72.22% Rebirth in dxd / Chapter 13: Start

Chapter 13: Start

For the remainder of the year, Issei had more time to train thanks to Tia, he hunts stray devil with the others and sometimes they were joined by Sona and her peerage if they fought a high class stray, he also met Saji as he was recruited much later.


Issei was sitting in the clubroom chatting happily with the other members, until suddenly he heard knocking, after getting permission from Rias, Sona entered the room with her peerage, this wasn't unusual but this time he saw a new addition, the wielder of Vritra Genshirou Saji.

Sona managed to notice his gaze so she introduced him "This is my new pawn Genshirou Saji, and Saji this is Issei Rias's pawn" he looked at Issei with arrogant eyes which made him feel angry as he knew saji was in love with Sona but when he saw her days earlier walking with Issei and had a beatiful smile on her face, he felt pissed off.

"Hmph... So you're the thrash pawn of Rias's peerage, so you know we don't have the same status as i took 4 pieces"He said with an arrogant smile which angered everyone in Rias's peerage and even Sona looked angrily at him she didn't know why she felt like this then she said "Apologize to him Saji not only was he reincarnated before you he took 8 pieces, he's obviously your superior" It was hard for saji to apologize as he had a major inferiority complex, he quickly mumbled a "Sorry" then left.

"I'm sorry Issei for this shameful act" "Don't worry Sona, i really don't care" while Issei finished in his head 'don't care for a trash that hates me for getting along with a woman he desires' Sona then quickly left with her peerage.

-Flashback end-

In this year Issei still couldn't achieve the Balance breaker or the mangekyo sharingan, while talking with Ddraig he managed to find out why he couldn't achieve the Balance breaker apparently he need a strong feeling or need to achieve it so he could only sigh.

It was finally his second year as he knew things are gonna start getting serious and more dangerous, school was the same boring classes, same faces, today he asked Rias if he could leave early she was confused but agreed anyway.

While walking home he could feel the dark energy signature following him with unmasked killing intent, He was approached by a beatiful girl she asked him "Are you hyoudou Issei" "Yes, i am what do you want?" "I'm Amano Yumma, i've seen you walking around, so i couldn't stop myself from asking you if you're seeing anyone right now?" she asked with a bashful expression and red cheeks, 'Wow what an unprofessional she can't even mask her killing intent' tought Issei "Yes i'm currently seeing no one, why do you ask?" "Well i was wandering if you would like to go out on a date" "Alright i'm down !"

they set the date and time, while going back home Issei couldn't help but smirk from excitement 'so it's finally started' he tought

It was finally Sunday he woke up rested, took a shower and ate his breakfast then went out of the house to meet his 'date', he arrived on time only to find her already waiting for him "You're late, you shouldn't let a lady wait" 'there is a lady, where is she?!!' sarcastically tought Issei "What do you mean late i'm exactly on time" she looked embarassed as she looked at her watch "cough cough... don't worry let's just go"

The date went normally, they chatted about miscellaneous things, he could feel her killing intent lessening but didn't care, she led him to the park 'Ah this is the famous spot where the original Issei died and everything started' tough Issei, she walked in front of him "Yuuma?"

"Issei it was really a good date" she got closer to him, looking like she was going to kiss him, Issei only rolled his eyes "Issei can i ask you something?" 'Oh! the famous scene is coming play it cool Issei' he tought "What is it yuuma?"

"Can you die for me?" she asked with a sadistic smile.

"Ah... Sorry but i can't i still haven't achieved my drams" as he said unfazed by her request she looked a bit perturbed but she laughed and jumped back only to transform into a more mature woman with a bdsm attire. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

She sperad her wings and took to the airs and sent a light spear towards him 'How slow she must be a low level fallen-angel' he scoffed and quickly dodged, he suddenly flew into the air using his bat-like wings which shocked raynare a lot "you're a devil?!!" Issei didn't bother talking to her and went ahead to beat the shit out of her as she was quite weak, but he didn't kill her as she will be the one calling Asia into japan.

He left her beaten black and blue which greatly satisfied him as he also took revenge for the original, he couldn't help but try to look cool before leavin "Next time pick your enemies wisely you Trash" he spat on the ground before leaving.

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  • Kongarthur


    I'm glad it got got bettter i was just about to drop it when he hid his power aæsp he should give up some body parts to draig

  • Fever_D_Novel


    She may be ***** but she is sexy and have wonderful body so make her his ***** only for s*x and make sona his lover as well

  • KingConner



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