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Chapter 34: Lady Anya's Work Part 2

He sat her down in the grass as she smiled weakly, "I'll make you your first medicine, Laura, the first of many," She nodded weakly, "Once more, don't be frightened by anything I do," He placed his hand above the floor and a small bulb of a flower popped softly out of the ground. He gently plucked the bulb from the stem before the stem disappeared, he placed it in a small wooden bowl he had brought to make her first medicine. She looked on, intrigued by his powers, and everything about him, his wings and his horns caught her attention but she couldn't ask him about it. A bird landed on his hand holding a small twig in its mouth. Vidian took it and the bird left. He made water gather in a ball in front of him then placed the bowl on a stone plate over a fire that he had prepared. He crushed the bulb in between his fingers and mixed it in with the water. He waited a few seconds then plucked the leaves from the small twig and dropped them into the bowl. A large root burst out of the ground with a fruit at the end of it. Vidian took the tough skinned fruit and created a blade with his finger before cutting it open and letting the juice drip into the bowl as it heated. He took a bite out of the fruit as he let the bowl heat. He turned to Laura and swallowed before speaking, "Soon you should be able to eat, normally, this should cure your voice first," She nodded weakly, "I'll make you get better," He said, taking the bowl, "This might be a little hot, I'll cool it down for you," He touched the mask Lady Fryida had given him and then touched the bowl as the smoldering water settled down to a simple warm water, "Here, let my feed you this, it might not taste amazing, but it is for the better," She nodded once more, he knelt down near her and placed one hand behind her head and began pouring the remedy into her mouth. She weakly drank it as she began breathing a little heavier, "Are you feeling a little better?" She nodded, but not as weakly as before, "Try to speak, maybe it works quickly, I am not very sure."

"I pheel phinee," She looked surprised, "I haven't fpoken in a longe tim."

"Just let yourself recover from that," He pulled out the notebook and created a writing feather from one of his fingers and a small container of ink on his left wrist, "So the remedy is," He began scribbling down notes, "She has began speaking again, and seems less tired."

"How do you do that?" She said, leaning against the tree but lifting her arm to point at his arms, "And the wings, the horns? What is that?"

"Remedy works quickly," He closed the notebook, "I am, well, a blessing hunter, and my arms were, my, my first blessing," He said as his arm returned to normal, "I like them."

"And the horns, horns, and wings?"

"Blessing of the Night and Blessing of the Day, they give me this appearance," His wings formed entirely and revealed his broken face, "But I endure them, they are useful at times."

"How old are you? Since you are my age apparently."

"21 now."

"Oh, I am 20, who were you talking to when you found the medicine?"

"Lord Inventaariy, I have his blessing, and in return for knowledge, I give him more studying possibilities, with myself."

"That is interesting."

"I think it is," He smiled, "How do you feel?"

"Fine, my chest, doesn't really hurt anymore."

"Good that means that it works, do you want something to eat?"

"I can't lie, I haven't eaten anything solid in several weeks."

"Here, you asked for this with your eyes," He handed her a piece of the fruit that he was eating, "It has a special taste, it is pretty good," She softly bit into the fruit and her bite seemed more like a nibble on the fruit's soft insides.

"It is pretty good," She said before taking another bite, "It is amazing."

"Do you feel tired? Sore? Any other pain than the one you have before?"

"I don't know, I don't feel much of my body."

"That is a side effect of, the, um, the brittle berry flower, the small bulb that was used in the remedy," He said to reassure her, "It lasts, it lasts a few minutes."

"Oh, okay, but, is there another remedy I can take? I want, I want to get healthy quickly," She said as she looked at herself, "I look, I look terrible."

"Don't worry, you need to rest, the remedies contradict each other, if you take more know, it will harm you more, do you want that?"

"No, why would I want that?"

"That is why I will have to have you sleep tonight, and try to deal with the pain you have right now," He said seeing hundreds of small pain points on her body, "I can tell you are in pain, maybe I can give you something to silence it?"

"Please do."

"Vidian, the brittle berry flower won't help her, try this," Knowledge seemed to appear in his head and a small bush popped from the ground, a berry bush, "These are bright berries, this will make her body nearly totally numb, so you will need to move her yourself."

"Here, have one of these, but you will be completely asleep, but at least you will sleep in peace."

"I don't care."

"Okay, here, take one of these berries, even if they might not be the best in taste," He said, handing her the berry, "I'll make sure you sleep well," She began chewing the berry and then swallowed before seeming to have heavy eyelids and she seemed tired, before falling asleep against the tree, "Sleep well, Laura," Her body was lifted up from the ground and carried, head resting on his shoulder, her eyes closed softly, peaceful and calm, no longer in pain as she was beforehand, "Lord Inventaariy, what do I need to prepare next?"

"You need to create a specific brew that is extremely rare."

"Just tell me."

"A Grand Kilotiyu's tusk and a Blossomusumo's bulb."

"Okay, I guess fighting it is then."

"You guessed well."

"Where do those things live?"

"A Grand Kilotiyu is a sub-species to the Kilotiyu, and the females are Blossomusumos, so you will probably have to fight both of them at the same time."

