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95.55% 12 Works of Vidian / Chapter 43: The Death of the World Part 2

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Chapter 43: The Death of the World Part 2

Vidian waited for the beast to enter the forest of clouds before vanishing into the clouds, baiting the beast to follow him as it snapped its jaw at him, biting at the air, "Come on, catch me if you can!" Vidian shouted tauntingly, before diving down into the clouds and disguising himself with the black clouds that simply hid him from the massive flying creature. He stopped and waited for the large disturbance to reappear, which they did, he created a blade with his right arm and his wings gained green markings, and he launched himself at one of the beast's wings and shot right through the softer webbing of the wing, which only teared more as the beast tried to glide again. It struggled before falling out of the clouds. The clouds began fading as the storm dissipated and his vision allowed him to see the flailing creature. He wrapped his wings around him and dived towards the beast, spinning as he plummeted to the ground as the beast crashed to the ground. His body lit up with blessings as he neared the beast. His body speared the beast in the air and accelerated its fall and as the beast crashed to the floor, the beast's body cracked the ground and cratered the ground, creating a massive hole in the ground. The beast was motionless on the ground, wings twisted and teeth shattered from them hitting each other on impact. Vidian's wings returned to his back as he climbed off the once again, lifeless beast, "Ice, roots, blow to the head, decapitation, and now, falling, 6 down, 5 to go, how hard will this get?" He blinked and looked at his body and saw only red, pain all over his body, "Worse than this clearly," He looked back at the beast as its body began changing once more, "What is it going to be this time?" Another beast tore out of the beasts back, it was much smaller, holding to bone blades and now its was covered in bone armor that had several spike, it had a similar horned helmet to the one Vidian used to create. Vidian looked at the still towering beast as it prepared to fight him, "So now you want to fight like that?"

"You are starting to seem like a challenger, mortal, but I cannot be killed, 12 gods failed to do so," The first blade seemed to suddenly appear near him at the speed it was going at. Vidian dodged it as it dug into the ground once more, the blade was as large as Reignus's blade and the beast was now nearly Reignus's size as well. He created a larger arm and leaped in the air as the blade rose from the ground. It connected with the second blade as the beast protected itself from Vidian's swing. He was knocked away by a large headbutt from the beast that drove him to the ground nearly instantly. Vidian reduced his arm and his markings lit up as the symbols on his chest glowed. He stopped both blades as they swung towards him with ice, water, plants and thunder striking the blades, "Thunder, maybe I can use that instead," He made thunder strike his hand and his hand had electricity swirling around it. He leaped at the beast but he was swatted away by a simple strike from the flat end of the bone blade in the beast's right hand. He could barely move, his body was destroyed. He slowly began to rise as he saw the blade nearing him, "I failed, haven't I?" A massive shield shattered the blade and massive figure stood in front of him, facing the beast, a head taller than it. It wore a winged helmet with white plate armor and had two massive silver wings on its armor, it held a large spear and an equally large shield.

"Who are you?" The beast bellowed.

"I am Volarus, God of the Sky, unlike for you, Vidian has the help from the gods above, this is my help," His spear reached towards the sky and three massive bolts struck the beast simultaneously, frying it and sending it back. Lord Volarus simply walked towards it, without rushing it like Vidian would have had to do. The beast rose and tried to hit with its second blade but it bounced off of Lord Volarus's shield and was sliced in half by a single swing for his spear. The beast couldn't understand what was happening, Lord Volarus was a supreme god, no wonder he was powerful.

"How is he doing that? I thought that the gods above couldn't affect our world."

"Lord Eternum gave him that ability."

"So he is no longer a god?"

"He still is," Lord Volarus crushed the beast under his shield and then drove thunderbolts down onto him once more, before his actual spear drove into the beast's back, carrying more electricity, "And he is certainly impressive," He ripped the spear from the beast's lifeless body and turned back to Vidian.

"Vidian of the Great Desert, I will now leave you with the 4 more deaths this beast needs, I trust in your ability to kill it, may this beast be slain, take this help," A bolt struck Vidian but with no pain. He felt his body get stronger, his pain faded and his body worked faster.

