73.49% Journey of Yun Che and his Companion / Chapter 61: The Powerful Shadow

Chapter 61: The Powerful Shadow

Yun Che was walking calmly before Jean interrupted him

Jean: Hey Retard, I almost forgot a thing.

Yun Che: 'What is it?'

Jean: Time to implant the Dragon God's Marrow! Wait a bit, I am calling the Azure Dragon...

then he meditated and after some minutes a voice came

Azure Dragon: Oh, Immortal Soul, why do you request my presence?

Jean: Retard's at Earth Profound Realm, put him the Marrow

Azure Dragon: Oh? Already? Then I will start

Now Yun Che started hearing the Dragon's voice

Azure Dragon: On you, there carries a sliver of my hope. I, more than anyone, wish for you to get stronger even faster. As expected, you did not disappoint me. In this low level place, it is commendable that you could progress so shockingly fast in such a short amount of time.

You current body and psyche, is enough to bear my marrow. Now, I will grant it to you... Please close your eyes, and let go of all your mental and physical defenses.

Then a fist sized crystal appeared above Yun Che. The crystal slowly descended and floated in front of Yun Che's forehead.

Azure Dragon: The Dragon God's Marrow, can make your bones like fine steel, and your marrow like an impregnable fortress. The blood and the strength you lose, will be endlessly and inexhaustibly recovered with an even faster speed. The Great Way of the Buddha granted you the powerful strength, constitution, and physical recovery capability;

even though the body's recovery capability that Dragon God's Marrow could grant you is far inferior than the Great Way of the Buddha, your strength recovery capability will far surpass that of ordinary beings! Opponents evenly matched with you in strength, will be destined to not be your match, except the Immortal Soul, he's a special case...

Then Yun Che started fusing with the Marrow, and seen in his mind the capability of the original Primordial Azure Dragon, capable of destroying the stars with just a roar. [Highschool DxD ost- Utsukushiku, Akai]

But after that image disappeared, another strange one appeared, it was Jean, enveloped in an electric blue aura, that was fighting a 'shadow' the figure was also an humanoid with a tail that was fighting on par with Jean, every time their hits clashed:

Nearby planets were destroyed.

Stars disappeared one after another.

other shadows that were spectating from far away died from the pressure created from the battle, while some were in their knees.

The universe seemed to shake and falling apart little by little.

Yun Che was watching everything from the start, he didn't know how much time passed, but after some clashes Jean seemed getting stronger… No! He was learning how to fight while clashing against the 'shadow' at an incredible speed, they shouldn't be visible to him from the speed they were fighting, but he was seeing them anyways.



then the shadow and Jean raised again their power imput to the max and clashed another time, the moment their fist made contact, it created an incredible shockwave that destroyed the walls of the Primordial Chaos Dimension and other shadows were visible, they were armed, and released a gargantuan pression.

But in front of the mighty shockwave, the nearest ones exploded while the further away flew more than a thousands miles away, when the shockwave made contact with Yun Che, he woke up.

He couldn't understand what happened, who was that shadow? was that the extent of Jean's powers? was it the future? when he looked around he could hear again the voice of the Azure Dragon

Azure Dragon: Congratulations Young Human, you succeeded. The Dragon God's Marrow has been completely integrated by you. The entire process, was much shorter than I predicted it to be. One last thing for you. If I guessed correctly, you should have the Dragon Fault Sword, summon it out from the Sky Poison Pearl.

Yun Che did as he said and Dragon Fault appeared, then the Dragon's eyes flashed.

Azure Dragon: This Dragon Fault Sword, was left by a human who had entered the Dragon God's trials and failed. Within the sword's body, is a sealed young dragon's soul. During the thousands years, because it existed within the Dragon God's trial grounds with the nourishment of my dragon aura, it had never fell silent.

Since I integrated with the Immortal Soul and fusing with his now Godly Ki, I can use it as well to a certain limit, so let its wish be fulfilled!

Suddenly the sword started glowing with an electric blue tranquil-flame like aura, after a bit, it stopped glowing and steadily landed onto Yun Che's hands, yet the ground below Yun Che's feet instantly bursted apart, and the entire cave had even slightly shook a bit.

Yun Che tighly grasped the Dragon Fault as his arm went stiff while shock, as well as an extremely excited light, emerget from his eyes. The sword didn't have any obvious changes, but it's weight far surpassed that of before. He estimated that it would at least weight over 14000 Kg. And its presence, had even made him, its owner, to actually feel a sense of suffocation.

Then he tested a bit and was surprised to find the Dragon Fault's soul, then he understood that the sword became an Emperor Profound Sword

Azure Dragon: Weapons with souls are originally hard to wield, but thanks to the presence of the Immortal Soul in you, it will completely submit to you. Even if you are currently only at Earth Profound Realm, you can all the same fully wield it…

Work hard to become stronger, and work hard to live on and create a body for the Immortal Soul… You carry the last of my bloodline… and both you and the Immortal Soul the last of my hope… That frightening feeling coming from your mind… I hope… It's only a false illusion…

then he disappeared and entered back Jean's soul

Yun Che: Frightening feeling? What does that mean? Is he talking about that vision?

Jean/Jasmine: What vision?

Yun Che: nothing important... Now what do we do?

Jean: Let's go meet your wife and ask her about Yuanba, maybe she knows something.

Yun Che: Mh...

then Yun Che walked away while Jean started watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with Jasmine, she had an opened jaw after watching Jiren against Goku and was glued to the screen.

The_Auditor The_Auditor

Hello guys, here is chap 61, we have a little preview for the final arc, what is that shadow? You will find out at the end of this book, power levels are at ch 36, comment, put PS, review and bye!

Comments (21)

  • CrispyNoodle


    the shockwave of jean's fight was destroying planets and stars... yet only pushed those spectators away for a thousand or so miles? those guys must be pretty strong....

  • wivernigg


    will you leet xia qingyue escape from the spatial - formation in the frozen cloud asgard or you would stop it?

  • swaran


    Did you just put a saiyan as jean enemy but the question is which one.

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