96.66% My Way To You / Chapter 87: Classes

Chapter 87: Classes

Porridge slipped off Ariana's spoon again and landed into her bowl as she grinned like a fool. Her mind kept wondering off to the events that had conspired that morning. If it wasn't for her Lumas she had no idea how far Cayden would have taken her. On that thought Ariana started to blush again. "Ariana, we will leave you if you do not finish soon." Edlyn said as she poked her friend's side. Ariana jumped and came back to her senses. "Right, sorry... I'll be good." She mumbled and started to spoon mouthfuls of porridge into her mouth.

She really didn't like the taste. It was like eating wet cardboard and made a mental note to visit the mess hall ladies to review their recipes. "Nope! I'm done. I can't eat this anymore." Halina said as she pushed away her bowl. "Honestly Halina, it is not that awful." Talisha said as she elegantly brought up her spoon to her mouth. The girls watched as her face turned a dark shade of green but she was able to keep her smile in place. "I think we should head to class." Edlyn said as she got up. "Seriously starving is a better option then eating this!" Halina said as she pointed to her bowl. 'Halina! Pointing is incredibly rude. Please use your words to properly describe your situation.'

Halina rolled her eyes and shoved a spoonful of porridge into Ophelia's beak. "Eat it and then tell me to be lady like after trying 'this' thing they call food." Halina said then got up and started to walk away. Ophelia flapped around in circles trying to swallow what Halina force fed her. "Time to go." Ariana said with a broad smile and took her tray to the cleaning station. "Halina! Don't forget to clean up!" She yelled and Halina quickly turned around and back tracked to the table. Ophelia was in tears, fanning her face as she tried swallow the remaining porridge. "You know you can spit it out." Halina said in a bored tone.

Ophelia swallowed back the porridge and gave Halina a hard, tearful stare. 'I am not that uncivilized!' She honked. "We have a full day of classes today so we must get going if we want to have our pick in seating." Talisha said as placed a handkerchief over top of her bowl and got up from her seat. "Yes..." Edlyn agreed and the girls cleaned up before they headed out the door.

"So this morning?" Edlyn said with a slightly wicked smile. Ariana blushed a deep red as she covered her cheeks with her hands. "This morning?" Halina and Talisha asked in unison. "Yes this morning." Edlyn said playfully. "I was left be-hind and she comes back spark-ling." Edlyn laughed as she nodded her head towards Ariana. "I have been dying to tell you but I can't! Not yet, just know that I am super happy." Ariana said cheerfully. "Really? Not a single word?" Edlyn said as she raised a teasing eyebrow. "Look, I did some yoga with Mrs. Dabney, stopped by the bathhouse and went back to the room."

"Really? That doesn't sound to exciting." Halina said with a confused look. "Of course not! Ariana is with holding back information." Talisha said with a wide grin. 'Careful boss your true self is showing.' Bacon said and Talisha coughed as she composed her face. "Ya... stuff happened." Ariana said as her eyes twinkled. "Well brought up ladies never kiss and tell." Talisha said but Ariana just started to glow a brighter red. "So who kissed you?" Halina asked as she closed in in Ariana. "A lady never kisses and tells!" Ariana shouted back in a panic. The girls laughed and happily chatted about romantic fantasies as the walked to homeroom.

The rest of the morning flew by. Homeroom, mathematics, etiquette, then broke out for lunch. After lunch they were heading to their next class, history. "I don't want to go to history!" Halina whined. "This day has been so boring, I don't think I can survive." Ariana placed a sympathetic hand on to Halina's shoulder. "It might not be so bad." Ariana said but from everyone else's faces she could tell they all felt the same way. "Come on it could be really informative." Ariana said as gave them a bright smile. "No, I don't think so." Halina said in a defeated tone.

They walked into a musty, unimpressive room that looked more like a storage facility for old files, books and project. A messy desk with documents stacked in massive piles was front and center. The girls found seats near the front, Talisha scrunched up her face as she pulled out a new handkerchief. She quickly started to clean off her seat and desk. "I'm surprised the teacher isn't here yet." Halina said as she just sat down in her seat. "If Ophelia was here you know she would have torn you a new one for just slumping down in a dusty seat." Ariana said as she grinned at Halina.