"Thank you, Lord Volarus," He said as he spread his massive wings and lifted himself from the ground, "I will slay the beast," As soon as Lord Volarus had left his sight the beast ripped out of the 7th body it was in, it had died by spikes, ice, roots, decapitation, head trauma, falling and thunder, now he need to find something new. It was only a few meters tall now, and its figure made his memory picture another opponent, it had green, red, blue and yellow patterns over a black body and had claws sprouting from its hands, "Hello Wolverian."

"I will end you, puny human, you can't fight me, not you nor the gods can end me!" It leaped at Vidian and as it's fists hit the ground, a circle around it rose and sent Vidian in the air before it followed up and its claws flattened and bent around its knuckles and it smashed the ground using Vidian as a projectile. He rolled as he landed and then rose to leap away from another massive blow with three fully extended claws. He stopped the second swing and forced the claws into the ground before slamming his foot into the beast's forearm, shattering the bones beneath the tough skin that protected its body. The watched as the beast lurched and then its arm straightened, how was he going to kill it? He dived out of another blow and then a flat claw decked him, throwing him back. He felt his body pull itself up as energy pulsed through it, Lord Volarus's gift. He dived out of the way of a strike and then pushed off of the beast's arm and, with markings all over his body, struck the beast's chest. The beast tore apart and seemed to dissipate into the air, before reforming into a still body on the ground. Dead, for the force he had delivered to the beast's body.

"8 down, 3 more to go," He fell to one knee and began thinking of ways to kill it, "Ice, roots, spear, falling, beheading, blow to the head, electricity, brute force, what else can I do?" The beast burst out once more, it was as tall as Lord Boros and had a similar weapon to Lord Blentus. It was black and silver and had red eyes. It drew its hammer and slammed it into the ground as Lord Blentus had. The ground moved and then a pillar rose trying to hit Vidian but he called for nature and roots broke the pillar of stone. The beast appeared in front of him and slammed the hammer into his stomach, hitting him so hard that he was actually projected into the air and caused him to roll on the floor as he landed, holding his stomach and coughing blood, "I am going to crush this beast," He got up and blocked the hand on the beast and then lifted his finger into the air, "I call for Lord Zenith's blaze to help me in this fight!" A large beam struck his finger as he pinned the beast to the floor with all the strength he could muster, "May this body perish in the world of Lord Malvenon!" The beam struck the beast but with a flash of light, a massive wave of energy hit Vidian instead. He looked up and saw the beast laughing and blood flowing on his chest.

"You can't fight me, you will only kill yourself," His arm was surrounded by dark energy that seemed to try to defeat Lord Zenith's power, "Die!" His arm exploded and caused a massive cloud of dust, "Puny human, you can't beat me."

"That didn't hurt too much," The beast turned back to him and saw him standing with his body now completely intact and holding a small sun over his index, "I cannot let you harm the world, you will be defeated."

"In your dreams," An almost live-like pillar of stone rose and threw itself at him before the ball struck it will a ball of flames, shattering it, "How can a mortal be this strong?"

"I am not a simple mortal," He said as hundreds of projectiles were launched at him but were destroyed by the small sun in his hand, "I am Eternum's Trusted, the one that will end your reign of terror!" The sun left his hand and hit the beast, driving him back and then exploded, leaving a charred, dead body, "Thank you, Lord Zenith, 9 down, 2 to go," He said as his body fell to one knee, "I am exhausted, I don't know how I will hold on much longer."

"Maybe you can call for Lady Diana's help?"


"Ask for her help, you will figure it out like you did with Lord Zenith's."

"Lady Diana, I will need your help this time, but I do not know what you will grant me," He said as the beast began rising from the body once more, it was only slightly taller than him, and had nearly the exact same body, but with a gold and red body, it was immune to many things now, He blinked in front of Vidian and then kicked him back before appearing above him and slamming him to the floor, similar to Halvard the Dark, but much stronger. Vidian let the beast hit him as he was trying to find a pattern, with this blessing protecting him. Lady Anya's blessing began glowing as he blinked and his eyes looked for pain and they found the creature's body, completely red. A dark fog settled around them, blinding both of them, "Thank you, Lady Diana," He could see right through the fog as the beast looked around for him. He created two blades in his arm as the beast had none. He leaped at the beast and slashed at it as he passed before disappearing into the fog once more with the beast trying to keep up. It roared and moved some of the fog making it back away before it returned as Lady Diana prevented it from being destroyed.

