

"I will, and I will hear him out, but the will to change can't only be mine, if Damien Nightfall change, I change."

"Of course he will change," He turned to head to Julia's house as a man stormed towards the Sunrise home, "Mr. Nightfall."

"Out of my way, this man allowed his son to try to steal my daughter."

"Why is it stealing?"

"His is a Sunrise, she is a Nightfall, that doesn't work together."

"Why not?"

"Our fathers."

"And what about your fathers? That is the they are the future, can't we simply change? Or is Simon better than you, Damien?"

"He is not better than me."

"He allowed his son to have his own ideas, and you can't hold your daughter back forever, why not change?"

"He did? Well, if he is willing to change, maybe I should as well."

"Shake hands, will you?" The two men shook hands.

"I'll be seeing you around then, Damien?"

"I think we will be seeing each other sooner or later."

"Maybe your differences can be put aside to allow the younger ones to flourish," Vidian said as his wings reformed, "I will be leaving for the moment."

"What are you?"

"A former human, still mortal, like you, a blessing hunter, you might call it," He pushed off of the ground and disappeared into the sky as his black and white wings carried him through the sky.

He landed on the temple's top level and knocked on the door to Lady Anya's chamber, "I have returned, Lady Venurasia," The door opened on its own and lady Venusaria was standing a little bit away from it, "I have finished your work, Lady Venusaria, what is the next part to your task?"

"You have finished my task, did you not see the two last ones I said in my list were the same couple?" She smiled, "Seraph and Zhonya will give you the next work."

"Both, Lady Venusaria?"

"Yes, both," She said turning her back to him, "They are in the sickroom."

"Thank you, Lady Venusaria."

Lady Zhonya and Lord Seraph we standing next to a bed where a woman seemed to be suffering greatly. Her skin was ghostly pale and her body was thin, she was nearly just skin on bones. She held Lady Zhonya's hand as she seemed to be dying, "Lady Zhonya, Lord Seraph, I am here for your work."

"Vidian, come, sit down next to her, she is your work, become her caretaker, we can't give this task to other caretakers, they, they aren't immune to diseases like you are from all those blessings."

"I will take care of her, does she have a name?"

"Her name is Laura Braveheart, she is a human, about your age."

"Do you know what she has?"

"If we did, we would tell you," Lady Zhonya sighed, "I haven't got a clue to what it is, but make sure to take notes about the things you do to heal her, this is very important," Lady Zhonya let go of her weak hand and her and Lord Seraph left Vidian next to Laura. She turned her head towards him and smiled weakly.

"Hello Laura, I am Vidian, I'll take care of you, and heal you of whatever you have, can you speak?" She opened her mouth but nothing came from it, "Ah, I see, well, I will try something," He gave her his hand and she held it, "Hold my little finger, I will try to see if you feel pain from touch, if it hurts, try to squeeze, okay?" She nodded weakly. He blinked and his left eye was crossed with two red lines, that made her see through and highlighted her pain, the gift that Lord Tridanmer had given him. He touched her chest and she squeezed his finger, exactly like the gift was telling him, "Are you cold?" She squeezed his finger, "Okay, you are in a bad shape but I will mend you, but I need help, don't be frightened," He closed his eyes and then opened his eyes and began speaking, "Lord Inventaariy, I need your help with this one, do you know what she has?"

"Oh, hello Vidian, let me see if I can give you details about her sickness, I should have a book or several ones for all the diseases of this world."

"Thank you, Lord Inventaariy, she isn't in the best of conditions."

"Found it, she has Cifolojutiosis, a pretty bad disease, with a multiple level infection of the body and also a multiple step cure, does she have chest pains?"


"Is she thin?"


"Can she speak?"


"Does she have trouble breathing?"


"Okay, so she has stage 3 Cifolojutiosis, you can easily cure her, but not with what my sister has there."

"How do I do it?"

"She needs several plants to be mixed and she should stay locked inside in the sick room, take her with you when you go find the plants."

"How should I carry her?"

"Like you would carry a normal person that was sleeping, in your arms."

"Okay, thank you."

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