"I know! But I'm glad they only have to be with us for a couple of classes." Halina said with a wide smile. "I know my family wants me to be an elegant lady and all but Ophelia is just a bit too... oppressive." Halina said causing the girls to laugh. "I think you mean obsessive." Talisha said with a smirk. "Don't be like that you know she means well." Ariana said but Halina just collapsed on to her desk, a puff of dust flew upwards and the girls had to fan it away with their handkerchiefs. "I know... cough... but it's getting to be too much.... cough, cough." She whined.

More students started to walk into class, they looked unimpressed with the state the room was in and quickly pulled out their handkerchiefs. "She is just passionate about fulfilling your wish." Ariana said in a smaller voice. "I know." Halina moaned back. "Do you know when the tea-cher might be coming?" Edlyn asked as she looked around. The room had finally filled up but there was no sign of the teacher. "Does this mean we get out history?" Halina asked as she raised her head. "No Ms. Nahia. I think we are ready to start." A drowsy voice said from behind the large piles of documents.

Everyone looked to where they heard the voice came from and stared at the messy desk, waiting patiently. A short, light brown skin, male stepped around the desk. He had black, seaweed, mop like hair, downward pointed eyes, a broad nose and thin lips. He looked up at the class and the students were stunned. He had two different eye colours. One was a stunning sapphire blue while the other was a forest green.

"Goutam Waldemar." Ariana said under her breath as she looked at the man standing before them. "Welcome to history... I have already taken attendance so we should just get started." Goutam said as he started scratch his head, making his seaweed like hair dance as he walked towards some filing cabinets. "My name is Goutam Waldemar, I don't like titles nor do I care for etiquette. So just call me Goutam." He said as he started to pull out a blackboard from behind the cabinets and towards the front of the room.

"Pull out your books and turn to Chapter 4. We live on a continent that was divided into five Kingdoms. We live in the center of the continent, we are the most prominent, the most resourceful, wealthiest and prosperous Kingdom, Velstand. Around us is the beast Kingdom, Animus, then Tropius Kingdom, Muedini Kingdom and finally the Bahiri Kingdom..."

"Oh my G*d! That was worse then what I had imagined!" Halina groaned as she packed up her bag. "It could have been worse." Talisha said under her breath. While Edlyn nodded her head in agreement. "Ariana?" Talisha called but Ariana was too far in thought. "Ariana?" Edlyn said as she touched her arm. "What? Oh... ya sorry." Ariana said with a dazed look. "You okay?" Halina asked. "Ya... I'm okay. Hey, you guys go on ahead. I have something to ask Mr. Waldemar something." She said as she shoved her book into her satchel.

Halina wanted to say something but Talisha grabbed her hand and shook her head. "We will see you in Magic class. We'll pick up the familiars from the forest and meet you in class, don't be late." Talisha said as she then grabbed Edlyn's hand. "See you soon." Edlyn shouted as Talisha dragged them out. Ariana watched as the students left the room. When the last person left Ariana turned around and started to walk towards Goutam. "Sir." She started to say but Goutam raised his hand. "No titles, especially from someone like you."

Ariana stopped in her tracks. "Can we talk?" She asked with a wary voice. "I don't think I have the time or energy to talk to you." Goutam said with a particularly harsh voice. "No. I need to talk to you. I was instructed to talk to you." Ariana said as she took a single step forward. "Don't care, get out." Goutam said shortly as he pointed towards the exit. "Do you not care who instructed me to?" Ariana asked. "Don't care. Get out." Goutam said a little more forcefully. "I want your help. I need you help Mr. Waldemar."

"What don't you understand?! Get out!" Goutam shouted as he grabbed a stack of documents and flung it to the ground. Paper and dust erupted everywhere. "If I had my way I wouldn't even have you in my class, not have you in this school or with HER familiar! You don't deserve the stag, you don't deserve to live. All you do is take and cause pain to everyone around you! Now get out." Goutam spat. Ariana took a step back. "V-V-Vasu? My stag, Vasu was m-my mother's?" She stuttered as she paled. "Get out, get out, get out!" Goutam shouted as he knocked over more documents from his desk.