"I am going to burn you out," A ball of flames was created in front of the beast's mouth and began growing as it feed it with more flames. Vidian attacked once more and dug both blades into the beast's back, before disappearing once more, "I can't be consumed by flames, but humans can," It let out a cackling laugh before the massive ball of flames simply fell and exploded, sending flames everywhere, "Stupid mortal, humans can't resist flames," It began walking as Vidian returned from the shadows and slashed at it again, causing more bleeding, "What? How? You should be dead!" It roared and the fog shifted slightly before returning to its place, the beast began swinging blindly, trying to catch Vidian if he were to leap at it. He hung around in the darkness of the fog and waited for the beast to slow before leaping out and jamming his blade into the beast's neck, slashing out the back of its neck as blood began to pool at its feet, "I, cannot, be defeated by a, a mortal," It said sounding exhausted, "I will, will kill you," Vidian leaped and slashed out its legs and made more blood drip out, as the beast fell to its knees and repeated it as the beast got up, constantly trying to hit it. This backfired as the beast kicked him on the third time back, and then created flames on its hands and leaped to where he had rolled, Vidian rolled to the side but a burst of flames caught him and knocked him back. He got up and saw how much pain the beast's current body was in as it staggered to its feet, "I will not perish, not, here," The beast fell to its knees and tried to get up before Vidian walked behind it and quickly jammed both his arms deep into the beast's back and then out of it. It fell lifeless to the floor and the fog lifted and his eye stopped seeing pain.

"10 down, 1 to go, how am I going to kill him now?"

"You are close, Vidian, very close."

"But it will be stronger now."

"It will, unfortunately, but maybe you can use this," An image of a blade appeared in front of him and stabbed him, "My power to kill, but not only, it is a blade that has given you the power of will, a force more powerful than anything, use this to end the beast, and then the last death will be simple to take, the gods of this world have given you this fraction of their power," A new creature emerged from the old body and was at his height, with a black and silver side and a white and gold side. It was immune to nearly everything. It had two blades on its arms along with a clearly armored skin and now its back had plated armor with two horns that wrapped near its knee, protecting it from strikes. It was clearly stronger than him despite its similar appearance. It lowered its body and vanished from sight and Lord Volarus's gift kicked in and he did the same, dodging the bullet speed attack. The beast saw this and tried to catch up as both of them nearly flew around with the beast trying to hit him, but instead hit the ground, causing loads of craters. Vidian stopped as the beast looked for him, he taunted it and it throw its body towards him with its foot first, trying to kick him. Vidian ducked under the strike and landed a kick to the beast's side and threw its body tumbling to the ground. Vidian leaped in the air and landed a single punch to the beast's downed body and the ground shattered around them, but the beast was immune to that, and grabbed him and drove him to the ground and landed several punches on Vidian's downed body, slowly digging into the ground. Vidian was able to grab the fist of an incoming punch and stop it before kicking up into the beast and sending him into the air. He leaped into the air and imitated the fight that Halvard the Dark had with him, except as Halvard's side, slamming with both hand the beast to the floor and then following up with a groundbreaking blow to the downed beast, destroying the stone floor around the beast's body. He drew the blade from his back and held it in the air as the beast recovered.

"May the gods condemn your soul," He drove the blade into the chest of the beast and the blade pinned the beast to the ground and threw Vidian away. A bolt, a ball of flames, a ice spike, a thorny root, a black orb, a white orb, a green ball of energy, a large steel blade, a ball of water and a black metal scythe formed and spun around the blade before all simultaneously striking the beast's body. Another explosion kicked back Vidian once more and caused him to roll on the floor.

He slowly got up and looked at the body of the beast as it lay still with a crater around it, "11 down, none to go."

"There is still one thing you need to do."

"I almost forgot, Lord Inventaariy, I almost forgot."

"You can call back the amulet, now," His body felt heavy and roared in pain as the burn marks vanished and his amulet reformed, "You know what to do."

"Do I?" He said as he walked near to the rising body of the beast as a soul emerged from the body. Vidian pulled off his amulet and he felt his heart slow and then placed it on the beast's soul's neck and let go. A massive burst of light appeared, no noise, just a large detonation, digging into the ground and then left the realm, leaving nobody in its wake. The sun took over the sky as the moon escaped the sky.

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