79.41% Falling Star of Calamity / Chapter 26: Preparations for the Competition

Chapter 26: Preparations for the Competition

' Crap, crap, crap.. I will put the powder on three



ah..again..on three..'

Suddenly the portion of powder in the cup fell in the water.

'Oh !#%@.. it's about to begin.. accidentally..!'

Aizen didn't want to scream as he didn't know when Vivian would come back so he clenched his teeth as the grey powder resolved in the boiling water.

Soon itching pain overtook his mind and body, and along with blood, black excrement seeped out from his pores and through the needles.

Aizen managed to see that his tattoo was moving and with each rotation the absorption would increase in speed and efficiency while the eyes on the serpent tattoo turned dark grey bit by bit.

His muscles pulsated as if they were a 'heart', his blood was moving trough his body, his organs felt as if they were becoming stones, hardening, and his skin seemed to become more smooth yet filled with scary physical power and hardness.

Blood soon started coming out from his ears, eyes, mouth and it was all black.

Aizen tried to keep himself conscious by using the [Spot of Darkness ] to gather energy, but he could barely feel his fingertips and soon stopped doing that too.

Unknown how he managed not to black out from this pain, but he really wanted to black out and wake up after the process was done.

Medicines were ranked by sourcewalking or cultivation realms plus the levels of them. The powder was Elementary Grade of the 1st level and was harder to absorb, so it took Aizen an hour and half.

After this hour and half of tormented ended, Aizen blacked out.

It was good that he was in the underground room and that he had locked it from inside.

The night passed and Aizen woke up around dawn time. Aizen woke up with the sun but the difference was big since the sun was shining while Aizen was all 'black', enough to be hardly seen in the night.

' Such a smell..ugh..Vivian seems to have just left' Aizen heard the door shutting with his upgraded hearing sense.

Sneaking in the bathroom, he started washing intensively.

After a good bath, Aizen picked Starcold and set it on 170 kilograms. He was currently at the limit of the first level of [ Scarlet Thunderfury Body Art].

The effect of the medicines are most strong at the first time of trying them, but all Aizen needed was to reach the third level and take the 'Thunder Beast Pill'.

He knew he didn't have time, so he took the [ Lightning Fading Steps ] manual and went to the yard for practicing it.

Lightning would flick on his feet and the smell of burned flesh would sometimes be felt, but Aizen always took a healing pill after that.

Money weren't a problem for now at the very least.

His day passed fast, and it was time for his bath again, but this time he found a note from Vivian on the table.

'Lowly commoner, I will be staying with my master for a few months, but I will still be paying for the rent. Keep the house clean!'

Reading the note, Aizen felt as if his soul was reaching towards the heaven and his chest felt lighter, as if thousand kilograms were removed.

Now he could have his bath in the bathroom, where it should have originally been.

Another painful period passed and Aizen did the same thing he did yesterday, as he was in hurry to reach the initial stage on that movement skill.

Hi physical strength and senses had increased by another margin and Aizen had to set up Starcold at 210 kilograms.

' Such an increase in strength, I will need to take the pill tomorrow at dawn time and start to practice on how to control it..' planned Aizen as he got in his last bath.

His bearing got more and more serious after each bath he took, as pain changed him, made him grow.

This time he did not pass out, but was very tired after the bath, so he decided to go to sleep and wake up in the morning.


The sun was coming up, and it made the red pill which was in Aizen's hand to shine with a bright glow.

'It is time..*gulp*'

Aizen swallowed the pill in the yard and started to circulate the [ Spot of Darkness ] gathering art. He had to circulate his energy so that the effect of the pill could me maximised.

Through the needles in his body only black excrement was flowing out without any blood, which was good.

The process wasn't that painful for Aizen, but it could make a man twice his age to black out. It was better to temper one's self while young.

Aizen was only nine, and was taught only how to increase his strength and also fight. What tempered his character was pain. The pain of cultivating body tempering arts was horrible.

In his body, the energy paths got more stronger or stable you could say, while expanding a bit. The benefit of strong paths was that when the enemy's energy goes trough them, the paths could withstand the destructive force. It also made the energy circulation faster.

His blood right now, as if a violent stream was moving trough his body, giving him the feeling of strong stamina, vitality.

After two hours Aizen opened his eyes, the black cross disappeared from his forehead and the serpent tattoo stopped rotating.

His eyes had a healthy and strong glow and a sharp look seemed to be developing on his face. His white hair had grown again, and picking Starcold he cut it to his shoulders.

He was on the fourth level of [ Scarlet Thunderfury Body Art] and Starcold had to be set up on 280 kilograms.

' I need to upgrade this blade..' thought Aizen as he walked towards the bathroom.

It was time to visit the blacksmith department again.


Since he was in a hurry, Aizen decided to run towards the department and was soon there.

Getting inside, he straightforwardly told the receptionist that he wanted to upgrade his katana for today.

" Student, your blade has two inscriptions for hardness and heaviness, it has the capacity to store only three inscriptions.

Inscriptions for Fusion Realm vary from 2,500 credits to 7,500 and when taking into account that you want it for today, another 5,000 will be added.

Do you still want to proceed in choosing the inscription?" asked the receptionist after giving a rough explanation.

