88.88% Rebirth in dxd / Chapter 16: Ten days

Chapter 16: Ten days

The next morning i arrived at the clubroom i could feel a strong energy signature it must be Grayfia, i was still pissed off, i entered the room frowning not talking to anyone, Rias and Gryfia were discussing the marriage, but suddenly a magic circle appeared then a man with blond hair and a smug expression appeared.

Rias frowned and said coldly "Riser" i kept watching from the side "Hey Rias, your husband is here" he said which shocked Asia so she asked "who is he?" "He is the second son of the phenex family" said Kiba,, he kept talking and trying to get closer to her, i kept a poker face but when he wanted to touch her i caught her hand "who are you peesent? how dare you touch me !" i didn't let go but didn't talk.

"Let go of me !" since he couldn't shake my hand he wanted to blast me with fire i only scoffed and pushed it aside easily.

Then grayfia intervened "Since we're at an impasse, how about we settle this using a rating mae?" i let him go he sat down again but now with a disgusting grin he called for his peerage(harem) which materialized behind him.

He started provoking her "Look Rias i already have a full peerage, you don't stand a chance, especially with your weak peerage which isn't even full how about you surrender already?"

Rias glared back "No i won't surrender and my peerage isn't weak" he scoffed and ordered his rook to attack me. What a stupid decision, before she could hit me with her staff i broke it with one hand and grabed her neck using the other, without mercy i started chocking her i do intend to kill to at least appease my rage until the match.

<Rias POV>

I sat in front of that disgusting pig Riser, and after he summoned his peerage i only fetl more disgusted, this pig only sees women as toys or possessions, he suddenly ordered his staff wielding rook to attack Issei i was shocked but before i could react he had already broken her staff and grabbed her by the neck, everyone was shocked, but looking at his eyes i could only see indeffirence, i felt a bit scared from looking at those eyes but a bit glad as i knew that he looked like this only when his was extremly angry.

'He was this angry for me' i couldn't believe it he cared this much about me? suddenly grayfia stopped him from breaking her neck, the rook started coughing and fell back behind Riser.

"Since you've decided to play the rating game we'll need to prepare the field so it'll take ten days later" said grayfia.

Riser quickly left with his peerage which was quickly followed by grayfia, after thinking fro a while i decided that we need to train these ten days "Guys we need to make the most of these ten days so starting tomorrow we'll take a leave from school and train" everyone agreed only Issei kept a poker face without talking i was starting to get worried as he kept bottling his feelings.

The next day we left at sunrise to the Gremory mansion in the mountains so we could train, we started training Issei sparred with Kiba and Koneko , it seems his good at both swordsmanship and close combat but i was surprised when he went and talked with akeno about advanced magic.

Issei then went to do his own training at night without us, while i stayed behind trying to find a good plan to use against Riser while watching his previous matches, i was drowning in despair.

In the seventh night i was in the balcony reading a tactics book, i was suddenly approached by Issei "Hey president why are you still up?" "I'm doing some research" he stood beside me "President, can i ask you why do you hate this marriage?" well that was a hard question i hate it for a lot of reasons but why i hate it most "Ahhh.... you know Issein i want to reach success and be recognized as Rias, not as a Gremory and definitly not as the wife of Riser Phenex." for the first time i opened up to someone about my aspiration, i heard him him "hmmm.... well Rias i truly see you as Rias not as anything else, if it wasn't for that i would've never joined your peerage!" what is this feeling inside, it's the same when he stood up against Riser and felt angry for me, could i have possibly fallen in love with him?

He kept looking at me i couldn't help but blush and i couldn't shake the feeling that Issei would be able to hold the world for me. "thank you Issei you're the first person that acknowleged me as who i'am, so truly... thank you" i couldn't stop myself from smiling.

<Issei POV>

Damn... that smile really melted my heart, okayi've decided that after all of this i will confess to her!

I quickly left to the forest and trained harder pushing my self, i swear that i will protect that smile,

"Are you ready, partner" i asked Ddraig "You bet i'am!!" the two of us said together "LET'S GO !"

I started boosting like crazy, while putting all my willpower and feeling in the boosted gear, a dark red aura started surrounding me and i suddenly felt it, idefinitly did, it will be my first time so i couldn't stop the excitement and shouted "BOOSTED GEAR BALANCE BREAKER !!"

the red aura reached it's peak and green jewel shone brightly, i could feel a sort of armor wrapping around me and i heard Ddraig "WELSH DRAGON BALANCE BREAKER, SCALE MAIL"

I just stood there and felt the power coursing through me, and for the first time i felt that i held my destiny between my hands ! i felt extremly strong and taht's without boosting, so i started getting used to this new strength, i spread my new dragon wings i tried to fly but i couldn't control them, it took me sometime but i could use them properly.

I took off the scale-mail and asked Ddraig "So how was it Ddraig?" "it was good if you push yourself to the limit you could probably stay two months in balance breaker and if you get more used to it of course that time will increase" i was shocked, it should be noted that the original Issei could initially only stay for 30 minutes and Vali who was from lucifer descent and had massive magical reserves could only stay in his scale-mail for three months "How could that be even possible?" "Well you trained a lot when you were human which led a good foundation, then when you turned into a devil you kept training like you were possessed so you grew stronger and only needed strong feeling to achieve the balance-breaker" i felt extremly glad for those days of misery while training as they were finally paying off. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

I smiled grimly "Wait for me Raiser"

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  • AdrianLopez


    True i like this kind of dxd story then others

  • _Accelerator_


    Thx for the chap!!! I like this novel cause it is pure higschool dxd and dont have any system and stuff ,except his sharingan,but he not uses it alot

  • sousa


    more more more more plssssssssssssssssssssssssss xD

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