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93.33% 12 Works of Vidian / Chapter 42: The Death of the World Part 1

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Chapter 42: The Death of the World Part 1

He was now standing over a massive crater in which a mountain stood. He began reciting the words Lord Morrius had given him. The ground began shaking and the crater's floor began filling as the mountain began shifting and a massive arm broke out of the ground followed by a head and another arm as detonations of magic lit up the beast's body. It roared as it freed all of its body and then looked down at Vidian, who looked back at it.

"Who has come to wake me?" Its voice boomed through the air, "Why have I been disturbed?"

"I have come to end you, Death of the World."

"You are but a mortal," It laughed, "In the end, only death will remain."

"And yours will be at that end," Vidian said as his amulet glowed, "I will end you, and this world will know peace," Vidian jumped away from the massive beast's swing that dug through the ground as it was nothing. The beast was slow. He took to the air as he dodged another strike. The beast used both of its arms and tried to swat him out of the air but didn't succeed and the force of its own strike broke the stones on its back. It roared again revealing massive teeth and revealed four red, glowing eyes. Vidian created a spear in his hand as he flew from another swing that hit the floor and created a crater around its fist. His arm lit up with markings and he launched the spear, aimed at one of the beast's eye. It hit the eye and then disappeared into it. Vidian dodged another swing and then the spear spread out and left in two different places. The spear was then ripped out of the beast's head and returned to his arm. He used Lord Boros's blessing and the injury ripped open and the rocks on the beast's body shattered and then the beast's head was absorbed back into the beast's body before reappearing and being completely healed. Vidian lost focus seeing this and one of the beast's massive arms, slammed him into the ground and crushing him several meters into the ground. His body lit up with markings as the arm moved away. He pushed off of the ground and arrived near the beast's head and slammed his fist into its head as hard as he could, making it twists back and throwing the whole beast to the floor. He lost his markings as he hovered as the beast stopped moving, "Lord Inventaariy, is it dead?" He landed and looked at the massive beast as markings lit up on its body, "Do you remember?"

"I can't tell if it is alive or not, but I think it is, but be ready, it will revive."

"I am ready for that," The body exploded, sending stone everywhere and a new beast seemed to be standing in front of him, it was red with spikes all over its massive mountain of a body. It roared at Vidian and instantly tried to crush him. He dodged and noticed the large increase of speed, "How are you this fast?" His legs lit up with green markings as he ran, dodging the large, ground shattering strikes from the creature as the blows landed behind him. His amulet glowed as water began forming a ball near them as they fought, "Time to use a beautiful combo," He grabbed the mask that was on his belt and placed it to his head and tied the rope and attached it to his face. He felt his face get cold and his heartbeat slow, calming his body while still running. The water formed a large humanoid structure and then froze, creating a massive frozen golem. Vidian leaped up into the air and spread his wings as his golem tackled the massive beast and knocked it down. The two giants exchanged blows with the final blow from the Death of the World sending his golem flying back, crashing to the ground before charging it. Both of the creatures clashed and the ground cracked under their force and weight. The golem struck the beast to the head and made the head twist back the same way as before, and making it fall to the ground but this time, it got up quickly and with a massive strike, shattered the golem, sending millions of chucks of ice flying as its force simply crushed and broke the golem. Vidian landed and the beast instantly turned to fight him, bringing its fist down, Vidian's body lit up with markings and parried the attack but the weight and force made him move back and then lose balance before getting crushed by the fist and being embedded into the stone ground. He rose from the stone and another blow sent him flying, as the massive creature charged after him. His arm began pulsing with markings and he waited for the Death of the World to launch. The beast lowered its head and Vidian drove his fist into it, countering it and stopping it cleanly. The beast quickly reacted and swiped at Vidian, slamming him into the ground. His body screamed with pain as he saw the beast rear up and its arm began to morph, into a long blade whose tip was barely visible. It swung it down at Vidian, a massive root fist and another ice fist slammed into the blade, shifting it and making it jam into the ground, "I don't die easily, Death of the World."