Ariana turned around and ran out of the class room. She raced down towards the forest area by the school building's entrance. "Ariana?" Edlyn called out as she saw her running towards them. Ariana reached out and grabbed Vasu from mid air. "Tell Rain I'm sorry." Ariana said as she burried her face into Vasu's body. "Sorry?" Talisha asked. "I need some time.... I might be late or I might not show up but I need some time alone, just for now." Ariana said. "You can't skip out on class because you want to be alone." Halina said.

"Please, I need to sort something out." Ariana pleaded. "Halina's right. You can't skip out on class just because you want to be alone. You will jeopardize your perfect score and be punished." Talisha said. "I can't go! Not like this!" Ariana shouted. Edlyn placed a gentle hand on top of Ariana's head and slowly stroked her hair. "What-ever it is we can work it out to-geth-er but right now we should go to class." Edlyn said softly. "No you don't understand! I want to talk to Vasu.... Edlyn he was my mom's familiar." Ariana whimpered. Edlyn paled as she looked at the other girls. "Please tell Pro-fes-sor Rain that we will be late to class."

"Whatever. You read the handbook, don't blame us for trying to get you to class on time." Talisha said before she grabbed Halina's hand and dragged her back towards the school. When Edlyn figured they were finally alone, she turned to Ariana who was still holding Vasu in her death grip. "Do you want to talk?" She asked but Ariana just sighed. "Are you guys going to tell me the truth?" Ariana asked the Lumas instead. Aroha looked at everyone then to Ariana. "Only... some not all." Aroha answered. ".... It's better then nothing." Ariana said as she released Vasu. However he didn't float away he stuck close to Ariana and observed her. 'Ask away.' He said and Ariana looked around.

She found a spot under a maple tree and made herself comfortable. Edlyn felt uneasy, it wasn't a conversation she necessarily wanted to hear but her friend was lost and hurting, she couldn't leave her alone. She walked over and sat down beside her. "What are you?" She asked as she looked at her Lumas. 'Light ulterior manifestation animals. We were once living beings who have been punished by the Goddess of Creation many eons ago.' Davita replied. "Punished?"

'Yes. We all have our own stories about our past lives and have been stuck in libo trying to redeem our souls so we can move on.' Duko responded. "Is that why you are with me? So you can be redeemed?" Ariana asked as her hands started to tremble in her lap. 'Yes.' Vasu answered and the other Lumas turned to glare at him. "Vasu... are you different from the others? Goutam said you were my mom's familiar." Vasu floated downwards and started to walk in circles. After a moment he stopped and looked at Ariana. 'Does it matter?'

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Ariana became shocked. She averted her gaze as she tried to compose her feelings then sighed. "I guess not." She replied. 'Then why ask?' Vasu asked as he continued to watch her. "I'm not sure... I mean my mom isn't really my mom. Physically my blood and flesh is her and my father but my soul is my own. I have a mother and father that I love very much but the creators of this 'girl' are... foreign to me. I shouldn't care what they did, how they lived or anything but my heart ached when I heard Goutam say I didn't deserve you Vasu. To be absolutely hated because of my biological mother was something I was not mentally prepared for.... I guess it hurt alot. I don't want to be judged because of who my parents are. I want to pave my own path and I feel every choice I make is not really my own. I'm being played or lead into my life's choices and I don't like it." She answered truthfully.

Her Lumas looked at Ariana with conflicting stares. Slowly each one floated downwards and stood beside Vasu. 'This morning, you broke our connection with our true Master and given us something we have no not had in over a millennium.' Aroha started to say, making Ariana bring back her gaze and look at her Lumas. 'You have given us free will.'

"You have always had free will." Ariana said but Davita shook her head. 'No, we have not. You saw what was happening to Loralei because she chose a side. The moment we went against our mission was the moment we forfeit our existence on this plane. We had to stay neutral by all means.' Davita explained. "So was everything we had together a lie?" Ariana whispered feeling the pain of each word uttered strike her heart. 'No... our mission was to watch over you.' Loralei replied as she bounced closer, making her fins flap tirelessly with each bounce. 'But some of us felt so loved and touched to our cores that it threatened our mission.'

