77.77% Rebirth in dxd / Chapter 14: Asia

Chapter 14: Asia

The next day Issei went to the clubroom and told Rias that he was approached by a fallen-angel which tried to kill him, she was pissed off but Issei managed to calm her by telling her that he managed to fend her "You really got stronger, my cute Issei" she said with a smile.

The next few days passed without anything happening until an evening while returning home, he was attacked by a fallen-angel "You're the human scum who almost killed raynare" Issei looked at him passively as he tough 'Another low level minion' after sighing he decided to entertain him "Who are you?" "I'm dohnaseek, remember it it's the name of your murderer" Issei rolled his eyes then entered attack mode.

the fallen-angel couldn't believe his eyes as issei seemed to vanish, so he tried looking behind him only to see Issei looking at him with disgust "A weakling trying to kill me? this must be the consequence of not killing that other bitch and hiding my strength" he only needed one punch to down the low level fallen-angel, but this time he didn't spare him he used fire magic to burn him into dust.

Issei left with a bad mood as he didn't have any enemies around that can pressure him into getting stronger, after all only under pressure could the original Issei reach his power in only a year, Issei went to sleep while thinking of his new thunder spell.

Two days later He was walking to school, a blond nun bumped into him and fell into the ground, looking down Issei could see a flawless face, "Are you okay, miss?" he said while helping her up

"Thank you mister for your help.' she said with a pure and cute smile.

"I'm Issei, what about you?" "I'm Asia Argento, i'm a nun that was sent to this town's church" Issei clenched his fists as he knew her fate 'I swear that i'll never let her get hurt' he solemnly tought

"If you're lost i could show you around" "thank you, i got lost on my way to the church so can you show me around?" she said with a hopeful expression.

Issei accepted to show her around, as they went forwar they could hear a kid screaming due to scraping his knee, Asia went ahead and got closer she then put her hand close to his knee , a ring appeared on her hand and a green aura appeared and the boy's wounds were healed, but as the boy was about to say his thanks his mother came and dragged him off while giving the two a weird look and admonishing her son for talking to 'strangers', Issei mumbeled "Bitch".

He showed her around and also bought her some soft cream which she greatly appreciated, as they were approaching the church, Issei could feel repulsion, he could easily supress this feeling "Asia this is as far as i can go as the school would be starting soon" she looked sad "Thank you Issei.... can we meet again?" she asked with a bit scared "don't worry we'll meet again." Issei said with smile before bidding her farewell. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Two days later i heard from Koneko that she met a crazy priest that killed her contractor and that he was accompanied by a nun and that he beat her around 'that son of a bitch i'm gonna murder him' thought Issei, he was distressed as he needed to take Asia out of there soon, and knew that this weekend was the key.

It was the weekend while walking around town he could see Asia wondering around, so he approached her "Hey Asia!"she jumped a bit before turning around and recognizing Issei

she smiled wildly "Hi Issei, it's great to meet you" Issei was a bit hungry so he invited her to a fast-food restaurant nearby.

Issei found it funny that she couldn't eat a hamburger properly before teaching her how, next they went to an arcade to play around, after getting a cute rat like stuffed animal, while going out Asia had tears in her eyes before saying "I've never had this much fun as i had no friends in the church and later i got excommunicated of the church i was always without friends" "Asia haven't you realized yet, i'm your friend" Issei said with a warm smile, Asia was shocked for a moment before sobbing on his chest, he could feel a fallen-angel coming closer.

"Asia do you trust me?" he asked with a gentle voice, she looked up and replied "Yes", Issei smiled and made his choice, he loooked up only to find that bitch that he spared the other day, he spred his bat-like wings which shoked Asia but she didn't say anything and only watch, "Hey bitch it's good to see that you're still alive" raynare looked shocked, before trying to put a false front "Humph, shut up you lowly devil, you only won the other day because i wasn't ready"

'Typical villain' tought Issei "Hahahaha we'll see if you can survive this time" 'it's time to try some of my new magic' he taught with excitement, he quickly launched a series of explosions before she could react, a giant smoke cloud spread around, Issei used wind magic to clear it off only to find the blodied raynare still hanging into life like a cockroach. He didn't even talk to her before burning her into ash and leaving.

He arrived in front of Asia "do you hate me for being a devil and killing raynare?" she quickly shook her head, Issei smiled before talking again "how about you join us i guarentee that you'll get a lot of friends and event a family" he said with a gentle expression, she pondered for a moment before accepting his request.

Now came the hard part explaining to Rias Asia's situation, after a while and a long speach repremanding Issei, she finally understood that they're stray fallen-angels not under the orders of Grigori, she sighed in relief and turned Asia into her bishop, suddenly Issei said "I will go finish off the rest of the fallen-angels and the stray exorcists" Everyone was shoked and Rias even refused, "You can accompany me and help me if anything goes awry" they reluctantly agreed.

That night Rias and her peerage accompanied Issei as he entered, and not even five minutes later he got out without blood on him, they entered the church only to find blood on the floor and ashes, they were greatly shocked as he didn't even use the boosted gear, that night they realized how strong Issei is.

Lord_lucky Lord_lucky

that was tiring a longer chapter than usual and btw do you guys want me to change to the POV of Issei?

Please vote it really helps the novel and also my motivation

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  • Radoo129


    If i can sugest. It will be good if you make some chapters where Isse dewelop fellings to girls and girls to him. If i remember then next fight will be with hot chicken and in this battle fillings beetwen Isse and Rias are very impotrant

  • Hunterno1


    Multiple povs would be good, as story is going fast and we need to know the feelings what everyone has towards me.

  • SucoDeFruta


    Por que você não criar seu próprio enredo em vez de cópia a canon????

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