"I will crush you, you puny human," Vidian leaped up from the ground and with a marking covered arm, slammed his fist into the beast's jaw, making it tumble back and ripping its jaw off of its head. The beast got up and stumbled, tremoring the ground as it showed weakness. Vidian pushed off of the ground and hovered in the air as the beast struck at the ground, clearly thrashing instead of actually knowing what to do. A frozen spear formed in his hand as the mask began cracking.

"I guess this is everything the mask could give me," He launched the spear and it pieced the armored skin of the beast and he lost sight of it, "Death by ice," Massive spikes of ice burst out from the body of the beast and ice spikes curved back into the beast's body before the ice reduced, leaving a carcass on the floor. Vidian landed and was breathing heavily and his mask shattered. He spread his wings to take both the energy from the moon and the sun as they shined over the lands of the Eternal Domain. He had killed the beast twice, 9 more times to kill it and then he would have to kill himself with it. The beast's body ripped open and a new, red and purple creature emerged from the body as it disappeared from the domain. The creature was smaller, much smaller, being more than several meters tall not like the mountain it was. It roared and threw its two massive arms at the ground and cratered it with its strength. It charged at Vidian and slammed its fist into him as he blocked it but his feet still was moved in the ground. He used his wings and took to the air once more, dodging a kick from the massive creature. It was immune to ice and damage to the head, he needed to focus on something else. He dodged around in the air and tried to find a wrong balance or a heavy limb that would handicap the beast like in Lady Fuanila's work. He thought of the ways that he could kill the beast and the beast slammed into him as it leaped at him and then grabbed him and crushed both its fist and him into the ground. His body was broken, he didn't use any blessing and the impact had gone right to his human body, "Lord Eternum, allow me to go further, Lady Naturania, bless me will, will your power," His amulet faded as the markings of the 11 blessings burned onto his chest. The beast roared proudly and turned its back on him, as if it had won. Two roots burst out of the ground and through his chest, but instead of killing him, his body seemed to fix itself. He stood up and felt his new body, "In the end, only death will remain, but I intend on having yours happen before mine!" The beast turned back to him and saw him standing.

"You are more tenacious than I thought, mortal," A massive root wrapped around the beast's left leg, "But that will only allow me to hurt you more."

"In your dreams," A second root burst out of the ground and pieced through the beast's chest, "I am Vidian of the Great Desert, this is my home, I do not intend on letting you destroy it!" The root split into four parts and ripped itself out of the beast's body. He had found a flaw in the pure evil that was in front of him, it was more arrogant than Lord Blentus, and fought with more cockiness than both Lord Blentus and Lord Boros combined. The roots disappeared back into the ground, "Thank you, Lords and Ladies above, to give me this power," He felt his wings retract and return to his body, "I believe that I have a chance now, thank you."

"You are worthless, mortal, you cannot win," He looked at the body of the beast as a new beast pushed out of it, smaller but still massive, "You can't beat me."

"You are the one who is worthless," He said as the new beast nearly blinked in front of him with it's speed, but had its attack parried by Vidian. Vidian allowed his blessing to affect his entire body and his body changed and grew larger to near the size of the beast, "Now we can fight well," He said as his fist connected with the bottom of the beast's jaw, lifting it from the ground and then using both his hands to hammer it in the ground. He grabbed the beast's leg and lifted it before slamming it to the ground, cratering the ground. The beast quickly recovered and used a large claw on its hand to slash at Vidian's arm, making it pour blood, but not affecting him. Vidian's right arm lit up with markings and he punched the beast so hard that his fist went into its chest and shattered the skeleton that was in it. The beast reformed its immune body part and trapped Vidian's arm and jammed its blade claw into his forearm before ripping it off. Vidian created a new arm and used his dismembered one to create massive spikes that jammed themselves into the body of the beast but couldn't kill it. Vidian charged at the beast and created an axe from his hand and stopped the counter charge from the beast by grabbing its head and slamming it to the floor and bringing his other hand down. He lifted the beasts head and then dropped it, before his body lost its massive size and he returned to a human size, but his body was aching, pain was everywhere. He recovered his former arm and absorbed it back into his body, "Four down, 7 to go."

