55.55% Rebirth in dxd / Chapter 10: ******

Chapter 10: ******

Three weeks have passed since he was introduced to the ORC he managed to get to know more about the other club members and even began building tolerance toward beauties after passing three weeks with extremly beautiful women, but even though he joined the club he didn't dare neglect his training after all every bit counts.

As the friendship between him and Rias began to develop more it seems the day that she will reveal herself as a devil getting closer.

Just like any other day Issei came to school and made it out through the boring and repetitive classes, On his way to the clubroom he met Kiba and went inside together, upon entry he could see the serious expression on rias's face.He knew she will ask him to join her peerage.

"Issei, sit i have somthing to tell you" "What is it president?" said Issei, "When you joined us we ...were not entirely truthful with you" without waiting for issei's response she continued "We are...Devils" said Rias dramatically, Issei tried his best to mook astonished "W-What do you...mean?". Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

without reponding everyone stood up and from their back come black bat-like wings, "So... what now president?" "Hyoudou Issei... I want you to join my peerage... ro reincarnate as a devil"

"So i'll become your slave or what?" asked Issei.

"Maou no! My peerage are my family and i hold them dear close to my heart" Issei made it look like he was pondering for a while before asking again "So how will you reincarnate me?" at that moment a red magic circle appeared in front of her summoning 11 chess pieces which were 8 pawns 1 rook 1, 1 bishop and a knight "We can reincarnate humans using these chess pieces, as you can see Akeno is my queen while kiba and koneko are my knight and rook respectively"

"So which pieces will you use on me?" "I don't know yet i'll put them closer to you and the most suitable will glow" after saying that she put them closer to Issei but only the 8 pawns pieces glowed crimson "it seems you have a powerful sacred gear inside you" said Rias, then issei asked her what is a sacred gear to which she responded "They are tools created by god of the bible to be used by humans they have a plethora of abilities"

After finishing her explenation she asked issei to lie down in a crimson magic circle she put the eight pawns on my chest and began an incantation only for the pawns to sink inside my body. After a minute issei stood and could feel more powerful and his magic gained a darker outlook becoming demonic energy, he could also feel something extra in his lower back so after concentrating on it a pair of bat-like wings come out

"Congratulations you become a devil... and my one and only pawn" said Rias with radiant smile which only made Issei like her more. "So now we need to talk about your duties as a new devil"

"What should i do?" "You will be giving these flyers out for sometime until i deem you fit to get a familiar".

After finishing with Rias the others came to congratulate Issei "Fufufufufu... you're finally one of us Issei" said akeno with her seductive smile, before Issei could respond Kiba tapped his shoulder and said with a smile "congratulation Issei now we'll have nothing to hide from eachother" Issei and kiba developed a very good relationship as they were both classmates and friends, even though sometimes he sometimes say some creepy(gay) stuff, Issei consider him a very good friend that he can trust his back with.

"...Congratulations..." Said and almost emotionless voice from behind, it was Koneko with her stoic expression. Issei then told them all "thanks guys, it's great that i'm finally a real part of this group" after exchanging pleasentries Issei went home, while on his way he noticed that he had night vision now which was cool.

Issei that night found kind of hard to sleep as he was full of energy(probably from the devils being nocturnal creatures)

Chapter 10 : Devil

Comments (15)

  • TheDaoOfTheBear


    He should have reviled that he know who they were instead of acting clueless. How is he going to explain his huge knowledge of magic and control of his sacred gear?

  • Shahriar_Shubho


    This I don't understand why does he want to become a devil 😈!!!!! He can even become an angel 😇 if he wants to...... 😕😑

  • soulshocker


    I’m dropping this novel... so after all that knowledge and understanding he still went and became a slave(no matter how you try to put it he is still a slave) to her so easily at least the original issie was forced to become a slave but this id*ot willingly became a slave... Why can’t he use an evil piece to become a devil if he wants to become one that badly? Why can’t he have a grander ambition than become a slave and following orders? So after that god risked the backlash and gave him all those power he st*pidly went and became a slave , the god should slap him into oblivion

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