94.44% Rebirth in dxd / Chapter 17: Match

Chapter 17: Match

Everyone in the clubroom was silent, I'm sitting beside Asia who had a nun outfit, while meditating to be at my peek at this match, "Issei aren't you also nervous ?" "Yes i'am Asia, this match will decide the future of our king, but unlike you i know how to mask my nervousness"

Suddenly Sona and her queen came into the clubroom "Hi Rias, i came here to wish you good luck" "Ah Sona you came, i've heard that you'll be our referee, is that true?" asked Rias "Yes and don't expect i'll be biased, after all i take my job seriously !" Rias could only sigh and after some small talk Sona and her queen left, then a magic circle appeared on the ground.

"It is time let's move out" said Rias , all of us used the circle to teleport in the dimension created for the match, everyone noticed that everything was exactly the same save for the green sky. "Rias Gremory was assigned to the Old school building as her base, while Riser phenex was assigned to the principâle's office" said the cold voice of grayfia. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Rias gathered us around and started giving us instruction, Koneko and i will secure the gymnasium while the others were assigned other duties, i left the clubroom with Koneko, on the way to the gymnasium no one talked, so icouldn't help but say "Good luck Koneko please be on guard" as i didn't want her to get hurt by the enemy queen, she noded in approval.

Upon entering the gymnasium i could see the two sister pawns and the rook that i almost killed, "take care of the rook" i said as i didn't want to finish off all of them as i wanted to see Koneko's improvements. Without talking she went ahead and attacked the rook with violent attack, i turned and looked at the two small girls that had chainsaws i could only sigh before muttering "Chain lightening" quickly the lightening spell quickly knocked one of the pawns but it didn't end there as the lightening jumped on the other pawn also knocking her out.

I turned around i could see koneko easily pushing the other rook down and hitting her hard enough to lose consciousness "Riser phenex's two pawns and rook are no longer able to battle" i heard a voice saying.

I went outside the gymnasium only to see Akeno striking down the enemy queen using her thunder, but just as shewanted to use the phoenix tears i quickly stole it from her, she was about to say something but i wasn't interested so i used the fire magic 'explosion' to finish 'the bomb queen'

"So what happened ?" i asked akeno "Before fighting the queen i took care of the rest of the pawns"

it seems that her traps worked, we quickly ran to join Kiba who was fighting the rest of the peerage(without Riser).

We split up akeno went to fight the bishop, while Jiba and Koneko fought the knights, i took the rook, "So are you supposed to be an emo teenager or what" i provoked the mask wearing rook "How dare you !" she said, as she was about to land a punch i swiftly dodged and kicked her in the ribs, i definitely felt something breaking, she coughed some blood and tried to stand back up, so to release her from her misery i kick her in the face almost breaking her neck, before turning a cold gaze towards Riser's sister.

I could tell she was shocked as she watched her brother's peerage losing in front of her, "So... will you surrender or i'll beat the shit out of you ?" i asked concentrating my killing intent on her trying to break her will to fight, i noticed something... she was flushing, shit is she a masochist?

"I-I won't... let you humiliate me, and i'm pretty sure my brother can take care of all of you, hmph" she quickly disappeared, and the announcement about her loss was heard.

Finally it's time to torture that asshole !

"You guys should rest and recuperate, i'll go help the president"i showed them my most confident smile before turning around and looking towards the roof of the building in front of me, i could see Rias trying to blast Riser with her destruction powers and Asia healing but to no avail, i quickly spread my wings and i flew toward them, "Don't worry president let me take from here, i'll make him pay"i said with grim expression as i saw the wounds on her and Asia.

I turned around and glared at Riser, he smirked and said "you came to help your master, you lowly-" i din't give a shit so i rushed him, a punch to the chest and sent him bak a dozen of meters , i flew after him he didn't seem affected, so i kept punching and kicking him trying to tire his spirit as his regeneration had a limit.

Everytime i hit him he kept regenerating with the same disgusting smirk which pissed me off, i mixed some magic into my attacks dealing more damage but it didn't seem enough i knew i needed more fire power even tough this asshole has only the power of a high class devil his regeneration is way above that, so i could only do 'that'.

I jumped back a few meter, summoned my boosted gear and shouted "BOOSTED GEAR BALANCE BREAKER" a red aura appeared around me it reached the sky and gave me the air of dominance i felt an armor around me, "Welsh dragon, balance breaker scale-mail"

<3rd person POV>

All the spectators were shocked, the boy they tought was gonna burn in front of the phoenix flames and regeneration just summoned one of the 13 longinus the 'Boosted gear' and not only that but he achieved balance-breaker !

Rias and the others could only feel shock and joy as they now had a chance againt Riser, but what was shocking was what came next.

"BOOST,BOOST,BOOST,BOOST...." it was heared a hundred time in rapid succession before Issei's aura exploded, he suddenly appeared in front of Riser like he just teleported and punched hard, nobody could tell how many punches were thrown out as he moved too quickly, Riser's regeneration couldn't keep up and he started to get hurt, but Issei didn't stop and kept punching like a mad-dog, Riser was on the verge of death but Issei didn't stop, he punched him hard and sent him flying before making a giant dragon shot and condensing it.

The small dragon-shot was sent after Riser, Upon contact a giant explosion that shook the artificial space that started falling apart avoice was heard "Riser phenex's king was lost, Rias gremory won" then suddenly all of Rias's peerage were quickly teleported outside the artificial space that quickly collapsed from the sheer power of Issei's attack.

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