" Yes " replied Aizen as he took the inscription menu and after ten minutes he voiced his choice.

" Sharpness inscription of 7,500 credits and adding the 5,000 it's credit value is 12,500 credits. I will pay now." said Aizen as he gave his card.

" Oh..Okay Student, the weapon will be delivered back at lunchtime. " the receptionist was shocked but he still took the card and did his job.

Aizen left for home in a rushed manner, as he had to practice the movement skill. It was vital to him.

Rushing in the house, Aizen took all of his left fruits and made them into juice after which he began training [ Fading Lightning Steps ].

It was meant to be a fast day as the upgraded Starcold was delivered shortly after Aizen started practicing.

' when did four, five hours passed..?' thought Aizen as he unsheathed the new Coldstar.

Upon drawing it out from it's sheath, a sharp sound was radiated from the blade, which made Aizen rise his brows.

' Sharp, Heavy, Hard..with my fast speed who will be able to take a strike from me in my age group..?' thought Aizen.

' Anyway..time is the essence'

His steps had improved as he would no longer burn his flesh, and he had to stop around three as he needed to replenish his energy.

Taking a gulp from his juice, he started gathering the energies towards him, and was soon replenished at his peak in two hours.

' I have one more hour.. '

Aizen went and took a good bath. After the bath followed the equipping of his armour and other weapons.

In the end he left his house while radiating the spirit of youth, and whoever saw him would focus his or hers gaze on him.

Some girls blushed when Aizen looked towards them, while some guys felt anger and envy when seeing him.

Soon Aizen was standing in front of teacher Stan's classroom, and entered it after a few seconds.

" You have come a bit earlier Aizen. We will have the time to test your strength. " Aizen heard Stan, and upon further inspection he saw Stan meditating a bit ahead of him.

" I agree as I have yet to test my new strength. I hope teacher will go easy on me." after saying that Aizen ran towards Stan and punched.

It was a basic punch, but no flaws were revealed in Aizen's perspective.

" You have a lot of physical strength, but that wont be enough boy!" Stan replied with his fist and they soon collided.


Aizen was pushed backwards while thunderous sounds were heard from his bones. The ground under their feet was filled with cracks.

" Don't worry, the school covers the damages. " said Stan when he saw Aizen's expression.

Aizen knew that Stan was stronger than him and he also knew that the result from getting pushed back was normal. If it was another student, they would probably have all of their arm's bones broken into pieces.

Drawing Starcold, Aizen crouched like a tiger and waited for Stan to take out his sword.

Soon he jumped and cracks were left on the place he had jumped from.

' clang...clang..clang...clang '

Metal collided in the room, sparks and dust was risen in the air, while Aizen would make a hand seal and throw an Orb of Lightning at Stan.

Stan's sword only glowed, and slashed trough the ball of Lightning.

The room was in no condition for lectures anymore and every time Aizen jumped a wooden pillar would emit a cracking sounds.

"Enough Aizen. You seem to have reached a very high battle level for your age. Now I will show you the power of Intent." said Stan as he stopped battling and stood on one place.

The energy started to gather around him, small stones started to float, and the pressure and wind around Stan increased.

Aizen felt pressured to the point where breathing was hard for him, but he also had excitement on his face.

He could feel that Stan was radiating a certain feeling. A feeling which had thirst for battle, and it made his blood boil.

" Enough for now Aizen. Killing Intent and Battle Intent are something we acquire trough battles and killing. Think about it and try to manifest an intent of your own. Now follow me as we need to catch up to the others."

After saying that Stan jumped trough the roof and led the way while Aizen followed.

They soon arrived at the departing area and saw quite a few teachers and juniors in black robes close to the transport.

Aizen saw Vivian and that cold doctor Emily. The three of them stared at each other. It could be said that Aizen stared at Emily as he did not consider Vivian as a threat or even an opponent.

' Create an intent of my own..'

Aizen put his hand on Starcold's handle and closed his eyes. After a second he opened them and his gaze was focused on Emily as he tried to radiate 'intent'.

Emily only felt as if she was being targeted and looked at Aizen with shock.

"Okay, everyone is here, lets get in the transport. We will be travelling tor seven hours." a teacher said as he entered the transport along with his disciple.

" Good one Aizen. It could be said to be a small step towards intent. Your comprehensive abilities amaze me. Lets get in now " Stan tapped Aizen's shoulder as he walked towards the transport.

Emily on the other hand as soon as she entered the transport, aimed to sit as far as possible from Aizen, with her disciple.

When Vivian sat next to her, Emily spoke to her in a quiet voice.

" Don't mess with Aizen for now and put more hard work in your training. "

Vivian was left shocked by her master's advice and inspected Aizen again.

He seemed to be more energetic, had smoother skin and different bearing.

' His strength has increased...' thought Vivian as she saw Aizen suddenly turn his head towards her.

" Hmph "

Aizen didn't pay her any more heed after she humphed and put his headband on as he was about to replenish his energy.

For now only Vivian and Stan have seen the black cross on his forehead. It wasn't a big thing but he did not want to make it known to many people.

Soon they departed and Aizen started to replenish his energy.

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    Like, like, like, I wanna see him destroy the other competitors

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