"Vidian, your body will not take more of that transformation," Lord Inventaariy's voice broke his focus, "It is too much for your body, you will have to fight at your size."

"How long will it be able to hold it for?"

"Not more than what you just used."

"How much time until I recover?"

"With the sun and moon out, an hour at most."

"Perfect," He said as the beast revived once more, "This is going to only get harder isn't it?"

"I have to say, sadly, it is," The beast was now gold and white, with massive horns and bone plates that poked out of its skin and formed a sort of armor. It held a large, bone battleaxe and had three spikes leaving its other hand's knuckles.

"You are seriously annoying me, mortal, I won't let you win," This one's voice was less booming but more human, "I will not be defeated by you!" The blade of the axe move so quickly that Vidian could barely react. As it lost its size, it retained the power of its movements. Vidian's body lit up with markings as he dodged another swing and ran towards the large beast's legs. He created a curved hook with one of his hand. He couldn't use ice, roots, blows to the head or decapitation to kill it, he had to find something new. He stopped to let the three spikes slice the ground behind and in front of him as they past, before leaping onto the beast's leg and jamming his right hook arm into it. He pulled himself up and dodged the axe that jammed into the beast's leg but seemed to not affect it as his hook arm landed in another spot of the beast's leg. He pulled himself up and created a chain with a blade on it that was attached to his hand and threw it up to arrive on the beast's chest. He created another one in his other hand and threw it to the side to dodge the beast's claws as they ripped through its chest and out of its back. Vidian threw one of the two blades at the beast's head and used it to swing himself onto the top of its head before having to swing again because of the massive bone axe crashing on the beast's head. He hurled the second blade at one of the beast's glowing red eyes and then made the blade expanded and then the beast tagged him with and wild swipe to get it out of its eye, ripping the blade from its eye and sending Vidian back to the ground. Vidian created an path of ice that he used to slid down to the ground before the beast swung its axe at it as well and shattered it just as he reached the rock floor. The beast had hit itself in several places but only one place had seemed to affect it, its leg, it wasn't moving much, and struggled to keep its balance. Vidian dodged the ground-shattering axe once more and realized how he could abuse the beast's lack of balance. He created a large sheet of ice on the floor and then creating two blades under his feet to propel himself across the icy floor. He dodged the three claws of the beast and skid at high speed on the ice, making the beast turn to see what it was fighting, making it step on the ice. Vidian turned towards the beast's legs and using Lady Structania's blessing, charged and then used roots to block one of its legs in place. As the beast turned, its massive body staggered and slipped on the ice, making it come crashing to the ground, shattering both the ground and the ice. Vidian placed his hand on the ground as roots burst out and tied the beast down to the ground. He created a spear in his hand and then leaped up above the beast and his arm lit up with blessings and his spear was launched at the beast and with the crushing roots holding the beast down, the spear plunged into it and then expanded. Hundreds of bones shattered in the beast's chest before Vidian landed and retrieved his spear. He got off of the beast and let the spear return to his body, "5 down, 6 to go," He said as his body's pain seemed to be silenced by his exposure to the moonlight and the sunlight that filled the red sky. He cracked his neck and his knuckles. The beast's body ripped apart once more and revealed another form of the beast. It was only slightly smaller, but instead of the horns it was nearly totally armored, with large scales and had two wings on its back. Vidian made his wings reform on his new body and smiled, "Time to see if this beast can fly," The beast roared and slammed its new club tail on the floor, its roar was like a extremely high pitch scream, and the ground near its mouth shattered as it lowered onto all fours. It revealed eight eyes on its grey and black head and large, unorganized teeth that littered its mouth. Vidian leaped into the air and used his wings to take to the sky as clouds formed above them. The beast began beating its massive wings and began rising into the sky, chasing him into the clouds.

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