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Chapter 3: Awakening

The day he reached six he asked his parents if he could join a dojo so he could get better at unarmed close combat before going for the armed one, to which his parents agreed easily so he chose karate.

Months later he got better at Karate but in his time alone he trained more and tried to create his own 'fighting style' which was close to streeet fighting but with a touch from what he learned from the dojo, each day he pushed his body to the limit getting stronger as his dream of living his life to the fullest requires him to be strong.

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Two weeks before the start of primary school a seven year old issei was sleeping and dreaming about a myriad of things until fire engulfed everything, Issei was able to make out a giant silhouette he was exited thinking 'oh shit oh shit, it's finally it' only to be intimidated by the fial dragon with shiny red scales that gave an aura of domination issei almost pissed his pants in front of this superior presence

his toughts were cut off by a booming voice "Hello human, i'm the dragon that resides withing your left arm, together you will become the strongest" issei was now excited as the anime didn't give enough credit to the regal aura of the dragon issei tried to sound childish "Hello mister dragon i'm issei, what is your name?"

the dragon looked at him before laughing loudly "stop it kid with your facade you and me are one i saw your memories so act your age, ah! and as you know my name is ddraig , i've gotta tell you the idea of multiple universes with mine being a story book is fascinating"

'so he knew' tought issei but he wasn't worried because they were one and ddraig won't harm him so he said "since you've seen my memories you can tell that i want power so i can achieve my dream" the dragon showed him a smile "of course i will help you partner after all i wouldn't want a weakling as my host"

"so when can i start training"asked issei,"not now kid as you're still weak we can only talk for a brief moment in your dreams, so i would recommend that you try summoning the boosted gear later so we can talk some more" suddenly the realm around them collapse only for issei to wake up in his stunned 'it seems i'm to week to keep contact with him in my dreamscape

issei went to the bathroom to freshen up then went downstairs to eat breakfast"good morning mom, dad" ""good morning son"" responded the couple at the same time, issei's father like always was checking the newspaper and the mother was preparing breakfast

after breakfast issei returned to his room trying to summong the 'boosted gear' after a few tries he managed to summon a red scaly gauntlet with a green jewel and two golden spikes which suddenly announced "BOOST" he felt a rush of power inside his body that made him feel dizzy

"hey ddraig"probed issei the green jewel lit up "ihear you partner, so how does it feel using the boosted gear for the first time" "i feel stronger" to wich the dragon laughed "hahahaha you sure do after all it just doubled your power, son now let me explain to you how to control it. the sacred gears in general respond to the will of the bearer so try to consentrate on your left arm"

Issei then put all his concentration into the boosted gear then he heard "BOOST" he felt another rush of power then again he tried to will it again "EXPLOSION" declared the boosted gear to which issei was confused as he boosted only twice "you're still weak and you're a seven year old child if you try to boost again it will only reset"

Issei finally knew how weak he was as he was only able to boost twice his toughts of achieving balance breaker were chattered instantly "so we're gonna start training or what" said ddraig, issei felt something igniting inside as he wished to reach the apex

Two weeks passed in which Ddraig instructed Issei on the basics of magic and gave him a stricter physical training as he was able to use some pure magic to use 'Dragon shot' fairly quickly and found out that his magic was stronger than the original issei

After getting basic understanding of magic he could move this mystical force that grows with use inside his body to strengthen the whole body or some body parts, he finally tried to use it on his eyes which made them feeling itchy after the feeling went away he faced a mirror only to see blood red eyes with a tomoe. He finally activated his sharingan

Comments (5)

  • Azuredemon


    You cannot just make your own martial art and certainly in a matter of months, i learnt eight different martial arts in ten years and it was throught my experiences that allowed me to create my own but even then it took me 2 years to complete my martial arts and i now teach it to a select group of people. My martial arts is a combination of Muay Thai, Kenjustu, Krav Maga, Wing Chun, American Kenpo, Savate, Jujutsu and ninjustu. I love the idea of him making his own but he need too have some experience of multiple martial arts to do so.

  • swordzero


    let mc learn dragon magic

  • Sun_Wukong


    just think he should use the sharingan and copy all (the most deadly) martial arts of the eart

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