"Oh, well, how strong are those things?"

"Blossomusumos are very fast and agile and Kilotiyus are large and brutally strong, they harden their tusks by crushing boulders between their skulls and tusks."

"Okay, perfect, I'll go get that, just direct me to them once I leave Laura in the sick room, this shouldn't be a problem."

"Since you cured her lungs, she will not be able to spread her sickness, at all."

"Are their others with that sickness?"

"It is only stage 3, not stage 4, so no, she can't contaminate with a low-level sickness," Inventaariy spoke, "I think that you might actually be the one to help us save this world."

"So you doubted me as well?"

"Yes, of course I did, you weren't as strong back then as you are now."

"At least I improved."

"Yes, yes, you have," He sounded rather pleased as he spoke. Vidian could hear a feather scratch a hard-paged book, "And all this information is very interesting."

He landed on the hard stone of the of a humid wasteland near Enspiritus. He looked around and saw a creature glaring at him. It was vivid blue with feathers that ran down from the top of its head down to the bottom of its neck where a small collection of plants grew with a large flower in the middle. Its legs were covered in mud and moss as if it had been hiding in the swampy land. It snarled at him and beat the ground with a large fan-like tail, "That is the Blossomusumo."

"That thing is fast and agile?" He said as it raised its head higher, making it tower over him, "What the hell is a Grand Kilotiyu like then? And why can't I just make it easy and talk to them with me blessing?"

"They are aggressive creatures, and you happen to walk on their land, like some humans, they don't care and will do anything to get you out of their land," Stones and pebbles hit Vidian's back as another creature burst from the ground, the male, the Grand Kilotiyu. It was smaller than its female counterpart but it had two large blunt tusks on its face and large scaled legs that seemed almost armored by plated of stone that seemed to stick onto them, "Good luck, Vidian," The two creatures roared, a high, earsplitting pitch roar from the male and a low, booming roar from the female. He was sent flying right away by the Blossomusumo's tail as she instantly swung to strike him with her tail. He slammed into a boulder as the Grand Kilotiyu leaped at him and slammed into him, breaking the boulder with Vidian and his tusks. Vidian got up from the hit as the duo waited for him to move. He smiled and then roared back at them. They looked at each other before looking back at him. He hit his chest and roared again. The Grand Kilotiyu charged at him before being stopped by a rune covered Vidian. His feet dug into the floor as he resisted the impact. He twisted his body and swung the massive creature onto his back before only having a second to anticipate the massive Blossomusumo's charge took him off of his feet and caused him to tumble meters away from the duo. Another booming roar emerged from her mouth, followed by a tail slap in the floor as she reared up and displayed her massive. She was nearly the size of the temple of Lady Anya, massive and much stronger than anything he could do. She closed her beak and slammed it to the ground, trying to hit him, breaking right through the stone ground as if it was going through a wet piece of paper. He saw her raise her head again and lunge at him again. He began running to dodge the strikes. The ground cracked and shattered behind him as he ran, dodging the deadly beak that chased him. He began making water gather into one little pool of water, hidden from the duo. He wasn't focused on the second member of the duo as he ran right into a massive charge that stopped him and even sent him back. His wings had done a lot to protect him as the armor they made was extremely resistant. He smiled as the water rose from the pool into a human like shape. He touched the frozen mask and then ran to the figure and it froze into a golem, an ice golem. He placed himself on it as ice held his feet to the golem, now he was near her size from the ground. She looked confused as she swung at Vidian, who now had the power to deal with her. Their hands locked up as both strained to break the deadlock. Vidian forced her to turn and then rushed forwards, making her lose her balance and fell, landing on the floor, causing a small tremor. He stopped the Grand Kilotiyu and slammed him into the ground, stunning him and breaking one of his tusks slightly, he let go of the Grand Kilotiyu and then got rid of his golem and dashed towards the still downed Blossomusumo and jumped onto her back and quickly found a flower and pulled the bulb from her back. He jumped off and dodged the stunned Blossomusumo as she stumbled to her feet with her tail swinging. He unformed his armor and pushed off of the ground as the duo regained their senses completely.

"We didn't need to fight for so little, you two," He turned back towards Enspiritus, leaving the two monstrous creature behind him.

He landed on the Lady Anya's altar with the two things he needed, a piece of the tusk and the bulb. He entered the sickroom and saw Laura sitting up on her bed. He walked near her and she noticed him, "You are back," She spoke, "Where were you?"

"Getting things for your next remedy."

"Really? What were they?"

"A tusk and a bulb."

"I can tell, but from what?"

"Two creatures, that I didn't kill even if they tried to kill me."

"You are willing to do anything to complete your works? Right?"

"Maybe, maybe I am, except die," He joked making her smile as he prepared her next remedy, "You will be able to sleep soon, for the night, for a few hours."

"Okay, are you sure that I can?"

"Yes, I think you can, I'll be here all night anyways, making sure that you stay alive and that if you are sick, that I can help you."

"But, I am sick."

"If you feel bad," He said as he began grinding the broken tusk, "I am not sure how this will taste," She said nothing and watched him prepare her remedy, with his wings folded behind him, "Do you like my wings?"

