44.44% Rebirth in dxd / Chapter 8: Growth

Chapter 8: Growth

Five years passed, Issei completly immersed himself in training his body grew stronger, his understanding of magic deepened he could now use mid level magic with some weak high class ones, and as his body and magic grew his use of the boosted gear didn't fall behind, Issei now can use the second liberation and also unlocked the ability to transfer his power, but sadly he still his 3 tomoe sharingan didn't evolve, But it still helped him get better at using sword and creating his own style, also he was getting better at unarmed close combat.

During these years Issei gained more combat experience due to fighting stray devils and exorcists he now can take on a mid class stray devil head-on, so he decided that he will try fighting a stray high class devil that he managed to sense lurking around town.

That same day while going out of the gates of his junior highschool he was still trying to pinpoint the exact location of the stray devil, only to feel the dark energy in the outskirts of the town.

Upon his return to his house he entered his room to prepare for his fight, some time later he ate dinner then put a basic illusion spell on his room to seem like he was sleeping.

Walking towards his destination Issei felt excited as this is his first time battling a high class devil.

He arrived at an abandoned construction site where he could feel the dark energy, Issei knew that this was going to be a tough fight because this devil has kept his mind so he opted for stealth.

While lurking in the shadows Issei activated his sharingan only to see a woman sitting around wearing a very revealing dress, she had a dark hair, red eyes and pale skin reading a book with a very bored expression.

Issei trying not to alert her didn't activate the boosted gear just yet charged his strongest thunder magic 'Thunder dragon' to stun her, the blue magic circle sent a big mass of thunder in the form of a chinese dragon to attack the unsuspecting devil, upon contact Issei could hear a shrill scream coming from the crater that formed around the devil.

Issei could still feel her inside the smokescreen so he quickly activated his boosted gear and drew his katana


Issei cleared the smokescreen using wind magic to see the devil relativly fine with some burn marks "You little bitch how dare you a puny human attack me" said the devil with a shrill voice only for Issei to ignore her and get into stance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


"How dare you ignore me human!"she attacked him using fire magic sending multiple giant fireballs towards which Issei managed to dodge her attack by rolling around then used a lightning spell to send a blinding light to cripple her vision so he can get closer.


He felt stronger again, Issei then used holy water that he looted from a stray exorcist that he killed a while ago to blind her it was very effective as you could hear the devil roaring "ARGHHHHH!!!"

Issei didn't let go of this opportunity to attack her with his katana only to be stopped by the skin of the devil.


this made Issei quite flustered as he couldn't cut her down, the suddenly he got a good idea 'why am i so stupid and keep forgetting about this' tought issei the he willed his sacred gear only to hear "TRANSFER" his katana glowed with green aura, Issei quickly used it to behead the devil

Issei desactivatedhis boosted gear then looked around only to find the book that she was reading, he was quite sure that this is a book about devil magic but sadly he couldn't read it and decided to keep it for later the he used fire magic to turn the stray devil into ash before leaving the abandoned construction site.

Upon his return he entered his room and started thinking ' I'm still weak after all if it wasn't for me sneaking around and stunning her first i would have definetly lost because if she hit me i'll sustain a lot of damage and would have retreated as i'm more 'squishy' ' tought Issei as his road to gain strength was a long one

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Comments (34)

  • Issou


    Nice, just why is his talent way worse than cannon Issei? Cannon Issei is a perverted ape yet he didn't need 5 years to beat mid level stray? If that's the case by the time canon start he won't even be stronger than Akeno and Rias even though they never train while he trained his whole life. I thought he would be at least as good as Vali by the time cannon start yet it seems i'm mistaken he will be weak

  • Swiftcaliston


    You all realise that issei right now is only human and that the manga and anime version became a devil before even awakening his boosted gear right and that he's pretty much a superhuman to regular humans right

  • FinzRaizer


    Issei : Demon body + 8 piece + boosted by his margin + oppai power too OP

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