Ariana picked up Loralei and gently hugged her against her body. "I was so scared when I thought you were leaving me... I didn't know what to do. My heart ached and I wished for you to stay... I love you so much." Ariana said as tears started to roll down her cheeks. "I love you all so much and I would do anything to keep you with me." She continued to say as she gently sobbed. Edlyn quietly wrapped her arms around Ariana and started to cry along with her. "Well this is a very touching moment but I don't think this is the right time to sort out your problems." A familiar voice called out. Edlyn looked up and tightened her embrace around Ariana and Loralei.

"Relax. You're not in trouble.... Well at least for now." Breeze said as he flashed a devilish smile. "You know the rules for playing hookie is very severe." He said as he dropped his smile. "I will take the pun-ish-ment." Edlyn said as she kept up her glare. "Well isn't that great! Hey princess, did you hear that your friend is willing to take all the blame for your choice. Can you really call yourself her friend?" Breeze said in a mocking tone that it caused Ariana's tears to stop flowing. "F*ck you Breeze. I will never let Edlyn take a punishment for my actions." She shouted as she started to wiggle out of Edlyn's embrace.

"Good to hear!" Breeze cheered with delight. "Well time for class." He said then started a whirlwind around the girls and their familiars. They gently started to raise into the air, Edlyn was separated from Ariana and put back down on the ground. Edlyn rushed over and grabbed her familiar, making sure his tiny wings weren't hurt. "Honestly! I'm not some type of monster who would hurt someone like you. Do you think I want this entire forest against me?!" Breeze shouted pitifully but Edlyn had her doubts. "Put them down."

"No can do. Someone has to made into an example, master's orders. So let's just go back to class and get this over with." Breeze said then froze. He quickly turned his gaze towards the trees and stared. "Breeze?" Ariana called out. "This is really getting uncomfortable." Breeze slowly looked away and started to walk forward. "Ya well, wait until my master is done with you." He said as they walked into the school building.

"Greetings! So good of you to make it to class." Rain shouted as he finished writing a formula on the board. Breeze walked in with Edlyn and Ariana in tow. "Sorry Professor I had to-?!" Ariana started to say but Rain turned and gave her an icy glare. "Excuses are not necessary in my class room. You will stay in that whirlwind for the entire class afterwards we will talk about your punishment."

"But Rain!" Ariana shouted in protest. "Professor Rain, do not forget your manners." He sneered. "Yes Professor." Ariana said in defeat as she tried her best to keep her drss from exposing any more thigh. "Good, now as I was saying magic is basically a formula of words. We can get practically any combination of things to appear as long as you have the right element, offense and defensive words." Rain said as he turned his gaze to the class. Breeze moved his whirlwind to the front of the room and placed Ariana beside the whiteboard. He then sat himself down in the front row and watched Ariana turn red from embarrassment.

"Now this is important as all first years will be going to train for their last class today. So make proper notes. Without chanting the proper incantation you could get a dud or weak form of the original incantation. For example, a fire user could chant 'ahi sverð' and produce a sword made entirely of fire. While a water user could say 'wai armarria', a shield made up of water. Depending on their level of magic and bond with their familiar, the results could vary. You could have someone strong enough to block the sword and have no damage done to them. Or you could have someone so weak that all it does is create steam on impact, that could lead to potential harm on both attacker and defender."

"Professor Rain what about someone strong enough to alter the water and change its form entirely?" Ariana shouted from within the whirlwind. Rain raised an eyebrow and Breeze quickly speed up the whirlwind causing the force to strengthen. Ariana screamed as she fought to keep her dress from flying upwards while the boys in the class stood up blushing, they widened their eyed as they watched to afraid to miss something life changing. "That is something first years are not ready to learn...." Rain said with a dark tone.

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    Pour Ariana, not very nice to be put on public display when more skin is showing then what is meant to be. But as a male I am sure I would be peeking too lol, sorry Ariana. Thanks for the awesome chapter :)

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