"Do you know how to fly?"

"I do, Lord Inventaariy taught me."

"You met a Natura God?"

"He is a god, that just so happens to live in secret to protect his knowledge," Vidian said as he began opening the bulb and pulling out the soft petals that weren't yet ready to show themselves, "I see it as smart," She shrugged as continued looking at his wings. He made his left, feathered wing stretch out making her smile, as if a child getting a new toy. She reached out then hesitated and he lifted his wing to make it touch her hand, barely looking at her. She began caressing it as Vidian finished making her remedy. He folded his wings as he got up with the powder that he had made from the ingredients. He poured it into a small pot over a fireplace and made water gather in the pot and then used his finger to stir it, despite the boiling water. He took the pot and poured the drink into a wooden bowl and placed the hot pot next to the fire, he looked at the steaming bowl and handed it to her, "There you go."

"It is a little hot, I can barely hold the bowl."

"Okay, here you go," His hand collected water before the water froze into little crystals of ice. He poured them into the bowl and placed it on table next to the bed, "Do you feel fine? Tired? Pain?"

"Very tired, even if I slept, I don't know why," He held the bowl out for her. She took it and drank it, all in one go, "That tastes disgusting."

"Sorry, but you know, it is."

"For my health," She said, giving him the bowl then yawn, "I am going to sleep, I am so very tired."

"Then sleep, I will stay here, waiting for you to wake and making sure that you don't have any problems with your sickness," He said taking the notebook in his hand and creating a feather in his hand, "I'll sit here until you wake."

"You won't sleep?"

"I don't need to, Laura, two of my blessings mean that I regain power through the light of the moon and sun, so the window here," He pointed at a small window behind him, "I can stay awake and regain my energy like you will in your sleep, good night."

"Thank you, Vidian," She said laying back on her stone based bed with a small straw filled cushion, he placed a small blanket over her body and let her fall asleep. leaving him alone in the sick room, with all the other sick patients in the room. He looked around and counted the sickly. there were 26 of them, for 6 caretakers, he got up and began walking around the room, under Laura's slightly open eyed view. He looked at each patient as Lord Inventaariy told him what illnesses and diseases they had as he wrote them down on the back of the notebook that he had for Laura. He scribbled down the notes of the names and the cures and materials necessary and ingredients for their recovery. He moved to the middle of the room and his amulet began shining as small birds arrived in the room carrying various ingredients and stacking them in small piles then left as his amulet's light faded. He took several bowls from a shelf of the room and began placing the ingredients in each of the bowls before placing them near the beds of each of the sick patients, tearing a page and placing it near the bowls, with what do with the ingredients. He moved quietly, barely making a noise as his feet softly moved on the cool stone floor, as the room was only lit with the faint light of Lady Diana's glow and a small candle in the corners of each of the sick room. A soft, night time breeze gently brushed through the room Vidian returned to Laura's bed and sat down, flipping through the notebook, writing with his pen hand. He observed her now asleep body and saw a change in how she looked. She seemed less weak, less tired.

"What does the mix contain that makes her recover so well? How is this possible, Lord Inventaariy?"

"It is complicated, the molecules bond and create new compounds, compounds that help establish her immune system on new bases and allow them to fight the infection," Lord Inventaariy explained, "The creatures that have the flower and the tusk that you took are nearly perfect beings when it comes to health, never able to become sick and using old cells from the Grand Kilotiyu and the new cells from the Blossomusumo allows her to regain her strengths, especially to be able to recover faster as your work will near the end soon, if you make the remedies well."

"I understood half of what you said but I think I understand the gist of it."

"She will live, you are lucky that she wasn't a stage 4."

"What would happen?"

"Organ problems, fainting, heavy breathing problems due to the lack of oxygen to her lungs."

"And the talking problem?"

"Comes from an infection in the throat, not in the lungs."

"Okay, that makes sense."

"You have been surprisingly generous for these people, but that won't help you pass your work faster, you know that, right?"

"Of course I do, Lord Inventaariy, I don't need to pass it faster, I think that this world needs all the help it can get, so helping these priests, is, is very important," Lord Inventaariy laughed and then said nothing for a while, "What is it that is funny?"

"You sound like a man that I knew, long ago, a human that had been allowed to enter a Natura community and had healed their leader, without being given anything in return, I asked him why he did it even if the Natura were scared of him."

"And he said something similar?"

"He did indeed."

"That means that makes at least two humans that aren't complete fools or driven by greed."

"You mean at least two beings?"

"Yes," Vidian chuckled, "Lord Eternum had told me that if I succeed I will join him at his side, does that really mean that I will, um, be a god?"

"If he said that, he is a man of his word, so probably, you will join us as a god," He paused, "I wonder what god you would be."

"Well, I need to finish my task first, of course."

"Yes, you do, well, the sun shall be rising soon, you can begin the last part of her healing, it might take several attempts, but it isn't hard."

"Okay, what is it?"

"When she wakes I shall tell you, Vidian, don't be overeager."

"Yes, Lord Inventaariy."

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